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I walked through the cold, snowy streets. I hated it here. This weirdo on a motorbike, a teen like me walking around, and two 'thieves' on the street and a female wanderer. She kept staring at me. I'm street smart though. I pick up names. The motorbiker was Tsume, the teen Kiba, the 'thieves' Hige and Toboe. The wanderer, Blue. They looked so familiar. I was desperate to know where from though. I glanced behind me. Blue was looking at me from across the street. She looked as if she remembered me. I walked off slightly freaked out.

"Okay how could she know me?" I asked myself. When I looked back Kiba, Tsume, Hige and Toboe was with her. I hurried on but a dagger stall caught my eye.

It was market day. Fun. I walked over to the stall and gazed at the blades. I took off a glove and ran my finger along a blade, lightly so it wouldn't break skin. I chose a handle that was ebony black and carved to look like a paw. I paid the man six silvers and scurried off. I came to the hotel I lived at. I called it hotel but it really was a mansion. I paid 10 coppers a month to live there. I got a room at half price and got fed three times a day. I wasn't happy here but I loved my job.

I was an assassin. It was great double pay if I got it done on the night it was given! That was were I was heading to now. Nightfall was soon. I rapidly ate then headed to my room.

I slipped out of my jeans and t-shirt and slithered into my leather assassin equipment. I slid in my dagger. It was made of sterling silver and was curved like a sickle. It's handle shimmered in the light. Black ebony with sapphires. A gift from a co-worker. I climbed out of the window and clung to the drainpipe. I jumped off after falling down the pipe. I went into the garage and wheeled out my motorbike. I stroked the black leather seats.

"Wove you bike" I giggled and drove off on my mission.

I parked my bike outside the club and walked in.

"A coke and brandy, Charli" I smiled and downed the drink. When I finished and walked outside he was there. I began setting up my bike when he got me. He gagged me then threw me in his car. I pretended to be scared and tried screaming. He flung my bike in the boot and climbed in the drivers seat. I grinned as I thrashed. After a few minutes he pulled up outside a motel. He left and gave his car to a man. He put me in his car as well as my bike. I waited till we stopped outside he threw me in his house and ungagged me.

"Now you little whore, your gonna be a good girl and let me have my fun" he growled.

"I'm so not like that" I giggled and ran at him. The ropes on my hands fell away as I raised my hand which the dagger was in and slices his neck (A/N kinda like Tsume). I walked outside and took my bike from his car. I drove home unaware of the shadows following me. I never saw them.

At 'home' I hid my bike and hurdled myself through the window. Rome and Sien were waiting. Rome was older than me and had a hard-heart. She had long black hair tied up in a plait, tanned skin and was tall. Her eyes were hazel which gleamed in any light. She always wore leather and had a blood red motorbike. Sien was my younger sister. She had red hair that fell around her face, green eyes and always wore skinny jeans and a white jacket. We were all different. I was like a leader whilst Rome was a warrior. Me and her always fought but we forgave each other. Sien was submissive and easily attached to humans. We were searching for the Lunar maiden. Cheza.

"It's gone. Time to go." I said simply as I began packing.

"Got it!" The girls answered an began packing. By 2 am they were asleep.

Me: Well there ya go! Meeting the girls first. Next chapter they meet Kiba and the gang. Merry belated Christmas and happy new year!