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Chapter One

This is it. The division between the two of us is going to be no longer. Why the separation was there in the first place, is still a mystery to me? The question that keeps me awake at night is all but a simple one. Why? Why did I have to leave? I have never learnt the answer and I am still unsure about if I want to know. It must be awful if he never explained it to me. I was young, I understand that, but I feel like an explanation was what I needed and then I wouldn't have felt so abandoned. That feeling has left me now, all I feel is anger. Anger aimed towards my brother who felt the need to send me away when I was just nine years old. Now I'm going back. He doesn't know, I'm not that stupid and nor am I that smart. I haven't told him because he would have no doubt sent me back to Bradway Boarding School, the place I have been forced to call home for nine years of my life. If I was smart, however, I would have at least given him a call at the airport as I am now stood outside his home unable to knock on the door. The fear seemed to stop every movement in my body, except the slight shaking in my hands.

The taxi had pulled away only seconds ago and for a moment I felt the need to get back in the car and tell the driver to take me as far away as possible for this place. But as much as I loved to deny it this is my home. This is where I belong, I know that. It surprised me to realise how quickly my emotions had changed in a matter of minutes. In the taxi I had a slender smile on my face. The motive for the smile was due to my surrounding, everything I gazed through the steamy cab window, I saw what I had longed to see over the years. I was happy to witness that nothing had changed, from the golden sand on the beach to the small cafe on the corner of my old street. It was all how I remembered it.

I exhaled loudly and tried to get my thoughts straight, which seemed to be proving impossible. A few more breathes later my hand was knocking on the door in front of me.

I waited.

No answer. I knocked again, but was met by the same response. I pressed my ear against the wood and heard the faint sound of laughter and a few crashes echoed out. I rolled my eyes and opened the door myself. This is it, I thought again as I swung the door wide open. The laughter hit me harshly. I pulled my blue suitcase in behind me. It didn't contain much just clothes and the necessary things. What's the pointed in packing for a month's stay when I wasn't even sure if he wanted me here. I quietly rested my belongings against the wall as I looked over the entrance hall. It was exactly the same, all of it. The walls were still decorated in the horrible pink flower paper that my mother loved so much, my father tried to persuade her to pick something else but she was determined to stick to this paper. My brother hated it and was always embarrassed to bring his friends round; I wonder why he kept it? There was still the small table at the bottom of the staircase that my father made; on top it was a photo frame. I walked over and picked it up. It was a photo of my father and mother on their wedding day.

They both wore happy smiles as they gazed into each other eyes, the eyes that held nothing but eternal joy. My mother had hair like mine, it was a brown bombshell. We both suffered with hair that never went were we had wanted it to but somehow people always sent commitments. In the photo my mother had her long hair in a tight bun with small strands falling over her face. Her white dressed dropped to the floor and made her dark tanned skin look as if it was glowing. I remembered telling her that when I was younger, she answered with a simple "every since I met your father I have been glowing".

My father was stood next to her with an equally huge smile, that wasn't a surprise however. My father always smiled, he liked to look on the brighter side of life. I looked at my parents intertwined hands, they were always so happy together. It was obvious that they were soul mates, well that's what my father called them. I found myself smiling again and quickly wiped it off my face when I realised what I was about to face.

My brother is in the other room with some other people. It was my brother who put me on a plane nine years ago when our parents died in an horrific accident. He forced me to live in a boarding school, only contacting me at Christmas. He was meant to look after me but he didn't. He was also the brother who 'forgot' I graduated last week.

The booming laughter increased in the other room, I moved closer to the closed door ahead of me and listened.

"Put him down!" A woman's voice spoke. It was a light voice and I could tell by her tone that she wasn't anger. She seemed to be amused by what was happening. The voice was unfamiliar to me. I was expecting a woman to be in this house but this voice didn't match up. My heart was beating fast. Who was she? "Sam, tell him" She raised her voice, only slightly however. The name she called made me stop breathing. At least I know he's here.

"Paul put Seth down" The demanding tone caused all the noise in the room to stop. I knew that voice anywhere that was Sam Ugly speaking.

I opened the door without a second thought. I wish I hadn't though. I was expecting a few people to be in the room on the other side but not a group of half naked boys. Each looked the same as I glanced round at them; I refused to let my panic show on my face when I couldn't tell which one was my brother. As my eyes drifted through all the tanned, black haired (afraid to say) hot men and I suddenly noticed the woman. I didn't let my eyes linger on her long due to the fact that I knew it wasn't who I had expected. I did notice however, that she had a thick white scar that shone off her dark brown skin on one side of her face. I felt my eyes wonder to it but I quickly glanced away. She is probably the one who had yelled earlier. She seemed calm stood in the middle of the room with all these men. How could she and why were all these people in my home? Especially her, I didn't know her but I felt an instant dislike towards this woman.

"Who are you?" I heard Sam speak again. I looked at the man who had just risen from the couch across the room. His voice was sharp. It held confusion but also anger.

"What a nice way to greet your sister Sam" I left my expression clear of any emotion. I was happy to see him again, he was just like I remembered and all I wanted to do was hug him tightly just like I did the last time I saw him. That was the time he told me everything would be okay and that he would visit me soon. That was a lie.

His face held shock and I heard gasps from around the room but I didn't look at any of them. I held Sam's gaze and waited for him to speak, but he didn't. His eyes, however told a different story. They were filled with tears that threatened to fall. He didn't wipe them away, he let them leave the comfort of his lids and fall down his cheek. "What's up Sam, happy to see me?" I said sarcastically.

"Yes Bella. God I can't believe your here" He spoke breathlessly and tried to move towards me. I held up my trembling hand to stop him.

"I'm only here because I graduated last week and I need somewhere to stay before I go to college, I will be out of here before you know it" I paused and let a smile cross my face. "Don't worry Sam I don't want to be here as much as you don't want me to be. Now tell me where's Leah?" I asked as I looked around. The only woman in the room was the one with the scar.

"Leah's not here" Sam spoke again, which drew my attention back to him.

"Why?" I asked confused. Why wouldn't she be here, she lives here?

"She moved out. She lives in a house on the other side of La Push now" He stated with a guiltily look written on his face. It was only then I realised that his face did look older. His eyes seemed tired and worn out and his mouth seemed to wear a deep frown. "I am no longer with Leah" He looked over at the woman that gazed at me with hurt in her eyes. "This is my wife, Emily" Sam motioned to her.

I ran my eyes over her. She was pretty but not like Leah at all. This woman seems timid and, dare I say it, caring whereas Leah is one to speak her mind.

"I prefer Leah" I smirked at Emily. I didn't want to be nasty but the years of hatred for my brother was at boiling point. I ignored her shocked face and turned back to Sam. The expression 'if looks could kill' popped to mind. With his face screwed into that murderous expression any man, woman or child would cry, but I'm his sister. The person who he told was the most important person in his life, the person that he held as we both cried at own parents funeral, the person who was meant to be his best friend.

"My room best be in the same state as I left it or I will not hesitant to kick your ass" I practically growled at him as I left the tension filled living room. I felt the eyes of the men on me but I didn't meet any of their gazes.

I grabbed my suitcase from the floor and began to walk up stairs, hopefully to the place that I spent most of my childhood, but before my foot could even touch the second stair, I heard the voice of the shy, timid Emily. "Why the hell didn't you tell me you had a sister?"

I smirked and snorted. Typical.


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