Elvish Names

Let's work on your first name.

Take, for example, the name Kim. Use Kimberly, not your nickname.

Take the second letter of it. "I." Then find the first vowel, also "I." Follow that by find the second vowel that appears in your name. That's E. Use the letter in front of it and follow it by that vowel. You have "BE." So far, your elf name is "Iibe" which would likely be pronounced "E-e-bay." Do the same to your last name. Example, "Adler" would be "Dale." Now combine the two. You get "Iibedale." One last thing, take the last letter of your first name, in this case, "y," and add it to the end. Your first name in Elvish is "Iibedaley." Most likely pronounced "E-e-bay-dah-l-e."

For a last name, take a natural occurrence for a forest, like "Fastriver(Fast River)." Your full name is now "Iibedaley Fastriver." Kinda weird, huh? My name is "Hitiaanen Snowfall."

Now for that story…

Back in the land of Middle-Earth lived the Elves. These magical creatures tread on newly fallen snow without leaving footprints. They were led by a great man named Legolas Greenleaf. Legolas was the best archer in all of Middle-Earth, but he had a hard heart. For he had helped save the world from an evil so great that resided in a single ring and his only reward was loneliness. He found great joy in leading his people, but they could all relate to Master Legolas' anger at Fate. Fate had not given him his Elvin beauty. Fate was a woman who's heart held no respect for men, even men such as himself. Brave soldiers from across the land and even poor beggars could not find love at the next mushroom patch as they had in centuries before. But Master Legolas was determined to break Fate's evil spell.

In a matter of days he had sailed across the Sea of Life to the island where Fate lived. Her many female servants came to greet him, only to find that they had been put under a Soft Medusa Curse. When they looked at Master Legolas' bright eyes, all fell under his heart. This curse was of the island, for no man had ever set foot on the Island of Fate. Legolas demanded that the servants take him to see Fate.

They entered a great chamber full of natural jewels and shells of ivory. Legolas stopped and awed at the grandness of Fate's world. Fate heard someone enter and turned to the door. The two great leaders of the world locked eyes and not just one fell victim to love. Legolas gazed at a woman who's dark curls laid low to her back. Her eyes were marble colored gray and were framed by soft olive-toned skin.

Fate saw a man with hair that fit his soft, pale skin perfectly. His eyes were ocean blue and pierced one's soul. She had heard of the Elf who stood before her. He was Legolas, and now he was hers. They two feel deep in a love that broke the Soft Medusa Curse, leaving the two alone in their feelings. They married at a glorious wedding, which took the beauty of the Elf palace and threw it aside. Fate's heart was softened and she allowed all people of Middle-Earth to find a soulmate and live happily ever after.

The End.