Morning came and Jethro watched Ducky and Abby leave with Tony. Ducky had taken a vile of his blood for the enclaves scientist to look at while they where there.

Tony looked paler than normal but overall he looked alright, none of the melting as Abby called it.

Abby was excited to go to the lab but apprehensive at the same time. The last two time she had been loaned out hadn't turned out so well so she was hoping to break the streak with this one.

Ducky drove to the address Michele had given him and laughed lightly. It was a building he had passed many times over the years. It was only a few blocks from the yard.

"Well hell," Tony said looking at his surroundings. "This ought to be fun."

"Come on let's go see what they can teach us." Ducky suggested as he got out of the car.

Inside the building they went through security and were directed to go to the third floor. There they found an office area with a glass room behind it. At one of the desks was Michele. When he saw them he got and waved them towards the glass room.

"I know this is hard for you Tony. You have full rights to say no to any tests or well anything. We do not want to be your enemy. We just want to understand is all."

Tony only nodded.

Abby handed her results from the tests from yesterday. "I ran my own tests. Your samples weren't contaminated."

"Then all the other tests we ran are valid. I honestly wanted this to be wrong, to be able to re-run everything so that it made sense of his differences." Michele sighed.

"Come let me introduce you to our lead researcher. He had been studying our anomaly for close to a hundred years. Christoph this is Tony, Duck and Abby." Michele spoke to a man who looked to be close to fifty.

"Ah yes so nice to meet you all. Abigail Sciuto, I have followed your work for years. I am so glad to finally meet you."

Abby smiled and bowed her head slightly. "Thank you. And I've read some of your papers as well. Dr. Dean."

"Oh I knew I should have never let them use my photo on the article." Dr. Dean said.

"You know his work Abby?" Tony asked.

"Yes I read an article once of his about the-"

Tony interrupted her before she could really start, "Abs not in the mood to understand an 1/8 of one your conversations. Was his work about this?" Tony asked waving his hand trying to draw attention to where they were.

"No it was something else." Abby didn't explain it was a paper on the properties of blood trajectories.

"Okay. I'm sorry sweetie. I just can't handle one your science conversations right now."

"It's okay. I understand." Abby stepped into Tony's space and kissed him on the forehead.

"If it would be alright I would like to do a quick ultrasound. To verify, well the results, and well anatomy." Dr. Dean asked.

Tony nodded, "You want to see the rugrat and find out where in the hell it is in my body."

Dr. Dean smiled, "Yes I would really like to see the rugrat." Dr. Dean motioned towards a table in a glass room to the side. The room had privacy curtains and a solid door.

"I assume you would like some privacy."

"Yeah. I uh um I want Ducky and Abby there though." Tony said, his voice almost trembling. " I wish Jethro had come." His throat tight with emotion.

"We will take him a copy of the picture, Tony."

Tony could only nod. Somehow this felt wrong without Jethro being there. But it was too late. He walked into the room and sat on the table, pulling his shirt out of his slacks.

Dr. Dean turned on a few machines and pulled a bottle from a bucket.

"I warmed it up a little. It can be very cold otherwise."

"That's so sweet Dr. Dean." Abby said.

Smiling at the praise from Abby Dr. Dean turned towards Tony. "Lay back and try not to move a lot. Alight?"

Tony nodded again and did as he was asked. The jelly was cool but as cold as he knew it could be. He tried to remember if they had ever used and ultrasound on him before. He had the physical therapy kind used on him several times over the years but he could remember anyone ever using the picture kind on him.

The wand was pressed into his stomach and turn this way and that. Then there was a sound and Tony almost snapped his head up. At the last second he closed his eyes and laid his head on the table. He didn't want to see the rugrat until Jethro was there. No he couldn't see it till he was there. Tony amended.

"There we go. So, the I'm sorry Tony I am going to have to use female terms for this."

"It's fine doc."

"The uterus seems to be a little smaller than average but not too small. I do see one ovary. But The largest difference I see is..."

Tony's heart clenched he had heard the heart beat, was there something wrong with the baby. He couldn't face it if there was.

"There doesn't seem to be an opening for the child to, well to be born. I am not even sure how..." Dr. Dean cleared his throat and tried to figure out how to be delicate about what he had to say. "I do not see a way for the egg to have been fertilized Tony. I would like to do a paternity test to see if there is any of Jethro's DNA or if maybe this is a case of spontaneous gestation"

"Wait what are you trying to say I got myself pregnant like some damn lizard?"

Dr. Dean sighed, he did not want to say this as Tony seemed to be on a very fine edge at the moment.

"Yes I would like to rule that out." Dr. Dean felt Tony tense under his hand. "Tony I know this is hard. I wish I could make it easier but I can't. I only want to understand. If it is Jethro's then we need to see the baby's DNA to see if the marker is there so you know what to expect once the baby is here. If it is only your DNA then again we need to see if-"

"I get it." Tony still hadn't opened his eyes, He tipped his head back and looked at the wall behind him. He did NOT want to see the screen at all. "Please turn it off." Tony asked in a small voice.

He heard a switch click and he looked at the doctor for the first time since the test started. "What do you need to do?" His chest was tight and hurt. He just wanted to curl up and well something. His head hurt, his heart hurt and he was suddenly very tired.

"It will take me a few minutes to prepare. I will let Dr. Mallard explain what is going to happen." Dr. Dean nodded to the man and left the room.

Duck stepped towards Tony and took his hand but before Ducky could talk Tony shook his head and stopped him.

"I don't want to know. I can't right now. I can't."

Ducky smiled his soft small smile and spoke, "I will tell you it will hurt. After I will give you something to help."

Tony nodded and laid back on the table. He pressed an hand over his heart and rubbed it back and forth. He knew this had nothing to with any sort of sickness, this was purely and emotional response. God this sucked.

A moment later Dr. Dean was back and Tony only closed his eyes. He didn't want to see any of it. He just wanted Jethro there, now.

"Tony?" Dr. Dean spoke.

"Just do it. I can't watch. I can't."

Dr. Dean looked at Abby and Ducky they both nodded and each took one of Tony's hands.

Dr. Dean gave Tony a local and turned the screen for the ultra sound back on. A nurse came in and began searching for the baby again. Once the little one was found Dr. Dean picked up a large needle and gently pressed it in to Tony's abdomen.

Tony tried like hell not to move but it took everything he had not to. He also tried not to crush Abby and Ducky's hands. He couldn't keep both thoughts in his head so he growled, "Let go of my hands."

Ducky and Abby both immediately let go and Tony's hands went straight to his sides and grasped the table, crushing it. Both of Tony's friends looked at each other over Tony's clenched face and put their hands on his shoulders still giving him support.

"Almost done Tony. I know it hurt and I am sorry. There we go."

Just as Dr. Dean said "there we go." the heartbeat speed up. and Tony crushed the table more, "What is wrong?" The tone of voice was a cross between worry fear and a growl but still he did not open his eyes.

"Nothing it is just the baby responding to the..."

"Responding to you stabbing it with a sharp needle!" Tony growled.

"Yes. Trust me this hurts me to do it but we need to know. Okay all done." Dr. Dean said pulling the needle free.

Tony groan and gasped. "Oh god that hurts give me the fucking plague think it hurt less." Rolling onto his side Tony tried to get comfortable.

Dr. Dean motioned Dr. Mallard over and asked if he wanted to take care of Tony's wound, when Ducky nodded yes, Dr. Dean left the room with the sample but only went as far as the closest microscope.

"Tony, I need you to lay on your back again."

"Turn of the monitor." Tony said once he heard the switch again, he complied.

"Why don't you want to see the screen Tony?" Ducky asked, looking at Abby who was being unusually quiet.

"I don't want to see the baby until Jethro is here." Tony answered. Looking at the ceiling a quick sting told Tony Ducky was cleaning the site of the puncture.

"And if the baby is..." Ducky didn't want to ask if the baby was only Tony's but wanted to know how to deal with his young friend.

"It will still be his Duck, always," Tony's voice was small and very frightened.

Ducky was calling himself a thousand kinds of fool they should have brought Jethro with them, he should have know Tony would need the man's strength and love to make it through this ordeal he would make sure from now on Jethro was there for everything else.

"It will take some time for the DNA to be run to look for the markers and paternity but a quick look at the baby's blood sample shows it is healthy and O-."

Tony's heart skipped a beat he was O+ Jethro on the other hand was the only one in their group that was O-, everyone else was an A or a B. A smile must have shown on his face because Dr. Dean said, "Ah then the baby is Jethro's."

Ducky answered for him, "Yes. Jethro is O- while Tony is O+."

"Then we will just verify the marker for the anomaly. I think after this I will let you go, and I will be in contact when we know if the marker is there or not. If you would like to continue coming here for your neonatal care we can arrange that."

"Not like I have much of a choice Doc. I can exactly go to a planned parenthood clinic or something."

Dr. Dean laughed, "No I suppose not. I would like to see you once a week for about a month to get a base line on how the baby is growing. You look to be about two, two and half months along.

Tony swallowed. That would put it the night he begged Jethro to make love to him.

"Does that time line work for you Tony?"

Tony only nodded. He didn't want to discuss that night with anyone. It was simple his and Jethro's."

Dr. Dean seemed to understand the sentiment behind Tony's silence and said, "A special day I am assuming. I am glad it was with someone who cares very much about you. If you can come back next Saturday. will that work for you?"

Tony looked at the doctor and shrugged his shoulders. "Yeah I guess unless we have a a...a."

Turning towards Ducky, "Can I even go out in the field Ducky?"

"I think it would be alright for a little while Tony maybe in a few weeks we will see how you have progressed. One step at a time."

Dr. Dean waited for Tony to process everything before saying "Most female patients wait until about the fourth or fifth month before they stop working in a police field and I believe that for now it would be alright. We will measure rugrat," Dr. Dean used Tony's term for comfort, "and see how big they are getting. I am going to assume you don't want to know the sex."

"Can you see it already?" Tony asked.

"No not yet. It is too soon but when the time comes?"

"I don't know, I haven't thought that far ahead."

"I wondered, you never looked at the screen."

"I couldn't I don't want to see it until Jethro is here."

Dr. Dean nodded understanding, he would want his partner there as well if he could conceive. "Mary printed pictures, they are in an envelope if you would like to take them and look at them later."

Tony shrugged and winced at the movement pulled at his stomach.

"That will be a little sore for a few days, take it easy and don't over do it."

Tony nodded and looked at Ducky, "Take me home please."

Ducky patted Tony on the shoulder and nodded.

Let us go then my boy, Abby my dear?"

Abby nodded and said, "I'll be right there," lingering behind.

"Was there something else Abby?" Dr. Dean asked.

"Yes is he going to be ok?"

"I don't know yet, Abby. I don't know, I still do not see a path of any kind for the semen to have made it to his uterus to fertilize the egg. I mean the egg has a path to the uterus but that's it. I would like to do a few other tests but I didn't think he would be up to them right now."

"No, no I think this is as much as Tony can handle right now, especially without Jethro here."

Dr. Dean nodded, "If he wants at any time for our family to come they can. Just let us know beforehand so that we can find a bigger room to use."

"I'll let them know thank you for today."

"I just wish I hadn't needed to do the amniocenteses it was hard on both of them."

"Yes. I ah should..."

"Yes you should go. It really was nice to meet you."

"And you," and with that Abby rushed from the room to catch up with Ducky and Tony.

In the car Tony was in the back seat curled up.

"Are you okay Tony?" Abby whispered getting in the front seat.

"Yeah just hurts more to be straight, not sure how eating in a little while is going to work."

"We will figure something out."

Tony nodded and drifted off to sleep

Once at Jethro's house Ducky helped Tony up to their bedroom and let the man lay down, as soon as he walked out of the room he called Gibbs.

"Gibbs ."

"I think you need to come home. Tony needs you. He is very tired and I think he will not sleep well until you are here."

"On it."

Gibbs sighed and looked at the team

"Is he okay?" Tim asked first.

"Yeah Duck says he's tired and won't sleep well till I'm there." Shaking his head he was about to do something he had never done before he was about to ask another team to take over their rotation.

Walking to Balboa's desk, he swallowed hard and as the man looked up at him Balboa showed almost no surprise at finding Gibbs standing in front of him.


"I talk to you a minute?"

"Sure your office or conference room?" There was a smile as the office was mentioned.

"Which ever." Gibbs said not caring either way.

"Conference room it has coffee."

Gibbs smiled and followed Balboa, once in the room he closed the door and let out a sigh. "Don't read much into this but I need you to take our rotation this weekend."

"Sure Gibbs, it's fine."

Thanks something's come up with Dinozzo and he needs some time."

"It's not his plague again is it?" Balboa asked with sincere concern.

Shaking his head, Jethro wasn't sure how to answer, "No, not really it's a long shot side effect, but no its not back. But I don't want him out in the field, he just found out about it."

"It's fine."

"Thank you next round at the bar is on me."

"You don't have to Gibbs, but I won't say no."

"Thanks Balboa that means a lot, really."

"No problem, he gonna be ok?"

"Yeah just need to adjust a few things and well, we have to figure out what it he needs to adjust first." Gibbs answered truthfully is not vaguely.

"Alright let me know if I can help in anyway."

"I will, I'm going to let Vance know," Gibbs nodded in the direction of the director's office.

"Good luck with that." Balboa laughed.

"Thanks," Gibbs said his voice laced with sarcasm.

"Hey Gibbs," Balboa said as Jethro turned to the door.

"Yeah," Gibbs said turning to look at Balbo over his shoulder.

"I don't care, and it won't go farther than the two of us but are you and Dinozzo..." Balboa left the statement unfinished.

"Yeah Balboa we are."

"Good he makes you smile and you need that," a pat on Gibbs's shoulder and Balboa was out the door.

Gibbs shook his head had they even been hiding it these last six month. First Tim and now Balboa and they didn't even work with Balboa.

The trek to Vance's office seemed to be longer than normal, but maybe just because he really didn't want to be here.

At the door he noticed Olivia wasn't at her desk and shrugged and stepped into Vance's office, it wasn't like he ever waited for her to announce him anyways.

But there on the other side of the door was something he hadn't expected. Olivia was sitting in Vance's lap, her mouth on his shoulder and a set of very noticeable teeth sunk deep into his skin.

Having heard the door open both of them looked up at Gibbs.

"Damn it man, knock." Vance growled.

"Oh believe me next time she's not at her desk I will."

"I'll just wait outside until she's done with you. Olivia." Gibbs nodded to the secretary and walked back out the door, stopping Gibbs leaned back through the door and flipped the lock and closed it behind him.

He shook his head, what where the chances of two hemophages working at NCIS. Once Olivia came out of Vance's office she looked at Gibbs, "You know don't you?"

"Yeah I know."


"I'll ask and let you know if I can let you know." Gibbs answered evasively.

She nodded once and sat at her desk, Are you with one?"

Gibbs just nodded.

"Jackie knows."

Gibbs nodded again.

"I have several-"

Gibbs cut her off, he didn't need to know any of this, "It's fine Olivia, just make sure to flip the lock next time, wouldn't want others finding out who don't know."

she shook her head. "I waited too long and I forgot."

Gibbs nodded, "I've heard its bad if you do."

"Yours doesn't-"

"Again Gibbs interrupted her, "Not the same as you, just very close to you. It's not pretty when they wait to long."

"For me it just hurts."

"Yeah I'll let you know when I know I can let you know." Gibbs repeated and walked into Vance's office. It had been long enough the man should have been able to put himself back together.

"Gibbs." Vance said chewing on a new toothpick.


What can I do for you?"

"Switching rotations with Balboa he already agreed."


Gibbs stared at Vance he didn't want to lie to the man but he wasn't going to give up Tony's'...he wasn't going to give up their secret until it was cleared with the family first.

"Dinozzo got something that came up, kinda need to lend a hand."

"It have anything to do with the way he looked the other day?"

Gibbs did a half nod and a shoulder shrug.

"You gonna tell me anything?"

"Got ask him first, Leon," Gibbs said with another head tip.

"Fine. He alright?"

"Yeah, Leon he'd alright just some personal stuff. Probably tell you on Monday."

Leon nodded and said, "Alright guessing you want to head out now."

"Yeah think Tony needs the team right now so I'm gonna cut Ziva and McGee loose to."

"Alright ."

"Thanks Leon we'll take Balboa's next rotation."

Leon nodded once. "You gonna ask?" Leon asked, his face neutral.


"It wasn't what it looked like." Vance said trying to defend sleeping with his secretary.

"It looked like you where feeding you hemophage secretary, Leon."

Leon swallowed, "It was shat it looked like. How do you-"

"Met a lot of people in my time Leon. She's not the only one." Little did Leon know Gibbs meant not the only one at NCIS.

"I'll see you on Monday and I expect some information."

"If Tony gives me the go ahead, won't without it."With that he was back out the door and down the steps before Leon could even react.

"Well damn. Olivia."

Olivia's head dropped to her chest, she knew this was coming as soon as Gibbs walked through the door. Stepping into the office she shut and locked the door. "Yes director?"

"You have got to get your schedule worked out."

"I know sir I'm sorry it won't happen again."

"Would you stop with the sir? Christ, Olivia come here."

Olivia stepped towards the director, once she was in arm's reach he pulled her back into his lap, "Did you finish?"

"Yes I was done."

"Alright next time don't wait so long that you aren't even sure you locked the door."

"Yes Leon."

"Now sit here for a few minutes, I know you don't like to eat and run."

"No I like sitting like this with you."

Changing the subject Leon asked Olivia about her new lover.