I watch them all.

I wonder what they would do if they knew.

Would they turn against me?

Would they turn to me?

Shuddering I walked away I will never find out because I am never going to tell them.


"McGee, where is the damn money?"

"Boss, he's moved it through a half a dozen companies in four different countries on three continents."


"I'm trying boss just need a little longer." McGee sighed as he heard the man walk away.

"Did someone spill his coffee McGee?"

"No I didn't spill his coffee."

"I didn't say you." Abby replied.

"But you meant me."

"Okay so maybe I meant…"

"Abby leave probie alone before Gibbs kills him." Tony said leaning against the doorframe.

"Tony you're getting as bad as Gibbs."

"How's that Abbs?" Tony said walking over to look at her screen.

"You sneak up on me all the time now."

"You're just more distracted now."

"Ha ha very funny Tony."

"You love me anyways."

"What are you doing down here anyways Tony, shouldn't you be up helping Gibbs?"

"It's called lunch McGee, came to see if you wanted something?"

"Whatever you have will be fine." McGee said looking at the screens again.

"Right whatever I'm having," Tony said "Abbs?"

"I'm good thanks."

Tony walked up to the bullpen, "Gibbs, lunch run want something?"

"Whatever your getting Dinozzo."

Tony chuckled, "Alright three Dinozzo specials."

Gibbs watched his second in charge walk away; he had been watching the younger man for months. There was something different he just wasn't sure what it was. While he no longer wore cologne, there was a scent that lingered around Tony. It reminded Gibbs vaguely of the time Palmer got distracted and forgets to take his insulin. Shaking his head Gibbs went back to reading the report, hearing the familiar footsteps back only seconds later, "Back so soon Dinozzo?"

"Forgot the sunglasses boss."

On a whim Gibbs stood, grabbing his gun and badge from the drawer beside him said "Hang on, I'll come with you."

"I got it boss it's just a lunch run."

"Need a break, I'll grab coffee while we're out."

"Sure boss."

In the elevator, Gibbs hit the switch and leaned against the far wall. He just looked at Tony waiting.

"Boss?" Tony asked with trepidation.


"What, we're going for lunch, why is this an emergency stop situation?"

"You tell me."

"I would if I knew what was up." Tony would have started sweating if he could.

Gibbs leveled himself off the wall and had Tony pinned against his wall in a second. "Sunglasses on a cloudy day, no cologne for months but yet you almost always smell sweet but only almost always. When you come back from lunch runs, you don't and you're always making the lunch run, the dinner run, the 'whatever' runs. But I haven't seen you actually seen you eat in months, not so much as a cheese curl or a donut."

"So you haven't seen me eat. I eat it on the way back and I'm trying to be considerate to my team mates by offering to get food."

"Right, not buying it Dinozzo."

"Fine when we get to the sandwich shop order whatever sandwich you want and I'll eat it right there." Tony wasn't sure he could eat but he was hoping Gibbs wouldn't call his bluff.


"Fine." Tony said falling in behind his boss as soon as the elevator door opened.

At the shop, Gibbs ordered three pastramis on rye and two bottles of soda. "You can wait until we get back to the yard Dinozzo, I want coffee."

"Sure boss." Tony was so very happy he couldn't sweat any more or his suit would be ruined.

"Let's go see Abby." Gibbs said when they made it back to the yard.

"Sure the extra sandwich is for probie anyways."

The pair walked into the lab just as McGee shouted, "Yes Gibbs isn't going to kill me."

"Why would I kill you McGee? I'd just have to train a new agent."

"Gibbs," McGee stuttered, "I found the money I know where he hide it."

"Good Tony's got lunch."

Tony handed out the sandwiches and the sodas. Gibbs took his, leaned against the lab table, and watched the young man. Tony picked up the sandwich looked at it as if it was poison, he took a deep breath and a bite.

The rye bread tasted perfect, the pastrami even better. He moaned in pleasure at the taste that exploded in his mouth and he had been afraid to eat. "Oh go this is good." He said around the huge amount of food in his mouth.

Gibbs shook his head and breathed a sigh of relief, he really wasn't sure what he had expected, but at least he knew now Dinozzo would eat something.

A few hours later Gibbs walked past Dinozzo desk and the odd smell was there, but it was stronger than he had smelled it.

"Dinozzo, with me." Gibbs called from the elevator door.

Gibbs watched Dinozzo follow him towards the elevator, his senior agent stumbled once and looked as if he was going to hit the floor but managed to make it into the car and sag against the wall, the same wall Gibbs had pinned him against a few hours ago.

"What is wrong with you?"

"Nothing boss, I just, I need, I just need to get some coffee. I'll go get us some." Tony said pushing way from the wall to pull out the emergency stop button.

"Dinozzo stop lying to me, what the hell is wrong with you?"

"Nothing boss really I'm fine."

Gibbs growled, "Dinozzo you are never allowed to use the word fine as an adjective to describe your health."

"Gibbs, I can't. I just need to get out and get some fresh air, really I'm good I…"

"Tony." Gibbs said his voice an exasperated sigh.

"Gibbs I can't boss, I don't, I, I can't."

"You can't what Dinozzo, tell me why the hell you look paler than Abby. Why you look like you're about to hit the floor, why you reek of, oh for Christ sake you smell like rotting meat."

"I do not." Dinozzo snapped at Gibbs "damn it I can't tell you anything." Tony said angrily ripping the emergency stop button cover off. The lights switched from blue to white and then to red as the elevator started and lurched to a stop.

"No no no I have to get out of here. I damn it, I need to go."

Gibbs saw Tony crumple down the wall, on to the floor and pull in to the smallest ball he had ever seen a man that size curl into.

"Tony, hey, Tony what?"

"Get away from me," Tony growled, "get away from me."

"Tony I can help, let me help."

"No you can't Gibbs, please stay away, I can't control it anymore."

"Control what Dinozzo?" Gibbs said in a calm voice. He had noticed the strain in Dinozzo's voice had gotten more prevalent the longer they stayed in the car.

"The blood lust, the… oh god you have to get away from me Gibbs I…"

Gibbs knelt next the man despite the warnings. "Anthony, tell me what's wrong."

"I need, oh god, get on the other side of the elevator Gibbs, I waited too long. Please I don't want to hurt you."

"Tony what happened to you?" Gibbs asked pushing Tony's hand way from his face.

"No Gibbs don't please I'm begging you." Tony said trying desperately to roll away from the man.

Gibbs knew he was baiting the tiger so to speak but he had to get Dinozzo to tell him what was wrong but the next thing he knew Tony growled and he was pinned to the floor with a strength he had never known Dinozzo to possess.

"I told you to go away Jethro. I tried to keep you safe from me but you wouldn't listen."

Gibbs saw the teeth and heard the odd mix of regret and danger in the younger man's voice but then he felt the piercing pain in his shoulder. "Dinozzo what hell are you doing?" his voice started out strong and angry but ended up whispery and lust filled.

"No no this isn't fair, god damn it I, I, oh fuck Gibbs, I there's more to this." Tony whispered to Gibbs as he licked the wound he had caused on his boss's shoulder.

"More to what Tony?" Gibbs felt his cock harden and was baffled by the reaction. While he wasn't completely straight, he had never really thought about Tony.

"I damn it I'm a vampire or something. I don't know, I can go in the sun, I guess I can eat, the sun is harsh on my eyes but I can handle it but I have to drink…"

"Drink blood." Gibbs said he ran a hand on his shoulder.

"Yeah I think the smell you mentioned is has something to do with me not,"

"Drinking." Gibbs finished "you didn't drink for very long, is it enough…"

"The other problem with me drinking is it makes…"

"Both people horny as hell." Gibbs finished once again.

"Yeah if I drink more I won't be able to keep from fucking you into the floor." Tony said dropping his head onto Gibbs shoulder.

"That why your lunches have been taking so long Dinozzo, fucking some poor woman into the floor?"

"Yeah sorry I I don't know what else to do, they never seem to remember when I'm done. I never," taking a deep breath "I never drink from the same girl. I don't want to hurt anyone."

"Tony you are still really pale."

"I know, and a bitch of a headache to but I can't Gibbs. If I take more from you, we will both want to have sex and no matter, what we will. If they open the doors we wouldn't care."

"Hm not sure I care now Dinozzo."

Tony shoved off the floor and pulled himself into a ball in the corner, "Just stay over there please Jethro I can't keep control of this with you so close."

"Alright Tony I'll stay over here."

Tony shivered, "Thanks."

"How did this happen Tony?"

"I, I'm not sure."


"I really don't. I went out to have a drink, I was in a bar just a few blocks from my apartment. I had one drink went to the john, asked for another and half way through it I felt like crap. I paid my bill and went home, when I woke up I felt worse and couldn't figure out what was wrong. I went to the store to get something, anything to feel better. When I walked in the girl behind the counter said the pharmacist was out for the day. The next thing I knew we were in the storeroom fucking and I was drinking her blood when we uh um finished she just said thanks and walked away. I didn't drink for the next two days but it was horrible."

"How long has it been since you drank?"

"Just since last night."

"So what two or three times a day?"

Dinozzo nodded his head, "At least twice."

"Anything else you should be telling me Tony?"

"I don't know. I don't think I'm more aggressive or anything."

"You don't want me near you right now." Gibbs pointed out.

"I don't want to rape you boss, there's a difference. I don't mean ug I meant in aggressive in a physically dangerous way, I just don't want to pin you to the floor…"

"And fuck my brains out."

"Yeah, can we not talk about it? It's hard to control when you're talking about it."

"Alright but once your steady we are going to have a conversation."

"Yeah sure fine."

"I mean it Dinozzo."

"I said yes damn it. Oh god you're killing me Gibbs."

"Hm speaking of are you?"

"No I'm not dead. I can and have walked into a church, I bleed, and I heal. Ok so I heal faster but not fast enough you can watch it."

"Alright I'll leave you…"

"Yes! Thank you there really is a god." Dinozzo said as the elevator lurched and the doors opened to the bullpen.

"Go Dinozzo get something…"

"Taking the stairs is all, boss."

Gibbs shook his head and sat down at his desk. This was insane; his lead agent had just attacked him in the elevator and told him he was some weird vampire, a sex vampire. He shook his head and chuckled to himself, "Leave it to Dinozzo to become a vampire that had to fuck too."

Fifteen minutes later Dinozzo returned looking steadier than when he left. Gibbs checked the clock.

"Pack it up, get some sleep. Everyone in at 8 am Monday we're not on call, so enjoy it." The team gathered their bags and left one by one. Gibbs watched Tony drag his feet until the others left.

"Want to get a bite to eat boss?" Tony asked trying to sound nonchalant.

Gibbs just raised an eyebrow. "My house, Dinozzo." he said walking past the man.