I hate Rose Tyler!!! Yep!! It's true… She's an annoying Dunce!! She never deserved to be a Companion!!!!! Who Hates Rose Tyler? I DO!!!!! Come on think about it!! She's a brat! She gets everything she ever wanted!!!!! She wanted the Doctor she got one, that gets to grow old with her!!!! What did Martha and Donna Get Jack Squat! Martha at least got to keep her memories while poor Donna had lose hers!!!!!!! Its not fair….. It really isn't…. The Doctor and Donna were the best of friends. That's all they were and I'm fine with that but having not being able to remember sucks!!! Personally I think its rose Tyler's fault!!! Yep indeed!!!

So once again I say I HATE ROSE TYLER!!!!!!!!!!!! Who HATES ROSE TYLER? I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'Joy to the world that Rose is dead.'

Truth be told I really do like Rose.


Truth be told I'm LYING! XP LOL

Jack wrote in his journal. he took one last look at his rant and closed it. Two years later the Doctor ventures into his room and starts packing his things to take back to torchwood when he stumbles upon this...The Doctors eyes gaze down in shock as he reads these words. 'What ever Possessed Jack to write this.. just then a a knock at the door came. he glance up at the woman before him. she smiled.

"Oi Timeboi i could use some help with the baby." she smile in her usual kind way. he smiled back

"I'll be right there Donna." he set down the journal and thought to him self. 'well maybe hes right for once. Rose was a bit annouying!!'

He got up left to go see his beautiful wife and best companion ever....HIS Brilliant Donna Noble!