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When I watch an anime, I almost always feel like writing a fanfic of that particular anime. Either because I want to take the story in a different direction, or branch off an aspect of the story that I feel haven't been given enough coverage, or because I want to further explore particular characters in the anime. The same was the case when I finished watching Candy Boy, about two weeks ago. I immediately wanted to write a fanfic with our favourite twins, and this fanfic is the result of that compelling feeling. I felt the theme of this fanfic was an aspect which the anime could have touched upon to good effect, and I really hope they will make further episodes of the anime (it's too short!!! T-T)

On a side-note for those waiting for the next chapter of New Life of the Sound Demon, I sadly have to say that I haven't written much on the next chapter, and that it probably won't be coming up before mid/late January. It's a shame really, for I wanted to get it up for the two-year anniversary of the fanfic which, incidentally, is today. Oh well, I will get it up as soon as possible :)

On with the Yuri! :D

Tough Call

The warm summer weather was still holding a secure grip on the bustling Tokyo City, and even with the occasional rain the temperatures were still nice and high throughout the whole city. In the parks, nature was in full bloom in a wide variety of brilliant colours, and for those fortunate enough to live nearby to the green lungs of the city, the air was filled with the pleasant smells from an assortment of colourful flowers. One of the many buildings situated nearby to the park was a rather new dorm building, and large, wide-open windows allowed the sweet scents of flowers to enter freely. However, for two of the residents inside the dorm, enticing flower odours were not at the front of their minds.

"Please, just calm down!" Sakurai Kanade was sounding increasingly exasperated with every minute that passed, her face flustered with growing irritation and her long, dark brown hair hanging down, instead of being tied into the top-knot she usually wore. She was only wearing a lime, sleeve-less top and a short denim-skirt, courtesy of the warm weather which pervaded into the room. "That's not- Can you just let me explain? What? No!"

Sakurai Yukino sat on the bed which the two twins shared together at night, watching her younger twin's heated phone conversation with amused interest. Like her dark-haired sister, she too favoured light clothing on a hot summer day like this, a bright pink shirt and a matching skirt doing little to hide the feminine beauty of the innocent, brown-haired girl. She nibbled happily on a tasty chocolate candy bar, every now and then using her other hand to sweep away a lock of light brown hair, which kept falling between her reddish brown eyes. Her sister had bought her the candy bar, along with two others which she had already consumed, when they had walked home from school earlier in the day.

It had been raining, and the two sisters had as usual shared an umbrella as they walked from the subway station to their dorm, their hands inseparably entwined as they walked together. But now the sun had appeared through the thick layer of grey clouds, and a captivated Yukino could now watch the way the golden rays of sunlight played over her younger sister. Her dark hair glinted beautifully in the light, and the light brown-haired sister felt a familiar feeling stirring within her heart, making her body feel all warm and tingly.

Kanade was sitting in front of the window on one of the blue computer chairs their room came equipped with, her legs tucked up onto the soft seat of the chair, her left arm wrapped around her knees as her other hand pressed her light green cell phone against her ear. Kanade's position on the chair, combined with the rather short skirt she was wearing, was giving her sister a rather nice view of her white panties. Yukino couldn't help but smile. She told herself that she was simply becoming more and more aware of how beautiful her slightly younger sister truly was. She just loved staring at her. Even if others would say their feelings were erroneous, she didn't care; she knew what her heart said, and what she truly wanted.

It had been about three weeks since the two of them had moved into their new dorm, and ever since they had kissed in the park that memorable evening, their relationship had steadily become more and more serious with every day that passed. They still hadn't gone any further than kissing at this point, but lately the number of times per day the two twins kissed had increased exponentially. More importantly, they were both even more certain that they wanted to pursue this relationship proper. Of course, that brought up a whole new problem.

"Mom, just listen to me! This is what we've decided on!"

It was Yukino who first had suggested that they did, in fact, need to tell their parents at some point, and that it was better to get it over with sooner rather than later. Both twins knew that their parents would be shocked, mildly speaking. After all, it wasn't every day you'd find out both of your twin daughters were lesbians, and in love with each other to boot. Needless to say, neither Kanade nor Yukino were very eager to have the conversation with their parents. After a long while discussion of the subject, Yukino had convinced Kanade that she should be the one to make the call. Convincing, specifically, consisted of Yukino giving Kanade her much-dreaded and highly effective puppy eyes until the dark-haired twin finally relented.

Having failed to resist her older sister's begging eyes (as always), it had been up to Kanade to make the call to their parents, a task which she had accepted with no small amount of apprehension. Neither of the twins had any idea how their parents would react to the revelation that they, as twin sisters, were pursuing a romantic relationship with each other. As far as Yukino could tell, the conversation hadn't been too bad yet. Sure, Kanade had spent the first half hour of the phone call convincing her mother they weren't playing some sick joke, and then subsequently trying to calm her down enough to explain the situation properly. At least now their mother seemed willing to listen to what the dark-haired twin was saying, even if she obviously wasn't very pleased with what she was hearing.

"Yes mom, I do! I do love Yuki-chan. More than anything," Kanade insisted, then glanced towards her twin, as if to check if she had heard what she had just admitted. Yukino smiled brightly in happiness, thrilled that her sister was willing to admit it so openly. She knew that it had been difficult for her sister to say it to her face, and she could still remember fondly how they had said those three words to each other, lying face to face in the bed, fingers entwined lovingly.

"No, mom. We haven't-" Kanade said hesitantly, her cheeks darkening somewhat, and her chestnut eyes meeting Yukino's own as she was obviously interrupted from the other end of the line. Their loving eyes connected, and the older twin noticed her younger sibling's lips moving silently, forming the word 'yet' with a small, innocent smile on her amused face. The light brown-haired girl chuckled, as her cheeks darkened to a faintly different hue, her not-so-innocent mind perfectly capable of deducing which subject the phone conversation had drifted onto. "Yes, we're going to be careful. What?" the dark-haired girl suddenly looked surprised for a few moments, before…

"Moooom!" Kanade exclaimed loudly in exasperation, the lightly toned colour of her cheeks instantly darkening several shades, and the brown-haired girl hid her face in her palm. Yukino couldn't help but laugh out loud at the embarrassed expression on her sister's face, which earned her a pointed glare from her fiercely blushing sibling. The glint in Kanade's brown eyes promised swift revenge for having to be the one to make the call, and Yukino knew she would definitely get it later. The thought just made her giggle more.

"What? Yeah, that's just Yuki-chan," the dark-haired girl responded to her mom's question, still doing her best to force the dark colour from her flaring cheeks. To Yukino it looked like her little sister was losing that particular battle, however. Of course, she didn't mind at all, as she'd always found her twin a lot cuter when she was blushing.

"Yeah, we'll do that. Okay mom. Yeah, love you too," Kanade said, which Yukino took as a sign that the phone conversation was finally about to end. Her sister looked relieved too, and Yukino could hardly blame her. "Say hi to dad from us, okay? Bye-bye." Kanade finished, visibly doing her best to sound cheerful to her mom over the phone. As soon as she put down the phone however, a heavy sigh left her pink lips, and Yukino could tell it hadn't been the most pleasant experience for her slightly younger sibling.

The younger sister dumped her now-closed green phone on the desk, before slumping down next to her twin on the bed, leaning her head on her sibling's shoulder. "Kana-chan, Kana-chan," Yukino said as she put her arm around the other girl's shoulder. "How did she take it?" Of course, it was pretty obvious that things had not gone completely smooth. It was kind of to be expected, though, considering the subject of the conversation.

"Listen, Yuki-chan," Yukino noticed too late that one of Kanade's smooth eyebrows was twitching dangerously. A moment later, the older twin was squealing like a wounded animal and flailing her arms in desperation, trying in vain to dislodge herself from her dark-haired sister, whose fingers had a powerful grip on her left cheek. "You're totally not fair for giving me the puppy eyes. The next time we're breaking some social taboo, you're going to be the one telling mom!" Kanade continued with a pout, after she had let go of her sister's face.

"I think she took it better than I expected," Kanade answered to her sister's earlier question. Considering she had just spent nearly half an hour simply calming their mother down enough to be able to explain things properly to her, it said something about how low the younger twin's expectations of the phone call had been. "I guess we'll hear it the next time we visit, though," she finished, her voice telling Yukino how much apprehension she felt looking forward to that particular moment, and turned her head to look her older sister in the eyes.

Yukino smiled warmly and pulled a little on her sister. The younger twin made no effort to resist , and together they fell back on the bed, next to each other. Yukino's arm was underneath her sister's dark hair, caressing her cheek on the opposite side. "Don't worry Kana-chan. We'll always be together, right? Forever and ever, right?" the older sister assured happily, pressing her body a bit closer to that of her twin. Kanade's lips tweaked in a small smile, and she pulled her sister closer. "Yeah, we will, Yuki-chan."

Yukino smiled happily, satisfied with the answer, and pushed her face closer to the dark-haired girl, so close that she could almost feel the warmth from Kanade's cheek on the tip of her nose as their skin connected. "So, Kana-chan," Yukino said, her voice low and filled with mirth, "what did mom say that made you so embarrassed?" She could almost see the cogs working in Kanade's brain as she processed the question, and the blood rushing to her cheeks told Yukino that she remembered it clearly.

Nevertheless, Kanade pouted her lips and turned her eyes away, obviously trying to dismiss the subject just by not answering. The silence lasted for a few seconds, before Kanade finally glanced back at her older twin. Noticing her sister still staring at her expectantly, the dark-haired girl sighed, relenting at last. "She said that since we're… you know, together," Kanade began, uncomfortable with the common word for their sexual preference, since the two of them still hadn't done anything sexual, "we wouldn't have to worry about 'protection and such'," she finished, mimicking her mother's voice to perfection, a skill she had mastered over the years.

It took about two seconds after Kanade had finished her statement, before Yukino burst into laughter at what her sister had been forced to listen to. Kanade pouted her lips, still embarrassed about the whole situation, but it wasn't long before she weren't able to maintain her serious expression either, and they were both laughing out loud together on the bed.

"Hey, Kana-chan," Yukino said with a giggle, as their laughter finally subsided. Her younger sister turned to look at her at the mention of her name, the expression in her brown eyes quizzical. "We should be celebrating this, you know?" Yukino suggested. Kanade nodded her head slowly. The lighter-haired twin was right; any way they looked at this, this was a milestone in their relationship, and it called for some sort of celebration.

She gave her sister a small, knowing smile, already perceiving her twin's intentions. "I assume you want us to go and get more candy bars then, Yuki-chan?" she said teasingly. She knew that Yukino had already consumed all three of the chocolate candy bars she had bought for her while Kanade had been talking in the phone, and that she undoubtedly had spotted a chance to get more candy. The older twin was really an unstoppable sweet tooth at times.

To the dark-haired twin's surprise, Yukino's intentions were far from the vending machine down the street. Before her sister could react to what was happening, Yukino had straddled Kanade's lap, pinning her to the mattress with her own weight. Their hands met, and the older sister once again proved her momentary superiority, pressing her twin's hands to the bed, effectively keeping her pinned down. A triumphant smile spread over Yukino's pink lips, as she pushed back her light brown hair with a toss of her head and looked down at her subjugated sister, the delightful trembling in her chest only growing more at the sight of her twin's fiercely blushing cheeks.

Kanade stared as mesmerized up at her sister, her hazel eyes wide with surprise. The weight of Yukino's body pressing gently down on her lap, her sister's fingers intertwined in her own, pinning her arms above her head, the mischievous smile on her normally-innocent twin's lips. All of these factors captivated Kanade, making her speechless and blurring her mind. There was a warm, fuzzy feeling spreading rapidly throughout her body. For once, Kanade didn't mind not being in control of the situation. She relaxed slightly, allowing herself to drift with the flow, which her sister was obviously dictating. This is it. It's really going to happen, she thought to herself.

She could see the expression on Yukino's face, and she knew what her sister wanted, even before the brown-haired girl spoke up. "I want to taste something much sweeter than a candy bar right now," Yukino said, her voice completely different from the innocent and ditzy girl Kanade knew so well. Her voice was low and husky, filled with both love and lust in equal measures. As she leant down towards Kanade's face, there was an unspoken question lingering in her reddish brown eyes. Her mischievous smile was replaced by a serene expression, her gaze asking her younger sister if she, too, wanted to proceed with where they were going. Kanade smiled, and lifted her head up as far as she could in her current position. Their lips were only inches apart.

"Yuki-chan, I love you." Kanade whispered, her own voice sounding hoarse and strange to her own ears, her feeling throat dry like sandpaper from excitement and near-unbearable suspension. Yukino just smiled her cute smile, and moved forward, her lips brushing lightly against Kanade's own. "I love you too, Kana-chan."

The sun travelled slowly over the bright blue summer sky, for the time being moving behind the tall building on the other side of the street. As the rays of light left the room around them, and the shadows seized supremacy of their surroundings, the two twins' lips touched at last. Their mouths crashed against each other in a wave of lust, and their tongues entwining in bliss. Finally giving into their long-restrained lust, Kanade and Yukino kissed, lost grip of their self-control, and descended together into blissful passion of full-blown lovers.

The End? ;)

This isn't necessarily the end of this fanfic, as the question mark above hints about. If this is well-received and I feel like it, I will probably write a second chapter about what happens right after this, which needlessly to say will be M-rated yuriness. If you liked this, please review! If you didn't like it, please review anyway and tell me why; I'm always eager to improve myself ;)