This is basically a Cory in the house parody. You see, I was watching Cory in the House all of a sudden and I am inspired to write a parody about it.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything. Since this is a parody, most of the credit goes to Disney. I know pretty well that in the real Cory in the house, Newt is an only child and doesn't have a brother. In this chapter, I only mention the cast. The story officially begins in the next chapter.

Shiloh Miller (Cory Baxter)- Lil' Mama

Shiloh is the kid whose mom becomes the white house chef. She is half white, half black since her mother is Jewish and her father is an African American. She just moved in from New York City to Washington DC because of her mom's new job. Shiloh eventually develops a massive crush on Brad.

Amanda Miller (Victor Baxter)- Jennifer Garner

Amanda is Shiloh's mother. She is Jewish. She has two kids, Shiloh and Derek. Her and her husband are divorced.

President Victoria Johnson (President Richard Martinez)- Candace Cameron

President Johnson became the first female president of the United states. She has twin boys named Drew and Dean. Also known as 'America's cuties'

Drew and Dean Johnson (Sophie Martinez but instead, I made them twins)- Shane and Brent Kinsman

Drew and Dean Johnson are President Johnson's twin boys. They are known as 'America's cuties' but Shiloh doesn't like living with them.

Mr. Emerson Rucket (Ms. Samuels)- Jonathan Goldstein

He is the president's personal assistant. He is an uptight man and has never been married because he is a dork. People often mispronounce his last name as it is spelled, but according to him, his last name is pronounced as 'ROO-KAY' and not 'RUCKET'

Bradley 'Brad' Liu (Meena Paroom)- Justin Chon

He is the son of the ambassador of China in America. He is half-Chinese, half-American. His father is so 'old-school' Chinese and will only let his son listen to traditional Chinese music and will only allow him to wear the traditional Chinese outfit. His father is originally from Tianjin, China and he was even born there but he grew up in the states. He is bilingual. He knows how to speak Mandarin and English. But when he speaks English, he has does not have an accent.

Allie Livingston (Newt Livingston)- Josie Loren

She is the daughter of senator Calvin Livingston and the Latina pop star, Mitchie Torres. Her uncle, Newt Livingston, who is her father's brother, is always her mother's guitarist in all her concerts. Since her mother is Latina, Mexican to be exact, Allie is half-Mexican, half-American. She is also bilingual. She can speak Spanish and English. But when she speaks English, she does not have an accent like her friend, Brad. Allie is known to be quite gullible and naïve but is secretly a straight A student. Her friendship with Brad and Shiloh are quite diverse. Since Shiloh is half Black and half white, Brad is half American ad half Chinese while she is half Mexican and half American.

Mandy Stickler (Jason Stickler)- Jenette McCurdy

She is the daughter of the head of the CIA, Jason Stickler. She is known to be quite a stalker. Her favorite person she loves to stalk is Brad, because she has a massive yet annoying crush on him. She shows strong dislike for Shiloh on her first day of school, since she knows that Shiloh also has a crush on Brad. At the end, she proves that Shiloh is lying about who she is.