I have no idea how I ended up being here but I felt extremely uncomfortable. Hospitals freak me out; they always have, along with doctors. It might sound strange but there is just something about doctors that make me uneasy, apart from Dr. Cullen of course. They just seem to bring with them unpleasant emotions and I have yet to see one pass by here smiling. It creeps me out, this whole place does. But looking through my past experience with hospitals and doctors, it makes sense; there has never been an experience with them that has turned out well.

The first to come to mind is the accident my mother and father had gotten into; the memory still stored flawlessly in the back of my mind. I remember sitting with Charlie and my sisters in this exact waiting room, not knowing whether or not to believe what Charlie was assuring me; that my parents were going to be just fine. Looking back now it was clear that he had little faith in his own words: the watery gaze in his eyes, the shakiness of his voice and the expressions on his and my sisters faces as we waited silently for the news. I had only been six, not old enough to really grasp what was going on; only knowing that there was an accident and that both my parents were badly hurt. We had sat there for what seemed like twelve hours, barely moving other than to use the bathroom or get a snack.

Then the doctor came out, his face sullen and difficult to read, at least for me. Charlie had told me and my sisters to stay where we were, but Rebecca refused and went up with him, leaving me and Rachel alone. I remember the soft murmur of the doctor's voice and then Charlie bowing his head into his hands, nodding several times as Rebecca stared up at both of them silently, not moving. Then as clear as if it had happened yesterday I remember the awful feeling in the pit of my stomach as Rebecca suddenly collapsed to the ground, banging her fists on the floor and sobbing. Rachel's arms had tightened around me as she began to weep. I had no idea what happened, but I knew it wasn't good, so I began to cry too. Through my tears I saw the doctor pat Charlie on the shoulder and give me one look of sympathy before he walked off and from then on that cold expression on his face had remained etched in my brain.

After that came the death of my grandmother who had been staying with us to help my father take care of me and my sisters. Now bound to a wheelchair, my father had trouble raising three kids on his own so he called his widowed mother in law to help him. She stayed with us for two years but passed away from a heart attack right before I turned nine. Once again a terrible experience in that awful waiting room. A different doctor had delivered the news but he still looked the same to me, cold and unmoving, a bringer of bad news. After that Charlie and Harry had been around the house more often. My sisters and I were old enough now where we did not really need too much help, but they were there if we needed them.

The most recent was when Harry Clearwater had died. I didn't find out in a hospital but I was there when the doctor delivered the news at his home. From then on I have been convinced that doctors and I just don't go together. Sure they are there to help people, but I avoid them as much as possible. Dr. Cullen is the one exception to this because he, unlike other doctors, actually smiles and has helped the people I love. It's strange even associating him in the same category as other doctors. I see him as the one in the actual hospital rooms, saving people's lives, not the one delivering bad news. And how could I possibly feel any differently? He has saved Nessie's life, several times. He saved my life, and Bella's and just about every member of the Cullen family's. He was the doctor of all doctors. Too bad he wasn't here…

Dr. Cullen had to change hospitals; he couldn't work at Fork's Hospital any longer because he had pushed his lie to a point where it would seem impossible. There was no way he could pass for 34 years old, he barely looked thirty. So he now works at a hospital a few towns away and therefore could not be here to save this girl's life. Instead it was being left to doctors with much less experience and expertise.

But why did I have to be here? It's not like I know this girl personally, she's a friend of Nessie's, Tara I believe her name is. While everyone else was off at school to suppress any rumors flying around about the prior incidents of this past week, I have to be here making sure she's okay. But since you need to have some kind of relation to her, which I do not, I have to pretend to be her brother. Jasper got me a fake I.D that says my name is Jacob Thompson and that I'm 23 years old. It passed without any speculation, as they had all assured me it would. Luckily she is tan enough where she could pass as possibly being Native American or if that didn't work I could say one of us was adopted. But no one seemed to notice or even care, which the Cullen's had been counting on.

For the past hour I have been contemplating leaving, I shouldn't be here. It would freak her out anyway, if she was told her brother was here and she actually has no brother. I've been suffering here for three hours, how much longer was I expected to stay? She was in pretty bad shape and even though I didn't know her personally I hoped that she would be okay. It wasn't fair that she should be put through all this when she had nothing to do with it.

I had spent the last two hours thinking about the possible explanation for what had happened. She was attacked that's for sure, but none of us know by what exactly. I recognized her immediately in the woods when Nessie and I had turned to see her standing there, clutching her stomach and bleeding profusely. She was one of the two girls that Brianna had hypnotized. Nessie said that she had told both of them to run at some point during the fight but after that we don't have a clue to what happened.

As Nessie and I stared in shock, Tara remained still, tears running down her cheek with cuts and scrapes all over her body. My guess would be that a vampire was responsible but the fact that she was still alive while covered in blood made me think again. A vampire would never be able to leave a girl bleeding so terribly, he'd drink all her blood for sure, it didn't make sense. Something could have scared it off, that's a possibility, but it could have been something else…

Then there's the mystery of where her friend Danielle could have gone. I along with my brothers searched the area for her but she was nowhere to be found. Edward, Bella, and Nessie drove over to her house and searched the area but she wasn't there either. Her cell phone went straight to voicemail as Nessie spent the entire night desperately calling her and other friends from school, but no one had seen her. There was only one logical answer, she was clearly taken. Whether she was alive or dead was the question, but I didn't want to scare Nessie. That's one of the reasons why I hope this Tara girl is okay. Not only can she give us information but it would kill Nessie if she didn't make it. She would blame herself no doubt, which would be ridiculous, but just like her mother she always felt it came down to it being her fault.

We of course were not able to get the answers we needed since after about a minute of trying to get her to tell us what happened she collapsed to the ground. She hasn't woken up since. Carlisle tried to fix her up in his office but she was hurt too badly and needed immediate surgery that he couldn't do himself. She's been here all night which gets me worried, shouldn't they know if she's going to be okay by now?

I walked up to desk for the third time, clearly annoying the receptionist to no end as she gave me a death like stare.

"Hi." I said as I reached the counter. She continued to stare at me, scrunching her eyes together and tapping her one fake fingernail on the desk. I took a deep breath, annoyed at her arrogance.

"Does anyone know if she's okay? Is there someone that can let me know please, I've been here for three hours."

"No." She answered immediately, not even checking.

My temper was getting the best of me. Taking another deep breath to stop the shaking, my hands automatically gripped onto the counter, nearly breaking it apart. I needed to relax; people probably wouldn't react well to a werewolf in the hospital. Bowing my head down I thought about Nessie, which always seemed to work. My heart beat lowered and I no longer felt the urge to rip the girl's head off, or at least not as much as I had before. Lifting my eyes up slowly to meet hers, I tried to stifle a laugh as she stared at me no longer glaring but with her eyes wide and mouth agape. She was scared. Good.

"Are you sure you have no idea?" I asked and she immediately began searching through her records.

"Um…I'm not sure…I'll call the doctor and find out for you."

"Thank you."

I stood up, relaxed now, and looked around the room. It was pretty crowded but no one seemed to notice my little episode. Turning back towards the receptionist, she was still on the phone saying, yes and no several times before hanging up.

"Dr. Williams will be with you shortly."

"Thanks." I said and went back to the uncomfortable chair. It only took about three minutes and then a tall man with grayish hair, a white coat, and clipboard was standing next to me.

"Jacob Thompson?"

"Yeah that's me. Is she okay?" I asked as I stood up, surpassing him in height by at least four inches.

He looked down at his clipboard, not smiling or giving me any clue to how she was. I was getting impatient. Was she okay or not? Spit it out!

"Well? Is she okay?"

"She's fine. The surgery went well but she's going to need to stay here for a couple more days. Do you know what happened to her?" He asked, lifting his gaze from his clipboard and looking up at me.

"I think it was an animal attack." It was the only explanation I could think of that would make sense. But then he shocked me by laughing. He thought this was funny? A girl was almost killed and he was laughing!

"Animal attack. That's a plausible excuse I suppose." He mumbled to himself, looking back down at his notes. What was he talking about?

"What did you just say?" I asked him. He stopped laughing now, and stared up at me with a very serious expression.

"Nothing. Never mind…"

"No what did you just say? You think I'm lying?"

"I never said that."

"What do you think did that to her then?" I was curious to see what better reasoning this doctor could think of. What could make more sense than an animal attack?

He didn't answer but just continued to stare at me, almost as if he was analyzing me. I didn't like it at all. Then suddenly he smiled.

"How do you know Tara again?" He asked me.

"I'm her brother."

"Her brother? Really?"


"You don't look like her at all."

"I was adopted."

"I see. You're Native American?"

"Yes." I answered hesitantly. I didn't like where this was going. Why was he so interested in me?

"Hmm…" He looked me over some more and I felt extremely uneasy. This is why I hate doctors. What is this guys problem? Then it hit me. Did he know what I was? Or at least did he have suspicions? That's seemed probable, maybe he knew of the stories. Or maybe he's just one of those really superstitious people who thought they knew everything. Our secret was safe that was for sure, no one from our tribe had blabbed but who knows. I might as well use it to my advantage.

"Can I see her?" I asked him, moving forward and his smile faltered as he backed away.

"Um…she's not…"

"I think I should see her. I'm a really impatient person and I've been here for a very long time." I glared down at him and just like the receptionist, his whole face went pale and his eyes got wide. But he didn't look afraid as much as shocked. Shocked I suppose that maybe all his speculations might actually be right.

He moved aside, mumbling the room number, and I strode past him, laughing to myself before I reached the door. That was kind of fun.

Slowly and quietly I creaked the door open and peaked my head in. She was asleep, bandaged up on her head and arms. She looked much better than when I last saw her. I made my way inside, not wanting to wake her but at the same time needing to do my job. The second part of my task was to get information out of her. I hoped that she would remember me and wouldn't freak out that this random guy was in her room. I pulled a seat over and sat by her bed, debating whether I should let her sleep a bit or just wake her up. She looked so peaceful, I would feel bad about it, but then again I was exhausted myself. I needed to get home and sleep. That and see Nessie.

Maybe I could kill two birds with one stone. I could fall asleep here until she woke up, that way I was doing my job but I got some rest at the same time. Yeah, that's a good plan. I rested my head on the corner of the bed, placing my arms underneath and immediately felt my eyes droop.

I woke up to someone poking my arm. Looking up I was met with a pair of wide dark brown eyes staring at me in alarm. Tara was awake now and from the look on her face she didn't remember me at all.

"Oh um… hi Tara. I don't know if you remember me…"

"I do." She said, surprising me. Her expression softened a bit but she still appeared confused.

"Oh. Good. Um…how do you feel?"

"I'm okay I guess. What are you doing here?" As she spoke I couldn't help but notice how soft her voice was, it was clear she was on the shy side. I didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable but I needed information.

"I'm just making sure your okay. Nessie is at school and she wanted me to check up on you. You really scared us in the woods."

She continued to stare at me, the confused look on her face seeming to get deeper. Then she stared down at her lap, I assumed she was trying to remember what happened.

"I'm Jacob by the way. Nessie's boyfriend." At that she glanced back up at me in shock.

"Oh. I didn't know Nessie had a boyfriend."

"Yeah well it's recent. Tara do you have any idea…"

"Where are my parents?" That was a good question.

"Oh…um I really don't know I'm sorry. Edward, um Nessie's brother, called them but they weren't home. I'm sure they'll get the message though." She appeared sad about something and I felt a bit awkward. I didn't know what to say to her.

"There probably in Vegas."


"Yeah they go to the casinos a lot."

"Oh…well then they just didn't get the message yet. I'm sure they'll be home soon."

She nodded, still distressed. I didn't want to get her more worked up but I needed to get some information from her.

"Tara, do you remember what happened to you?"

She shook her head. "No. I just remember being in a lot of pain and then…"

Suddenly her eyes got wide.


"What about Danielle? Did you see what happened to her? Do you know where she is?"

"She…she was taken…"

"By who? Tara look at me who took her? What happened?"

"I…I don't know. It was all so fast. We were running. And then…it's all such a blur to me…"

I rubbed her arm up and down, trying to get her to relax as I noticed tears start to run down her cheek.

"Tara listen to me, it's really important that you remember what happened. Try really hard…" She stared at me, thoughtfully.

"We were running and then she screamed. I remember seeing her on the ground and she was bleeding badly. Then…then I was on the ground. She was screaming…all I remember is her screaming a lot. Someone was scratching me and hitting me but I couldn't see. And then her scream faded, like she was being carried away. And…I can't remember what happened after. I saw Nessie and you were next to her, I remember that…" She began to sob and I wasn't sure what I should do. I patted her shoulder but then she grabbed my shirt and wrapped her arms around me, crying into my shoulder. I didn't want to be rude and push her away but I was a tad uncomfortable with this.

"It's okay Tara. Everything is going to be okay." I said quietly. Then the door swung open and a woman's squeal rang through the room. I jumped and let go of Tara quickly. In the doorway stood saw a short, older woman with long brown hair and dressed in evening wear despite it being mid-afternoon. Next to her was a tall man with dark hair wearing dress pants and a knit sweater. Even if I hadn't been in their house and seen how much money they have, I would be able to tell just by their appearance. These were Tara's parents.

Her mother ran into the room and would have sent be to the floor if I hadn't been so strong; hugging her daughter tightly and rubbing her hands along the bandages.

"Oh sweetie I'm so sorry we weren't home. Your father and I took a trip to The Palms to meet up with some of his friends and…oh I feel so terrible!"

"It's fine mom." Tara said quietly.

"What happened to you?" Her mother asked.


"It was an animal attack." I said and for the first time her parents looked over at me.

"Who are you?" Her father asked, a bit rudely.

"I'm Jacob, a friend of Tara's. I'm the one who took her to the hospital." They looked me up and down and then her mother smiled slightly.

"Well, thank you. You…you say an animal did this?"

"Yes Tara was in the woods…"

"What the hell were you doing in the woods?" Her father asked.

"I…I was…" Once again Tara looked back and forth between her parents, unable to think of an excuse.

"You were looking for Danielle right? She's gone missing." I told them. Her mother's eyes got large as she gasped and covered her mouth.

"She's missing? Oh dear. And to think that could have been you...you are not to leave the house except for school until she is found young lady. Do you understand?" Tara nodded and then gave me a weak smile.

"Wait how do you know all of this, Jacob was it?"


"I told him about it. Or what I remember." Tara helped me out this time.

"Hmm…I don't think we've ever met Jacob. Are you a close friend of Tara's?"

We looked at each other. I didn't want to make her look dumb so I just nodded and smiled.

"Yeah we are good friends…" I told them.

"Are you her boyfriend?" Her mother asked, smiling slightly. Okay this was getting out of hand now. I was about to tell them that we were just good friends but Tara answered before me.

"Yes." She looked at me for a second and I'm pretty sure my face had gone from friendly to pure shock.

"Yes he's my boyfriend." She told them, taking my hand in hers and smiling at her parents.

Well this sucks.