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Darkness prevails

"You're so frail and powerless against me." A low husky whisper breathed into her ear, sending shivers down her spine and constricting her insides.

She felt the mattress dip with a weight that crushed her inside. As her eyes closed, she started her silent prayers that never seemed to be answered.

'No, not tonight, not again, please let it all be a dream.'

"I hope you're not wishing for impossible things?" Said her constant shadow with an amused dark chuckle. His arms snaked around her waist and pulled her roughly against his chest, her eyes were still closed- maybe if she could block out his face she could pretend she actually had a life. A purpose.


His fingers dug into her flesh through the fabric of her night gown "Open your eyes." He commanded in a soft dangerous tone. She knew better than not to comply, her friends had suffered enough 'freak' accidents on her account. Her foolish defiance had caused nothing but pain and misery. So much hurt and blood tainted her soul. Guilt that would drown mountains in oceans of grief.

"Much better." He said trailing his index finger down her pale cheek and under her chin. He raised her head a bit so their eyes would be level. She still focused her eyes on a nonexistent spot in the air. She couldn't possibly meet his eyes, those dark pools of morbid gold. Jailing her life, possessing her mind with the depthless desire that filled her with a sense of foreboding.

He was too powerful, too arrogant and more importantly too unmerciful.

He chuckled at her flail attempt of control. Maybe he would grant her this small measure of the control she never had a chance at. Maybe he would, but kindness was absent tonight.

"Look at me." He said with the same soft danger as before. His voice a river of silk caressing her skin and clouding her senses. So musical and pure in sound, so deterring and false. She knew of the truth that hid beneath the beauty.

She refused, she would defy him. He controlled far too much of her, she needed to feel like she could hold on to something.

"Bella." It was a warning backed up by a light squeeze of his hands that had trailed down her waist and rested dangerously low on her hip. So light to him, but enough to inflict discomfort and almost tolerable pain to her.


Her eyes snapped to him as she gasped and moaned softly in pain, her hands fisting tightly by her sides "Edward.." she pleaded with her brown warm eyes to whatever particle of mercy that existed in this creature of doom.

He smirked and closed his eyes in momentary pleasure at the noise she'd made. How it excited him to hear his name roll off the mouth he claimed as his, she was all his.

He opened his eyes and leaned in close until the tips of their noses almost touched.

"Let me make it better for you." He whispered with an ominous glint in his eyes.

Nothing he ever did was for her betterment. It almost always was for his own satisfaction.

His hand trailed down her hip, down the length of her short night gown until it found the flesh of her thigh. Bella gasped when his long fingers made contact with the exposed skin under the sheet. She took in a shaky breath and just looked into his eyes pleadingly, hoping he would not play this mental game with her. He'd promised her that much control, even though it seemed like he wanted to honor nothing and had the absolute power to do so.

She saw nothing of hope, mercy or even pity. All she saw was a burning raging fire that could melt titanium.

She felt his hand trail up to her hip and rest gently on it.

Edward began drawing soft circles on the skin, her warm skin that could almost make him forget his coldness. He would lift the waistband of her briefs just to tease. He took great pleasure in her accelerated heart beats and her short ragged and frightened breaths. What he loved the most was the look of complete plea in her eyes. The slight tremor that took control of her body and the light trembling of her lips.

"So scared my little Bella." He whispered lightly against her lips before touching his own to hers. He reveled in the warmth, her warmth. Oh, it was intoxicating, she was intoxicating and he only ever wanted more.

She was his and no one would ever dare touch her. She knew that and it would give him great pleasure for her to come to him and finally offer her self willingly. He wanted her to surrender and admit defeat. Fighting and struggling was nothing but a joke. Her thin slender frame was nothing but a speck of dust, so little and inconsequential in comparison to his power.

"You said you wouldn't.." Came the soft broken whisper of the ghost of what used to be a person. Bella could feel his lips ghosting over hers again and as she murmured softly she could feel their lips touching. It sent shivers down her back, unwanted and hated ones. She despised this creature of shadows. She despised his ethereal beauty, so other worldly and divinely misleading. He was a vision of perfection, Achilles would pale into dust in comparison.

He chuckled lightly before claiming her lips more deeply, taking his time in tasting her and commemorating this to memory. Every moment with her was one to remember, every touch and every taste was heaven.

Bella responded, shyly and timidly against his sinful lips until she was exploring him and tasting him languidly. Her body always betrayed her, his cool lips warmed her and spread indescribable waves of pure pleasure through her. She felt a single tear slip. What good was her defiance when she was submitting so cowardly. When she willingly raised this temporary white flag and enjoyed it. She was disgusted with her self for being so weak. For being such a perishable subject, for not being stronger and braver.

Maybe it was all twisted but the slowness of their lips moving together gave her comfort. His touch when soft and gentle gave her sad psyche relief. It was kindness in a war ridden world. It was a distraction from the enemy…with the enemy.

After lightly biting Bella's bottom lip Edward pulled back smugly, smirking deviously at her "But you like it so much." he said gravelly and deeply, his voice hoarse with restrained longing and need.

Bella's cheeks reddened at the indisputable truth and she felt nauseated at herself. It was hate she felt towards him. Nothing else could take place in her. He took her selfishly, showed up and shattered her world. He was the reason for her grief and yet the only one willing to give comfort.

Her weaknesses disgusted her. Her body betrayed her.

Edward's fingers trailed the red in her cheeks and his eyes blazed in hunger "You make it so hard.." he said exposing his fangs that reflected the moonlight so chillingly. Bella froze in fear. She never acclimated to his nature, it was what trapped her.

Her breath was caught in her throat and all she could do was close her eyes as he leaned his head down to her neck where he placed soft gentle kisses.

She breathed a sigh of relief and heard him chuckle morbidly as he ascended his kisses back to her lips where he pulled back to survey her. He circled her waist with his arm and held her tightly against his hard body.

"You will soon be mine, forever." He said with a smile that could have fooled others into believing his lies. Bella shuddered and closed her eyes as she was suddenly overwhelmed with despair.

"Tell me your mine." Commanded Edward almost playfully, though she knew his tone was nothing but serious. He love affirmation, he loved control.

"I'm yours." she said bleakly; Her words music to his ears. He was sure she would soon be taken by the force of their bond. She would soon submerge herself in him and he in her.

It was all a matter of time.

Time she wished to reverse and start again. Only without the darkness that solidified hell and dissipated anything real into nothing but a mirage.

In her mind she went back, back to when all thing's were normal. When she was just somebody in the crowd. Another face, wishing for more. Never this.

It was the second semester of her senior year in high school. Coming to Forks was the best thing she had ever done. She made friends for life and life has yet to start. The promise of tomorrow burned in her veins.

With a smile she turned her head to observe the note exchanging between her friends, Michael and Jessica, in class. Michael caught her eyes and grinned heartily at her, wiggling his eyebrows as he discreetly slipped her the note.

'Party. Party. Paaaaarttteeehhhh.

My house, tonight…

Possibly bikini?

The parteeeh is still on and I still insist on my dress code.'

Bella rolled her eyes, stifling a giggle while she was at it. It was typical of her friend to act like such a pervert- he was the designated player in their group after all.

Bella scribbled her answered under Jessica's which read: 'Hell yeah, pool party!!'

When Michael got the paper he read what she had written with a roll of his eyes.

'Exams are next week!'

he scribbled something fast and slipped it on her desk.

'Live a little! Next week is a long time from now and it's Friday and my parents are gone…my pool is lonely …I feel empty inside… please help a manic depressive feel a little better?'

Bella shook her head in disbelief with a smile tugging the corners of her lips upwards. Michael was looking at her with his angelic puppy eye 'please say yes' face. She sighed and nodded her head and he mouthed 'Bikini.'

She glared at him and mouthed back 'Maybe.'

Michael pointed his thumb at his neck and let his head fall to one side with his eyes closed. Bella's hands twitched as she controlled her bubbling laughter. He was signaling the end of his life.

He quickly hunched over a piece of paper and folded it on her desk after writing something on it.

'My death will be on your hands…Bikini's make my bleak life a little less miserable, it's all I'm asking… help a fellow out?'

Michael batted his eyelashes and adopted a killer innocent look. With his light blonde hair and baby blue's he could sucker anyone into anything he wanted, not her though.

She placed the paper on his desk, narrowing her eyes warningly at him.

'I think I can live with that, I said maybe, now let me pay attention- this note-versation is over!'

Later that evening Bella did show up with her friend Jessica and she did have a bikini on under her shorts and tank. It was a pool party anyway and a little fun never hurt anyone.

Michael's parents were extremely wealthy and he lived in a massive house. They had an indoor's pool as well as an outdoor's one and since the weather was nice ( cloudy but not rainy) the party was located at the outdoor's pool. Michael invited a bunch of people, even though he was a solid part of their group, he was quite popular in the school being the star quarterback. The security guard let them in with his usual leering wink and Jessica waved awkwardly as she drove her Jeep in. Only they got to park inside- being the in crowd never hurt.

"My two favorite ladies in the world." Said Mike with a grin. As her gave each of them a bear hug "You are fashionably late- Jessica.." he glared at her playfully. She just shrugged sheepishly. It was never in her nature to ever be on time, especially at a party.

Bella just grinned and said "How's the crowd?"

"It's a full house in there, I am the king after all." He said wickedly "and you wont believe who's here- the Cullen's- remember they were all here last year, Jess?"

Jessica squealed excitedly, her pupils dilating and hands twitching in excitement "Mike, you ARE the king, how come they're here?" she said in awe, after circling her arms around Michael in a hug well deserved in her dictionary.

"Heard they just got in town, called them up. It was a 50/50 chance, but they actually showed!" he said with a chuckle "It's a mystery."

The Cullen's had been in Forks before Bella moved for her senior year. When she started her senior year in Fork's high, they had already moved on to Seattle university. She never ran into them since half her time was divided between the reservation and hanging out with her friends down in the reservation after introducing them all to each other. She'd heard they were in town for the holiday's but she never got the chance to see them because she spent it with her father and the Black's down at the reservation. Jacob Black, son of Billy back-best friend of her father- was her best friend along with Mike and Jess. They were a separated entity for a while, but when Jake started his senior year in Forks high, they were whole again. He'd always been dodgy when it came to the mention of the Cullen's. He never did like them and Bella never ventured to even wonder why. They were out of sight and out of her mind for all she cared. Though, now she was curious. They were here and she wanted to see the cause of Jessica's fantasies. She called them the perfect five.

How perfect could they be?

"Where's Jake, did you give him a call?" Questioned Bella casually. She knew he couldn't make it, but maybe there were updates on her friend. She wanted to go down to the reservation and spend the day with him, but knew it wouldn't do. He wouldn't want her near him when he's sick and he made it quite clear on the phone with his repeated 'No's!' in his deep gruff voice.

"Nah, he's still out cold. Some flu he's got, we cant even visit because it's contagious, his dad say's he's going to be alright though." Said Mike with a frown, his voice laced with concern.

Bella nodded in expected disappointment that the missing link of their group couldn't make it. "So, The notorious Cullen's, huh?" she said cocking her head to the side "This should be interesting."

If only she had gone to the reservation. Interesting would not be the word of the day.

Jessica had made it quite clear what a disappointment it was that Bella didn't get a chance to ever see them. They were mysterious and vague, ambiguous and scandalous.

The music was blaring, half naked people filled the house as Mike lead them into his room so they could put their stuff in there.

Jessica made her way down the stairs in her black and red striped bikini top and jean skirt over her bikini bottoms. Her toned stomach in perfect display. She was proud of her body and flaunting it wasn't an issue at all.

Bella wore an off white bikini with straps that tie behind the back and neck. She had on a light blue strapless beach dress that came to her mid thigh. Her frame slender with soft curves in all the right places. She would never be as confident as Jessica, but she wasn't bothered by her body.

The minute her foot touched the ground, vertigo hit her. she swayed lightly and supported her self by clutching Jessica's shoulder. Jessica turned around in alarm and turned her body around so she had both her arms on Bella's shoulders to steady her "What's wrong?"

"I don't know, I just got so dizzy.." said Bella, her brows frowning in confusion as the feeling slowly ebbed away "I'm okay now, it's fine."

"You scared me there! Do you need to lie down?" Insisted Jessica, relief washing over her at her friends words of assurance.

"Hey, we're here to party remember?!" Said Bella with a grin, shaking the feeling off completely.

Jessica grinned at her and took Bella's hand in hers leading her to the back patio. It was then that Bella's instincts went haywire. Her body broke out in goose bumps and she had that pricking sensation that she was being watched. The hairs at the back of her neck stood and she shivered lightly as she scanned the crowds. She couldn't pin point the source, but her body was almost screaming at her to run away. She was someone's prey. She needed to hide.

She pushed those strange unwarranted feeling to the back of her sub consciousness. She was here to have fun, not be paranoid and scared of some invisible thing that tried to screw with her system. Maybe it was the stress of the up coming exams.

It didn't matter and as she passed the patio into the pool area her face was lit up with a grin as Mike dived into the pool, creating a massive splash around him. Jessica soon joined in the fun after shrugging her jean skirt off.

No body seemed to care that there was a slight chill in the air. The pool was warmed and that was enough. Everyone was obviously having a great time and Bella felt partially bad for not being able to share all the fun with Jake. She went to the edge of the pool and sat, dipping her legs in the water.

"Come on!" shouted Mike from the other end, splashing Jessica with a wicked glint in his eyes.

"In a bit." Shouted Bella back. She just wanted to enjoy the air for a bit and survey the place. Maybe she could even see the Cullen's.

And see them she did. Four of them, all sitting together, almost out of the range of the party. All dressed the part, their inhumanly beautiful bodies displayed in perfection and their abnormal beauty putting everyone, combined, to shame. They were just sitting together, watching-waiting.

She gasped in surprise at Jessica's understated description, not that she had ever asked for more. That group out there had to be the Cullen's, they were the only alien faces in the party. The only other unworldly ones.

But weren't they supposed to be five?

One of them with short black hair caught Bella's eyes. She was pale, too pale and perfect- too perfect in her petite slender form. She smirked in an almost feral way, her eyes intense on Bella's tense one's.

Bella broke the eye contact hurriedly. There was something twisting in her gut and it wasn't pleasant. From her peripheral vision she could see that they seemed to all be staring at her. Was she paranoid? Did she imagine that?

"Are the Cullen's staring at you?" whispered Jessica as she swam to where Bella sat, her brows frowning "That's weird, maybe they couldn't place you, new kid in town and all."

"Yeah, right, probably it" Said Bella absentmindedly, feeling quite bare under their scrutinizing gaze.

"Well, what are you waiting for, jump in!" said Jessica tugging at her short dress. Bella grinned and stood up, taking her dress off and flinging it beside her, before diving in the deep end. The water surrounded her in it's warmth and she surfaced with a smile, pushing her hair out of her face.

Her fun didn't even start before it had to end. The sky decided it was time to ruin the outdoor's fun. The tiny drops of rain fell and soon started hammering.

"Oh no!" shouted Mike and added in a rush "IN TO THE INDOOR'S POOL, the party will go on people!"

Bella laughed at that and decided she would linger a bit as she saw everyone scramble out of the pool and sprint towards the house. Jessica turned towards her, after seeing she wasn't following behind and shouted from afar "Are you crazy!"

Bella laughed and grinned shaking her head "I'll be in, just let me enjoy the water for a while!"

"Your gonna get pneumonia!" She said with a shake of her head, running for the safety of the dry house.

Bella laughed into the sound and the feel of the drops of rain, hamming on her bare shoulders and the surface of the warm water. She turned her head to look to where the Cullen's had previously sat and saw the empty place glare at her. They made her feel unsettled and she found her self taking back whatever curiosity she had about them.

There was still one she had yet to lay her eyes on. She found her self willing to pass on the opportunity. They were so similar in a way and her primal instincts just told her to stay away. Who was she to question something as primitive as her instincts.

She dove in the warm water and surfaced again to the cold chilling air and the little drops. She dove again and tilted her head upwards to the surface of the disrupted water. The sight so beautiful to behold to her slightly blurry vision. She suddenly saw a shadowy figure, and feeling the burning need for air, she surfaced again, blinking as she turned around to examine her surroundings.

Nothing was moving, nothing was out of place. Had she imagined it? Had the silence and deserted place started playing tricks on her mind. Maybe it was time to join the others inside.

Bella started swimming towards the edge of the pool when she felt something cold brush against her thigh. She stopped abruptly and twirled around, eyes pinned on the water that surrounded her.

Nothing but the blue of the tiles under the disrupted surface.

She felt that same coldness brush against her waist and looked down instantly to see nothing. Her hands circled her, waving the water in a circle around her. There was nothing.

Her heart beats accelerated and intensified. The chill in the air biting her exposed skin and the little drops blurring her vision. She could feel her teeth chatter. It was time to go inside.

Fear gripped her heart. She was sure something brushed against her thigh and waist. She was certain, but her surroundings indicated it was only her there, only her and the rain.

She swam to the ledge once more and just as she reached it she felt two cold hands on her waist from behind. She yelped, her heart rate skyrocketing, and twirled around. Some one had their hands on her and it wasn't the thin air playing tricks on her.

She gasped when her brown mundane eyes met almost coal ones. Deep black eyes that could have belonged to the devil. To a fallen angel, for the man that shared the warm water in front of her, under the cold rain, was devastatingly beautiful. Such beauty you only ever read about in stories. The fairy tale type. The unnatural type.

And her body screamed at her to run. She was the prey, he was the hunter.

It was too late though.

She was caught.

"W-wwhat are you doing." Her voice was quivering and her lips were trembling. His cold hands were such a contrast to the warm water. She was mesmerized by his hypnotic gaze. His lip was quirked up in a smirk and his eyes held a dangerous glint in them.

"Touching you." Said the beautiful stranger, his voice velvety melodic. Enough to lull her senses.

She took in a shaky breath and could feel his thumb draw circles on her abdomen. He looked down to where his hands were and his eyes darkened as he scanned her figure under the water.

That snapped her attention and her hands moved to where his were. She tried to move them away but they were stone like in their grip.

"Who are you, why wont you let me go!" shrieked Bella. She felt trapped and suffocated and she was out there, alone, with a beautiful demon.

"I'm Edward Cullen, my Bella." He whispered as he brought his face closer to hers. So calm and collected, so sure and confident. She wanted to wipe the smirk of his face and she wanted to get away. A sudden wave of foreboding washed over her.

This was the beginning of something.

It was the end of her beginning.

"H-hhow do you know my name." she quivered, eyes wide in shock and hands still fighting against stone. She was terrified and this man in front of her seemed in human.

"You're mine." he simply said, his cold nose trailing the line of her jaw. Bella started trembling, this was beyond the scope of the natural. He was insane, spewing insane things.

Recognition of the name suddenly hit her and made her head spin. She was half cold and semi warm with his hands on her. they wouldn't budge. The rain kept hammering, blurring her vision and freezing her. This predator so close to her, speaking of insane things.

"I'm not, now let me go!" she yelled, struggling futilely against an unbreakable armor.

Edward's arms smashed into the ledge, breaking it into little pieces and trapping her in his arms "You are, I've waited for you and now the wait is over." He whispered dangerously while Bella's eyes grew to the size of saucers. No human had the strength to punch into a solid surface like the ledge and come out unscathed. Yet Edward's hands seemed as perfect as ever.

Her breathing hitched and she gulped. A sudden wave of nausea washed over her and her head started spinning.

"What are you, what's wrong with to you- I don't even know you!" Pleaded Bella almost desperately. Her brain refused to believe what was going on. She didn't even know what to think. This guy just wasn't human.

"We'll have eternity for that love." It was all a blur but she was in his hands, against his naked sculpted chest and in the rain. Bella took in a deep breath, ready to scream loud enough to get someone's attention when she was no longer in Mike's house. She was in the woods half naked with a deranged lunatic who thought of her as his.

This had to be a nightmare. She had to be napping somewhere.

This could not be real.

She felt a sharp pain at the base of the back of her neck and then darkness welcomed her into it's folds.

When Bella came to, her life as she knew it was over.

The first thing she heard was the melodic voice of a female saying "She's up."

There was a dull ache at the base of her neck and everything else was out of focus. When her vision adjusted to the light and the sound of the drops of water outside, she sat up and looked around in alarm. She was hit on the head. He had hit her on the head and now she was somewhere strange, in a white room with a wall of glass and the petite raven head smirking at her.

"Who are you?" gulped Bella looking around the room, not wanting to meet the girl's penetrating eyes. She looked down at her covered body and gasped, her cheeks reddening.

"Don't worry, I changed you." Said the girl with a kind smile that froze Bella.

"This is kidnap, you cant – no, what are you, this isn't real-My dad is the chief of police-let me go!" Bella's thoughts were running a mile a minute and she felt mentally scattered all over the place.

"Leave." Came the gritty voice of Edward Cullen, walking in the room as if responding to the to the call of someone, almost like they were letting him know something.

He grinned conspiratorially as he shut the door and leaned his back against it "Bella, my Bella. What are you thinking?"

Bella looked at him in disbelief and then looked down at the shirt she was wearing. It was his she was sure. What was wrong with him. What was he? Why was his family involved in this too, why did he take her, far and away into a house she didn't even know the location of.

She saw him advance towards her and she backed up in the bed she was in, her naked thighs clasped together tightly. His grin was animalistic, his eyes gold melting into black. She gasped at that as he crawled on the bed, getting closer to her as she backed away. Before she could reach the headboard and become trapped between it and him, she felt his hands, in a movement so fast it escaped her eyes, pin her down on the bed with him hovering on top of her.

His eyes closed and her heart soared. She tried to move, tried to get out of the way but the deadliness in his voice stopped her "Don'."

Bella was instantly overwhelmed with fear, fear for her life. She was scared and felt immobile. She couldn't do anything, this …something… was powerful. Her eyes started watering and soon the tears started spilling. She was petrified.

He chuckled darkly, opening his black eyes to pierce her brown teary ones. He breathed her in so deeply, she wondered if his lungs had the capacity for more air. He exhaled blowing gently on her hot face and his sweet scent invaded her senses and intoxicated her. Something beyond her understanding was going on. Something sinister.

Edward leaned forward and kissed the corners of her eyes, kissing the tears away. Warmth invaded her belly, warmth she didn't want and she felt disgusted with herself.

"You're fear is so delicious." Edward said, slowly making his way to her ear where he nibbled gently "You're so delicious, I want to have you whole."

Bella started hyperventilating. Wheezing breaths in and out, feeling like the air wasn't enough, there wasn't enough air. All she did was go to a party, all she wanted was to have fun with her friends and now she was laying on a strange'rs bed, who clearly wanted to have his way with her.

She never expected the most talked about Cullen's to be savages. She'd never dreamed she would be in this situation. She closed her eyes and prayed for help, prayed for someone to save her from this.

"Shhh, calm down love, nice and easy, breath in and out.." his calm gentle voice whispered in her ear and she found herself calming down involuntarily.

"I don't want this, you have the wrong girl, I just want to go home- I know you don't want this, what you're doing is illegal, your family is a part of this community- people will know I'm missing." Bella said desperately, trying to make him understand what he was doing was wrong. Even then, deep inside, she knew it was all pointless.

Edward started laughing and pulled back to look at her tear stricken face "No, everyone knows you left with me, they're impressed and jealous. Everyone doesn't know what's really going on. It will stay that way, mmh." He said trailing the back of his index finger down her cheek, neck until it reached her collar bone.

"No, I will tell everyone, you are a liar – you hurt me and now you wont let me go…you're not even human." She whispered defiantly, her eyes glowing in determination- fear, temporarily forgotten.

Anger flashed in Edward's eyes, but with a calm domineering smile and a bone chilling tone he said "If you do that, if you don't accept me, I will hurt your friends. All of them. The Blondes, the one down at the reservation. They will all hurt, the severity depends on how much pain you inflict by being difficult," then he paused and his expression turned wicked as he leaned forward and hovered his lips over hers. Close but not close enough for them to touch "I am Vampire."

Bella was shocked into silence. His threat made her blood freeze in her veins and his declaration made it pump faster and harder through her system.

"H-how do you know so much about me." She asked in a chocked voice.

"This has been a long time coming. You and I are mates. I waited for you for so long, today was time for us to meet," he said with eyes burning with passion and fueled by the fear in her eyes, so satisfactory, so chillingly beautiful "For us to connect."

That was the first time the unworldly creature laid his lips on Bella's. It was the first time she felt her body wake up with the feeling of true desire. Betrayed by her own hunger, her lips kissed back, almost automatically and the haze of want threw rational thought out the window. Everything melted away, the party, the situation and the danger that Edward was. All she could taste was the taste of his divine lips, so sweet and so addictive. The impatience in his kisses grew and he growled as he deepened the kiss, exploring her mouth with his and pressing his body against hers. So warm she was, so soft to touch. Her moans sent an electricity through his body he wanted to savor forever and he wanted to illicit that sound again, and again..and again.

His hands trailed the side of her waist, brushing lighting against the swell of her breast. She gasped into his mouth, clouded by the intensity of emotions running through her body. He took the opportunity to bite her lip and explore her even deeper. Eternity was worth the wait.

When his hands descended lower and lower, Bella's haze started disappearing and panic and alarm shot through her. She didn't understand how her body wanted to give into his so easily, but she couldn't. She couldn't give into him that way. She had that choice as much as it befuddled her, the physical reactions he elicited from her. She had never experienced something so intense. She was never more frightened.

"Wh-what was that." Panted Bella, trying to regain her breaths and control the furious blushes that painted her cheeks red. She could not believe she just kissed her kidnapper.

"You may fight this now," whispered Edward, his eyes intense and pure gold, brushing his lips lightly against hers as he spoke "But even your body knows it's mine. You've always been mine and soon, you will join me and my family."

It felt as if it was all centuries ago, hard to believe it was only months ago. Her demon of the night would come to her every night and possess her. Some days she would speak as if he were not her jailor and sometimes she would give into the primal passion that burned for him. Maybe pieces of her were surrendering slowly and surely. She did not know, all she knew is that she hated him for all he took from her. For becoming an acquaintance to people she would have gladly given up her life for.For making her life all about him.

She hated him with such a passion it blurred sometimes and she found herself lost.

Maybe time will tell of what the blur is.



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