AUTHOR'S NOTE: Yay! Its finally the end. I can't believe I finished this! Now to finish my math project...

It was the following day, after school to be exact. Shiloh was now ready to apologize to Brad and Allie for lying to them. She went outside of the field, where Brad showed her around on her first day. Allie and Brad were sitting down, talking to each other. As usual, Brad was wearing a ridiculous Chinese robe and Allie was wearing a Abercrombie t-shirt, Levis skinny jeans and designer prada boots. For some weird reason, Allie's clothes always looked expensive. But right now, Shiloh could care less of her friend's clothes. She just wanted to apologize to them. "Remember Shiloh, just keep your head up!" Shiloh reminded quietly to herself. She walked right up to them and started apologizing. "Allie, Brad, look, I'm sorry I lied to you guys. I'm just a regular Jewish, mulatto girl from New York City who doesn't have a limo, my mom is just a chef and not a pop star and my dad is a rapper living a wasted life in New York and is not some big senator. And I absolutely know nothing about go carts. So, there you have it. I'm just boring 'ol Shiloh Miller."As Brad and Allie listened to her speech, they actually felt sorry for her.

"Awww, come here!" Brad said, pretending to give her a hug. As Shiloh went closer for the hug, Brad said something quite loud right in her ear. "What's the matter with you?" He asked, loudly. That hurt Shiloh's ears.

"Ow! Why are you doing that for?" Shiloh asked.

"Because you're hěnguài!" Brad exclaimed saying that last word in a perfect Mandarin accent.

"What?!" Shiloh asked, not understanding.

"You're weird." Brad explained. "I mean, why do you have to lie to us? Do you seriously think we care if you're like us or not?"

"Yes, I did." Shiloh said. Brad gave him a strange glare. "Wait, you don't care?"

"We just thought you were a cool girl." Brad said.

"Yeah, a cool, laid back girl to hang out with." Allie agreed.

"Wow, thanks guys. Look, sorry we got off to a pretty rough start. Shall we start all over?" Shiloh asked. "Come to think of it, if we set aside our differences, we're all just regular teens!"

"Yup, regular teens!" Allie agreed, giving Shiloh a high five. Brad then saw a white limo pull up the front.

"Well, there's my limo, see you all later." Brad said, slowly walking away. As that limo drove away, another limo came up that same front.

"See you Shiloh, I got a singing class with Mariah Carey." Allie said, waving goodbye to her new friend. As Shiloh was standing by herself in the field, she sighed to herself. She was slightly jealous of her two new best friends and their amazing life. But in the end, she was glad that she decided to apologize because now, she had two new best friends in Washington DC.