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Summary: When a friend of Rocket's Dad's son comes to visit, he causes havoc to both Rocket's football and personal life. But when his past catches up to Rocket's love life, things get a bit more deadly…

The News

Normal POV

'Why do I smell like I've just been sprayed by a skunk?' Micro-Ice asked, complaining about the long and trying training session they had just had.

'Because you smell like you've just been sprayed by a skunk,' D'Jok replied.

'Ha ha!'

Despite only just winning the Galactik Football cup for a second time a few weeks ago, Aarch preparing them for the 3rd cup and working them harder than ever! But one of the Snow Kids was loving every minute of it and didn't care about the much harder training programme.

Rocket POV

'Micro-Ice will never change,' I thought happily to myself. Yes, the new training programme was much tougher but he wouldn't change a thing. He would never regret being a Snow Kid for any reason again.

I looked around the room at my teammates, all laughing at Micro-Ice's continuous complaints. Micro-Ice complaining, D'Jok and Mark making fun of him, Mei and Yuki laughing at, as the girls say, their 'silliness', Ahito asleep on the benches, Thran showing Clamp a new video game and, finally, Tia. The love of my life and the person who saved me when I lost who I was. Sitting next to me and also laughing at Micro-Ice with that gorgeous smile and adorable laugh I have loved from day one and always will, no matter what. Netherball never changed that and never will.

Netherball changed me for the worse and I hurt her so much, every time I think about that night when they all came and tried to convince me to come back to the Snow Kids, my heart twists in pain. Remembering the pain in her eyes makes the blood in my body go stone cold and even though I don't like to remember it, I force myself to remember it every day because it shows me just how easily I can hurt her and I can't bear to do that ever again.


'Huh? Oh, sorry Tia, I was daydreaming,' I said as I turned to look at my beautiful white angel who had stolen my heart.

'Do you mind if I go to your bedroom? D'Jok and Mei are spending the evening 'in'.' We still kept our same bedrooms in Akillian Stadium because it's easier after a hard day of work. Nine times out of ten though, we go home

'Do you mind if I let you in but never let you out again?' I asked seductively.

'You never know, I may just let you keep me,' she also replied seductively.

With that, we walked to our room, not touching each other as we were both still really shy about showing any affection where someone can see us. But the minute we were in my room and the door was closed, that all changed.

Tia pulled me closer to her and pressed her soft lips on top of mine and wrapped her arms around my neck. I wrapped arms around her waist and lifted her up. We continued to kiss as I brought her over to the bed and placed us both on it. When both of us were left fighting for air, we broke apart but gazed into each other's eyes for a while.

'How could I have left her?' I thought. I don't know how I could do it…to lose something like this…

'You're thinking about it again, aren't you?' she implied. She knew me too well. I sighed.


'Why? You know how much it hurts you. Why do you hurt yourself further?'

'It's just…it reminds me how easy it is to hurt you and that I owe you for even being with me. I never realised how much I needed you when I should have and you gave me so much and I just left you? Seeing you hurt should have twisted my heart in pain but instead I just walked away and left you standing there. I couldn't do that to you again never mind me.'

'Do you remember the day after you came back? That song you made me sing after you read my songbook?'


'Do you remember the lyrics:

Fool me once, shame on you,

Fool me twice, shame on me,

Break me once and you're out the door,

Break me twice and you're kicked out that f**king door,

I'm left with the, feeling, you let go,

I'm left with the, feeling, I let go?'

'Yeah. Why?'

'You fooled me once, you broke me once, you left me with only the feeling you let go. If you fooled me twice, shame on me, if you break me twice, you're out that door faster than you can say 'sorry' and I'll be left with the feeling I let go. Do you see what I'm getting at?'

'No, I'm actually totally confused.'

'I'm not a fool so I wouldn't be stupid enough to let you fool and break me twice. If you did, then I'd let you go and we both know that that's never going to happen. I let you back into my life because I know you wouldn't be able to hurt me again. I have faith in you, so why don't you?' I could feel tears building up in my eyes. Tia was the one person who knew me better than anyone else, including myself and the one person who could put all their faith in me and trust me with it. As well as her faith, she trusted me with her heart and I trust her with mine, knowing she won't hand it back and I know it wouldn't be humanly possible for me to give hers back.

Before I could say anything more, my watch phone went off. It was my Dad.

'Hey son, would you mind coming home? We have a visitor. That is, if you're not too busy.' Tia and I had been so spending so much time together since the end of the cup; our parents could predict when we were together.

'Yeah, sure…no problem.' I looked at Tia. Just like me, she was disappointed, that much was easy to read.

'Don't worry Rocket, she can come too if she wishes.' Both of our faces lit up.

'Thanks Dad, we'll be there in a while.' When I hung up, Tia and I burst out laughing. Eventually we calmed down and I caressed her soft, warm cheek with my hand.

'I love you Tia.'

'I love you too.' With that, she placed her lips on top of mine. Everything that had happened over the past few months was forgotten and there was nothing else but this moment, this moment about the love we had for each other and always will have.

Narrator POV

So…who is this 'visitor' and will he/she have any impact on Rocket and Tia's relationship? Stay tuned to find out.

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