Title: Fayth
Fandoms: Harry Potter & Final Fantasy X
Author: Batsutousai
Beta: Shara Lunison
Rating: M/R
Pairings: Harry/Tidus
Warnings: OoC, AU (etc, etc, etc....)
Summary: Harry Potter defeated Voldemort, but at a price. When a new evil comes that he cannot defeat alone, he and his friends lock themselves in stone to fight it. One day, thousands of years later, Harry is freed and starts a journey with another young man who is equally lost to finish the job Harry once started.

Disclaim Her: Oui syo naxiena y puq uv decciac, tabahtehk uh ruf asudeuhym oui lyh kad.


The airship had managed to pick them up and take them outside before Sin imploded, sending a wave of fire across the sky. On the deck of the ship, Yuna and Harry danced together to send Auron and the aeons. The male summoner still wasn't as steady on his feet as the party had wanted him to be, but he was determined to help send his friends – as well as the unsent he'd suffered through for a week – to the Farplane at last, so he shook off their concerns and danced.

As the last of the aeons – Phoenix – faded, a blonde girl appeared before the two summoners. Harry reached out to touch her and the girl smiled. "He did it to save you, brother," she said.

Harry nodded. "I know," he whispered past the catch in his throat.

Luna nodded. "We know what the boy means to you," she whispered, looking back to where Tidus stood next to Rikku. "You will find him again. He isn't gone."

"He'll never be gone," Harry hissed.

Luna gently took the clenched fist. "I'll tell Ron and Hermione hello from you."

Harry nodded. "I'll visit."

"Don't take too long," Luna replied, slowly fading from sight. "Good bye, Harry."

Harry stared at the spot where Luna had stood for a long moment, then turned around and hurried to where Rikku and Tidus stood. The young man was smiling sadly, and Harry realised he could already see through him. "So it starts," Harry murmured.

Tidus nodded. "I'm sorry."

Harry shook his head. "It's not your fault."

"Harry?" Yuna asked. "What's going– Tidus!"

Tidus glanced down at his hand, which was almost completely faded, and smiled. "Pretty soon," he said, "I'll be nothing more than a dream."

"That's not funny, Tidus!" Rikku snapped.

But Tidus just kept smiling as he turned to her. "Thanks, Rikku," he said. "Keep an eye on Harry, okay? You know how he always has fainting spells."

Rikku swallowed and nodded. "Yeah. I'll do my best," she whispered.

Tidus turned to Wakka, who had walked over with the rest of the party. "Wakka, it's okay to think for yourself sometimes, okay?"

"Yah, I'll keep that in mind," Wakka agreed.

"Kimahri, lighten up a little." Kimahri inclined his head and tried one of his infamous smiles, which got a few weak chuckles. "Lulu, it's okay to move on. I don't think Wakka's brother would have wanted you to punish yourself like you have been."

Lulu smiled. "I know."

Tidus turned to Yuna. "Hey, Yuna, sorry I never returned your feelings, okay?" The female summoner shook her head. "You'll find that special someone, some day."

"Thanks, Tidus," Yuna whispered, biting her lip.

Tidus turned to Harry and seemed lost for words for a long moment. Then he smiled a horribly sad smile and reached out a hand that was slowly disappearing to rest against Harry's cheek. "I love you," he told the summoner, then was gone.

Harry let out one, long, painful sob and fell to his knees on the deck, Rikku and Yuna both moving to comfort him.


The next afternoon found what was left of their party in the maesters' booth at the blitzball stadium in Luca. On the balcony, Maester Kinoc – the only remaining maester of the ruined Yevon – was introducing the party to the packed stands.

Yuna gripped Harry's hand tightly. She remembered what he'd once said about being in the limelight, but too many people had known who all was on that airship for him to have avoided the fame, so he'd had to come to the stadium, just like the rest of them. Harry, of course, didn't seem to care at the moment, since he was still suffering the loss of Tidus. Rikku and Yuna had hardly left his side, and had woken him from nightmares at least three times that night.

"Hey," Yuna whispered as she heard the words Kinoc had rehearsed with them, "this is our cue."

Harry nodded numbly and forced a smile on his face, hoping it didn't look as fake as it felt. "Ready," he whispered back.

Yuna gave his hand one last squeeze, then led the way out onto the balcony, their four guardians following behind them. As soon as the group appeared next to Kinoc, the crowds screamed their pleasure at them. Kinoc stepped back, letting the two summoners and their guardians take up the crowd's attention.

Yuna waited for them to fall mostly silent before saying, "Everyone... Everyone has lost something precious. Everyone here has lost homes, dreams and friends. But, Sin is gone now!" The crowd roared, and Yuna fell silent, waiting for them to fall quiet again. "Spira is free, and we can build new homes, and make new dreams. I know the journey will be hard, but we have the time, now, and I know we can do it. Together, we can do it!"

Yuna again waited for the crowd to quiet down, then added, "And, one more thing. The friends and the families we have lost... The dreams that have faded..." Harry hissed at that, and Yuna squeezed his hand.

"Never forget them," the summoners said together to cheers from the crowd.


"Where will you go?" Yuna asked, poking her head into Harry's room in the hotel they'd been housed at in Luca for the past few days. There had been too many Yevonites around for the personal comfort of the Al Bhed on the airship, so they'd flown it back home shortly after dropping the party off at the docks. Yuna, Wakka and Lulu had made plans already to go back on the boat towards Besaid later that day, and Kimahri was headed back to Mt Gagazet, but no one had heard what Harry was planning to do, except perhaps Rikku, who hadn't said.

Harry stopped his packing briefly and turned to look at the half-Al Bhed. "Rikku suggested I come visit her home for a while, on Bikanel Island." He managed a wobbly smile. "Never been to a desert before, so I took her up on the offer."

Yuna nodded. "Will you visit again?"

Harry sighed and looked away. "I don't... I don't know. I suppose so, eventually, but Cid promised the Al Bhed wouldn't bother me over much for my help in the defeat of Sin, and if I stay here..."

Yuna just nodded. "You'll have to come back eventually," she decided in a no nonsense tone. "Because you haven't been to Besaid yet. You have to see my home too, if you're going to see Rikku's!"

Harry managed another smile. "Yeah?"

"Absolutely! And... if you send word, ahead, I'll see if I can't get the villagers to shut up, okay?"

Harry nodded. "I... I think I'd like that. Maybe in a couple months?"


Rikku poked her head in behind Yuna. "Hey, ready to go? The boat's waiting for us!"

Harry nodded and shoved a few more things in his bag. "Yeah, I'm good now."

"Okay! We'll see you, Yunie!"

"Remember," Yuna ordered Harry.

Harry hugged her. "I won't forget," he promised, then followed Rikku from the room.


When Harry finally got to Besaid three month later, Yuna marvelled at how he'd changed. His time in the desert had tanned him to almost the same shade of golden-brown that Tidus had once sported. He'd also lightened his hair to better fit in with the almost completely blond community, and taken to wearing the same goggles and light clothing as the Al Bhed. If one didn't look too closely at the green eyes, one could have almost taken him for an Al Bhed himself.

The other thing that had changed, Yuna realised when he finally caught sight of her and his face broke out into a big smile, was that he'd seemed to have gotten over the loss of Tidus. That, or he was hiding it well.

"Yuna!" Harry called, finally reaching the other summoner and drawing her into a hug, which she gladly returned.

"I don't see Rikku about," Yuna commented teasingly. It was strange seeing Harry without Tidus or Rikku, but she felt it was probably wiser to not mention the missing blitzballer, no matter how much better Harry looked.

Harry chuckled and tugged on a lock of messy blond hair, which was much shorter than it had been the last time she'd seen him. "Yeah... Cid had some stuff for her to do, so she let me come on my own. Probably because she knew you lot were here to worry about me." He scrunched his nose in distaste. "You'd think I was prone to fainting or something, the way she hovers over me all the time!"

Yuna laughed and shook her head. "Well, the village is a ways over that way. Have you got everything?"

Harry nodded down at the bag he'd dropped when he'd hugged her, then at the Al Bhed boat that was almost out of sight. "I sure hope so," he said drily, and Yuna laughed again.

Harry grabbed his bag and they started down the path to her home. "So, tell me about Home," Yuna requested, referring to the name of the place where the Al Bhed lived.

Harry grinned and cheerfully regaled her with stories of the massive machina constructs and the people inside them. She laughed at his description of how he'd been treated before he decided to change his hair colour, which had really made him stand out, and how the Al Bhed had been almost comfortable with him afterwards, as if the colour of his hair had been all that set him apart.

When they got to the village, Wakka and Lulu were waiting for them. None of the friends had quite known how Harry would be after three months away from everything, but when the two guardians saw him joking with Yuna, they both relaxed and walked out to meet them. The three introduced him around the village and he was met with smiles and not a single person acting awed over who he was.

At one point, Harry jokingly commented, "Either these people have gotten far too used to having a famous person in their midst, or you guys trained them to behave."

Yuna cheerfully replied, "Well, I didn't go around telling them off, but Lulu might have."

Lulu cocked an eyebrow at the statement and they all laughed.

That night, Yuna finally had the proof that Harry was most certainly not over Tidus, as the older summoner woke her with crying around one in the morning. When she crept into his cornered off area in the small hut, he looked up at her with red eyes and whispered, "Sorry."

Yuna shook her head and sat next to him on the bed. "Still having nightmares?"

Harry nodded miserably. "Haven't had them this bad since before I was a fayth," he said tiredly, clutching something in his hands. "It's so... pathetic!"

"Harry, it's not pathetic," Yuna replied, wrapping an arm around his shoulders. "It's just human. We've all been through a lot – you more than the rest of us, I think, considering your life before being a fayth – and it's natural to have bad dreams."

Harry let out a dry laugh. "When did you become a psychologist?"

"A what?"

Harry smiled and shook his head. "Mind healer, of sorts," he explained.

Yuna huffed. "I'm no such thing," she said, "but I'm not completely stupid when it come to these things."

Harry eyed her curiously for a long moment, then said, "You had nightmares too, didn't you?"

Yuna smiled sadly and nodded. "Yeah. Still do, but they're not as bad as they were. Lulu says she gets them sometimes too. I have a feeling Wakka has them, but he hasn't said anything, so I can't say for sure."

Harry nodded. "Yeah, Rikku's been having them, I know, 'cause she's woken me a couple of times."

Yuna hummed thoughtfully, then said, "I wonder if Kimahri's been getting them?"

"What, a Ronso warrior getting nightmares?" Harry replied, a mock horrified look on his face.

Yuna started giggling and Harry soon joined her.

"Will you be okay?" Yuna asked once they'd calmed down.

Harry honestly considered the question. "I think I can manage getting back to sleep," he agreed.

Yuna nodded and stood. "Okay. Feel free to wake me if you need me."

"Yeah, thanks, Yuna."

"No problem. It's what friends are for."


"Hey, have you been to the Farplane yet?" Yuna asked about two weeks later over lunch.

Harry paused in eating his roll and slowly shook his head. "No. Not yet."

Yuna kicked her feet against the dirt floor a bit and smiled. "We should go, you know?"

Harry shrugged. "I don't really want to."

"You promised your friend you'd go," she admonished him.

Harry grimaced and nibbled on his roll a little. "Yeah, but... Going to Guadosalam means going out in public. And then people will–"

"Harry," Yuna said tiredly, "I almost didn't recognise you, okay? I seriously doubt anyone in Spira will guess at who you are, whether we met them on our pilgrimage or not. Stop making excuses."

Harry was silent for a long moment. Eventually, he murmured, "What if Tidus is there? If he's really dead?"

Yuna looked at the other summoner sadly. "Do you think he'll be there?" she asked.

Harry shook his head. "No. And that's what scares me the most."

Yuna nodded and decided to leave the subject for now.


Three months later, Wakka proposed to Lulu and the whole village celebrated with a large bonfire in the square. "How does it feel?" Harry teased the groom-to-be while Lulu got cooed over by the other females of the village.

Wakka groaned. "Wonderful, yet terrifying." He rubbed at his face. "A part of me feels bad, because Chappu wanted to marry her, but..." He shrugged.

"You could always go talk to him, in the Farplane, though, right?" Harry asked. "That would make you feel better."

Wakka peeked over at Harry. "Yeah, I suppose. But, uh, I don't really want Lu knowing what I'm doing, ya? I mean, I can probably figure something out, but I'd need to go with something, and all the girls'll be planning the wedding..."

Harry blinked. "Want me to come with you?"

Wakka's eyes brightened. "Would you?"

"Sure," Harry agreed, and Wakka clapped him on the back firmly, saying, "Good man, good man."

Later that night, Harry thought he saw Yuna gleefully thank Wakka for something and had a sinking feeling he'd just been set up.


"Wakka, I don't want to go into the Farplane," Harry insisted, crossing his arms over his chest. He'd decided, when they finally set out, that he would go with Wakka to Guadosalam, but he wouldn't go into the actual Farplane. Hopefully, the three islanders would stop trying to talk him into going afterwards.

Wakka sighed and said, "I really don't want to do this to ya, brudda, but..." He pulled something out of his pocket that glinted in the low light of the small room at the Guado inn they'd rented.

Harry's eyes widened and he turned to his bedside table frantically, where he usually left the necklace Tidus had given him. The necklace Wakka was now holding. "Wakka..." he growled.

But Wakka shook his head and put the necklace in his pants somewhere. "You can get it back after you go to the Farplane with me."

Harry seriously debated tackling the blitzballer for his necklace but, after bitterly reminding himself that Wakka was far stronger than him, just nodded and followed the other man to the dreaded Farplane.

When Harry stepped into the Farplane, Wakka shoved him to one side, so he walked over to stand uncomfortably by the ledge and imagined his friends from back home.

Much to his surprise, the Ginny he summoned frowned at him and snapped, "You promised you'd be here sooner!"


Ginny huffed at him while, behind her, Luna and Neville rolled their eyes. "We were fayth, and the rules on the Farplane are a bit different for us," Neville commented softly. "So you're not just viewing memories of us."

Harry just sort of stared at the three of them, completely gobsmacked.

"I love what you've done with your hair, by the way," Luna commented, helpfully snapping the young man from his shock.

"Oh, er, yeah. I was living with the Al Bhed for a while, and the black hair made them uncomfortable, so I changed it. Never really thought to change it back, either, since no one recognises me as High Summoner Harry this way."

"Somehow, I'm not surprised," Neville replied, referring to his abhorrence of fame. Harry just sort of grinned.

"So," Ginny demanded, "what made you finally come visit us? Hm?"

Harry glanced over his shoulder at where Wakka was, in fact, talking to his brother's shade. "Erm, Wakka stole my necklace and wouldn't give it back unless I came."

"You had to be forced to come see us?" Ginny asked, looking hurt.

"It wasn't you guys I was avoiding..." Harry mumbled, looking away.

"No," said a voice that tore Harry's heart, "it was me."

Harry looked up and met the bright blue eyes. "T-Tidus?"

Tidus smiled at him and then, much to Harry's surprise, stepped onto the platform and reached out to touch Harry's cheek. "You're lucky Wakka forced you when he did," the blitzballer commented.


"Because we'd almost run out of energy," Ginny offered drily.

"Their last act before they let themselves die," Tidus whispered, "was to make me real, but I could only come through here, on the Farplane."

"You're... You're really here?" Harry pleaded, reaching his hands up to touch Tidus' face, but not quite touching it. Not wanting it to all be a lie.

Tidus' hands pressed Harry's hands against his cheeks, which were as solid as they'd always been. "I'm here to stay," Tidus promised.

Harry let out a happy cry and hugged the blitzballer tightly, receiving an equally tight hug in response. When Wakka looked over in shock, Tidus grinned at the gobsmacked look on his face and waggled his eyebrows.

Harry smiled up at his three friends and whispered, "Thank you."

Neville, Ginny and Luna faded away with smiles on their faces.


Yuna looked up in shock at the impossible voice she heard just outside her home. Before she could do more than half-rise from the table, Harry poked his head inside with a huge grin and said, "Knock, knock."

"Oiy! Move it, you!" That same impossible voice demanded from behind Harry, and the summoner was shoved inside the hut. He was followed by a blond blitzer that Yuna knew only too well.


That grin she remembered from the happier days on the road broke out on his face and he jokingly commented, "You know, that's the same thing Harry said when he saw me."

"Oh, my... You're here! You're... You are here, right? This isn't a dream?" Yuna demanded.

"She's more sceptical than you were, though," Tidus said to Harry.

Harry rolled his eyes, then smiled at Yuna. "He's real. Like, really real. Like, he's not going to fade if we defeat another Sin, real."

Yuna reached out a hand to touch Tidus and he obligingly moved forward so she could. As soon as she realised he was solid, she let out a squeal of delight and jumped into his waiting arms for a hug. "You're here! You're back!"

"Thought we'd been over that part already," Tidus teased, grinning at Harry over Yuna's head. The summoner rolled his eyes.

Yuna stepped back and looked Tidus directly in the eyes. "How?" she demanded.

"My friends," Harry offered, stepping forward to take the free hand Tidus held out towards him. "They managed to bring him back through the Farplane."

Yuna blinked, then turned on Harry and shoved a finger in his chest. "I told you to go, didn't I!"

Harry smiled sheepishly. "Yeah. Sorry."

"Damn," Tidus said, blinking. "Was there anyone who wasn't trying to get you to the Farplane?"

Harry grumbled under his breath in Al Bhed and the other two laughed.

"Oh!" Yuna said, remembering about one last person who needed to know about Tidus. "Rikku!"

Harry smiled mischievously. "I sent a message to her while we were on the boat between Kilika and here, telling her I needed her to get out here immediately."

Tidus rolled his eyes. "He sounded so pitiful in the transmission, even I almost believed he was angsting."

"I don't angst!" Harry snapped.

"Actually," Yuna cheerfully offered, "you wallow."

"I don't–"

"Yes, yes you do," Yuna said over his denial. "And I have twenty witnesses out there who can attest to my claims."

Harry looked warily towards the door and the village, where said twenty witnesses were. He wisely decided to hold his tongue.

"Any guess to how long it'll take Rikku to get here?" Yuna asked Tidus.

Tidus snorted. "Based on Harry's message? She'll be here by tonight at the latest."


And indeed, Rikku ran into the village just as they were sitting down to supper. By that time, the idea had grown on Yuna to play a little prank on her cousin and she had a couple villagers set up to let her know when the Al Bhed got into the village. When they sent out the warning, Yuna hurried from the tent, pasting a relieved but faintly worried expression on her face. "Rikku! Thank goodness!"

Rikku hurried over to her. "Is Harry okay?" she whispered.

Yuna sighed and motioned her cousin to precede her into the hut. "Go see for yourself."

Rikku hurried into the tent and Yuna mentally counted down from five in her head before: "Tidus?!"

"Hullo, Rikku," the blitzball player cheerfully said as Yuna walked into her home with an amused smile.

Rikku turned on her, opening and closer her mouth a few times without the ability to say anything.

"Harry brought him back from the Farplane," Yuna said with a shrug. "He was so attached; I had to let him keep it."

"Oiy! Who're you calling an 'it'?"

Rikku shook her head. "How the hell did you get him to go to the Farplane?" the Al Bhed demanded.

Tidus smacked the back of Harry's head, earning him a rueful grin. "Harry James Potter, if I find out Kimahri was trying to get you to come to the Farplane too, I'll beat you."

Harry rubbed the back of his head. "You have been spending way too much time with Ginny."

Tidus huffed.

Rikku shook her head at the two. "Damn. It really is you, isn't it?"

Tidus grinned at her. "Yup. And I'm back to stay."

"Thank, Merlin," Harry added with feeling, and got a kiss on the cheek for his effort.

Laughing, the two girls sat down at the table and, together, they spoke of their pilgrimage with much more fondness than any of them had thought of it with since it had ended.

And that, as they say, is that.

A/N: Oh, come on! You knew I couldn't leave Harry without Tidus!!

And because I know people will ask: Tidus and Harry spent the rest of their days going between Home and Besaid to spend time with their friends. They occasionally dropped by the Farplane to see those they'd lost and made the hike up Mt. Gagazet to see Kimahri or the wall of Zanarkand fayth.
No, I don't intend to do a sequel. Largely because I hated X-2. And, anyway, that story's more about Yuna than the boys, and I don't feel like trying to fit them in.

~Bats ^.^x