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Chapter 4: The Reward

What Yukino had brazenly told her lingered in Kanade's mind for the rest of the day. What the husky tone in her sibling's voice insinuated didn't elude the younger twin's sharp intellect, and that very knowledge kept her from even remotely concentrating on anything else throughout the day. Hours passed by like a blur, and before she knew it, day had already given way to evening, and the family of four was sitting in a couch in the living room, watching the TV like any normal family.

The two twins sat on either side of the couch, their parents located between the two of them. Kanade glanced over at her sister, and realised the older twin was looking back. Their eyes met, and a playful smile crept onto the sand-haired beauty. Just the smile was enough to send a light pink hue spreading over Kanade's cheeks; she knew exactly what that smile meant. One of Yukino's eyelids batted shut, rapidly, winking at her younger sibling. Their parents hadn't noticed neither the smile nor the wink, too engrossed with the TV program to notice the indecent signals their daughters were sending to each other, literally under their noses.

Yukino gave her sister a last glance, before she stood up, garnering the attention of her parents. She smiled innocently at them, as she stretched herself for show. "I think I'll go to bed now," she informed them. Their mother looked at her watch, and gave her oldest daughter a surprised smile. "It's only 9:30pm, Yukino." The young woman in question nodded her head softly. "I'm a bit tired from the trip." Their parents accepted her explanation and Yukino said good night to the trio. As she walked out from the living room, she turned in the doorway and looked back at her sister, licking her lips in a very seductive way. Seeing this made Kanade's heart beat even faster, and she could hear the thumping in her own chest almost as loud as the sound of Yukino's steps ascending the stairs to the second floor.

She couldn't follow her sister immediately, Kanade realised, or it would look very suspicious to their parents. But the thought of what was awaiting her on the second floor was enough to make her mouth dry. She wondered how long she should wait before it would no longer be suspicious for her to withdraw. Kanade sat in the couch next to her father, pretending like nothing, while becoming increasingly aware of her own perspiration and the wet stain that was slowly growing larger on the fabric of her underwear. Oh, she hoped it wouldn't stain on the couch. That would be too embarrassing to live through. She glanced briefly at her parents, to see if they had noticed her uneasiness. To her relieved, they seemed to preoccupied with the TV program to notice her arousal.

After seven minutes of torturous waiting, Kanade had had just about enough. She stood up, and threw a quick glance at the couch where she had been sitting. She couldn't see any mark there, and breathed a small sigh of relief. She then noticed her parents looking up at her. Thinking quickly, Kanade faked a yawn, covering her mouth with her hand. "I'll go to bed too. I'm exhausted," she said after yawning, and wiped her eye with the back of her hand to add another layer of credibility to her small white lie. Her parents seemed to buy it, as they smiled and acknowledged. She gave them both a kiss on the cheek, before saying good night and exiting the living room. Once out of the room where her parents were sitting, the dark-haired twin all but ran up the stairs to the second floor.


Kanade slowly plied the handle to the bedroom door open, the wooden door not making a sound as she slipped inside the room and closed it quietly behind her. Their bedroom was dark, only the moonlight coming from outside of the window shining some light into the room. In the dim, silver-lined gloom that encompassed their bedroom, Kanade could see the sand-coloured hair of her sister, half covered by the blanket. "Yuki-chan?" Kanade whispered softly, but received no reply. Disappointment made itself present like a heavy weight within Kanade's chest. Had Yukino fallen asleep? Had she taken too long to follow her sister? Sighing softly to herself, Kanade began undressing.

Yukino's clothes lay on the floor, underwear included, informing Kanade that her twin sister was stark naked underneath the blanket. The thought only served to heighten her arousal to new levels, which was a bit strange seeing as she was no stranger to the both of them being naked under the blanket. But now Yukino was asleep, it seemed, so she would probably get no release tonight. Kanade attempted to suppress the feelings she felt in her loin, without much success. She stripped quickly, her body silver in the light of the full moon, her clothes ending up in a pile together with her twin sister's. Now completely naked, Kanade sat down on the bed, and pulled the blanket to the side, preparing to lie down next to her sibling.

A hand suddenly gripped onto Kanade's shoulder, and before she could react she was pulled down onto the bed. It happened so fast, she wasn't sure what was going on. The next moment, she found herself on her back on the bed, a weight on top of her. In the light gloom of the room, she could see Yukino's playful eyes staring down at her, their faces so close that the tips of their noses were almost touching. Kanade swallowed audibly, her cheeks on fire as she saw the expression on her sister's face.

"Kana-chan, Kana-chan," Yukino cooed playfully, as she looked down at her sister's fiercely blushing face, enjoying the sight. The older twin's fingers found her siblings stomach, and her finger nails ran gently over the immaculate skin, scratching softly, earning a sharp breath from the latter, and her sister's cheeks darkened even further. "How could you keep me waiting for so long?" she demanded to know with mock hurt in her husky voice, a lust-filled smile on her lips as she stared straight into her twin's bewildered eyes. "I almost couldn't wait any longer~," she added in a sing-song whisper, as her bold fingers headed straight for the treasure she had been waiting so long to feel again.

Kanade's eyes were wide, and if Yukino hadn't known that her sister was enjoying this as much as she was, she might have believed that Kanade was frightened. In truth, Kanade was speechless, not used to seeing her beloved twin so fierce, so straight-forward, so...horny. Her lips quivered as her older sister's fingers went further and further south. "Yuki-chan-," she began, her voice barely a whisper, but whatever she had been planning to say next disappeared amidst a soft groan of pleasure as Yukino's middle- and ring-finger slid deftly into her flooded temple with the sound of squelching nectar, fleshy pink walls clamping down hard around the sand-haired twin's digits.

The older twin smiled in delight as she felt her dark-haired sister's tight walls clench her fingers in a vice grip, as if trying to crush her digits in their warm, fleshy embrace. "Oooh, you're completely soaked, Kana-chan. I don't think you could wait any longer either," Yukino drawled teasingly into her sister's ear as she lay on top of her younger twin, pulling her head back slightly after she had spoken to see the way her sister blushed fiercely at the remark. The dark red colour of her sister's cheeks was visible even in the weak light of the bedroom, and Yukino found the visual before her incredibly sexy. "Yuki-ch-aaahnnnn..." Kanade tried to open her mouth to protest, but the only sound that escaped her was another soft moan as her sister's fingers slid deeper into her wet flower.

The dark-haired sister was in ecstasy, her mind trying desperately to process the overwhelming pleasure that her beloved sister was bestowing upon her flesh. Kanade tossed her head back, brown eyes closed tightly, trying to suppress the volume of the blissful moans spilling unbidden from her, not wanting her parents to be made aware of the indecent acts their two daughters were indulging in. "Ohhhh god...Uhnnnn...Yuki-chan!" Kanade's hands gripped the bed linen under herself in a vice grip, steadying her own body as Yukino's slender fingers squirmed around within her most sacred orifice, the older twin searching for her enticing quarry.

Suddenly, she found the place she had been looking for. Yukino bent her fingers upwards with a mischievous smirk, deftly rubbing her finger tips up against the spot on the inside of her sister's opening, a little above the slit, where she had felt the texture was slightly different from the rest of the pink, fleshy walls. The effect was immediate. Kanade's eyes shot open, her naked body going rigid as she thrust her pelvis up towards the ceiling. The raven-haired twin's mouth opened to cry out loud in climactic bliss, but her sister reacted fast, clamping her own lips over her lover's, silencing Kanade's loud moans. Yukino kissed her twin deeply, her younger sister panting and moaning hard against her lips as her tight walls convulsed violently around the sand-haired girl's fingers, refusing to let go of the climax-inducing digits.

As Kanade slowly descended from her blissful high, Yukino gently parted her lips from her sister's and lay back on the pillow next to her twin, watching Kanade's afterglow with a warm smile on her lips. The younger twin's breath was ragged and heavy, but as she turned towards her sister, there was a satisfied smile playing on her face. She had definitely enjoyed it, and the dark-haired girl briefly wondered how her beloved sister had become such an expert in the workings of the female genitalia. Her curiousness urged her to ask, but she let the issue pass for now. Rolling over so they were face to face, Kanade leaned forward and kissed her sister deeply on the lips, her breath a little steadier now. "Yuki-chan, you..." she began, before closing her mouth and smiling coyly. "That was amazing."

Yukino giggled as she saw the timid look on her sister's face, enjoying the faint red colour in her lover's cheeks. The older twin loved how shy her sister was when they did naughty things like this, yet she never resisted. Quite the opposite, in fact; Kanade was often the more vocal of the two, which was at least partly due to Yukino being the most forward and active when they played with each other. Yukino didn't mind, however. She loved seeing her beloved twin captured in the throes of pleasure, and found ecstasy in hearing her dark-haired sister crying out in sweet bliss. Smiling boldly, Yukino leaned closer to her twin, and breathed seductively in her ear, which instantly made Kanade's cheeks go through several shades of red: "We're not done yet, Kana-chan. I want to try something new."

But before Yukino could reveal her naughty intentions, both twins froze. The sound of someone ascending the stairs to the second floor reached their ears, and they both lay completely silent, almost holding their breaths. Step by step, they heard their parents walking up the stairs, and past the room where the girls were 'sleeping'. As they heard the door to their parents' bedroom close soundly, both girls breathed a sigh of relief. Yukino glanced at the door, before turning her gaze on her sister, a lust-filled smile on her normally innocent and ditzy face. "Now, where were we?"


A few minutes later, the dark room was filled with the hushed moans of two twins doing something that few siblings ever did. Kanade was on her back, her head on the pillow as she held Yukino's firm legs tightly under her arms. Opposite her on the bed was her sister, Kanade's legs likewise held in the sand-haired twin's grip, with the result that their crotches were grinding against each other in a incredibly pleasurable way. It was of course Yukino who had suggested they try this new position, and though Kanade had been sceptical in the beginning, she was loving it now.

"Oh god, Yuki-chan," she moaned, doing her best to keep her voice as low as possible so their parents wouldn't hear what was going on, with mixed results. "This feels so good!" Yukino could only smile in bliss, agreeing wholeheartedly with her sister as she ground her soaked lips against those of her twin. The sand-haired girl bit her lower lip to suppress the loud squeal that threatened to spill from her lips, the incredible pleasure she felt suddenly spiking to new heights as her sister's slick outer lips rubbed against the sensitive nub over her pink opening.

In response, Yukino began rotating her hips against her sister in a steady, rhythmic circle, and scant moments later she was rewarded with a soft whimper and a flush of warm, clear nectar against her nether regions as her sister came for the second time in only a few minutes. Yukino had yet to climax herself, but she was steadily approaching her own orgasm. Kanade must have sensed this, as rather than relax in the afterglow of her second climax, she increased her own efforts, determined to bring her sister over the edge.

Kanade now realised that if they continued this way, she would again reach her climax before her sister. The first two times had made her pink flesh really sensitive, and now she was struggling to keep back her loud moans. Kanade bit her lower lip. She did not want to climax before her sister again. She wanted to hear the sweet sound of her sister climaxing before her.

With a sudden determination, Kanade broke the scissoring position the two sisters were in, electing a moan of disappointment from her older twin. But Yukino's frustration was soon replaced with a loud moan of pleasure as the raven-haired girl dove face-first between her legs, her wet tongue assaulting Yukino's soaked slit. The sand-haired girl threw her head back as she felt her sister's tongue and warm breath all over her sensitive flesh, and her hands instinctively sought out her twin's dark hair.

Truth to be told, Kanade had not seen her sister's sacred place up close like this before. Even though Yukino had licked her before, Kanade had stuck to fingering her sister and had never before tried using her mouth in this way. She stared in marvel at the opening that seemed to pulse before her eyes, like a pink and hungry mouth drooling with sweet nectar. It looked very similar to her own, which Kanade had studied with a hand mirror on a few occasions, and Kanade immediately identified the major points of pleasure as she knew them. Smiling, she leaned forward, and gave her sister's swollen lips a long, gentle lick. Her tongue moved from the very bottom of the slit and along the whole length, until she reached the small nub at the top. Gently, she poked the tiny, fleshy thing with the tip of her tongue, and was rewarded with a rather loud gasp from her twin.

Encouraged by her sister's reaction, Kanade began pleasuring Yukino with fervour, her tongue sliding in and out of the older twin's hot hole, lapping at her nectar, her thumb rubbing the sand-haired girl's clit in circular motions. Yukino seemed less and less composed with every passing second, loud moans and squeals leaving her incessantly. These pleasant sounds only inspired her sister further, and Kanade increased her efforts, to the delight of her older twin. Yukino had never felt something so good in her life. It was amazing. Her hands gripped tightly into the hair of her sister, holding her in place as Yukino approached her orgasm like a cargo train.

Kanade kept licking her sister's sweet spot, the pleasured moans and gasps coming from Yukino arousing her beyond belief. The hand that was not busy rubbing her sister's clit went to her own soaked flower, and Kanade's fingers slid deep into herself as she began fingering herself in rhythm with her tongue play. The dark room resounded with the moans of the two sisters as they both approached their individual climaxes.

Yukino was the first to reach her climax, her body stiffening as she let out a loud moan, her fingers holding her sister's hair in a vice grip, allowing the younger twin to lap up the trickle of sweet nectar that flowed from between her moist lips. Kanade moaned in delight as she tasted the juices of her sister's flower, the flavour sending her arousal to new levels. Her fingers worked like a piston within her soaked flesh, and a few seconds later Kanade could too moan out as her third orgasm for the night rippled through her sweat-covered body.

For several minutes, the only thing that could be heard in the dark bedroom was the sound of the two girls panting hard, each basking in the afterglow of their own climax. At length, Kanade was the first to move, slowly kissing her way up her sister's stomach and chest, until she could at last stare into her lover's reddish-brown eyes. They both smiled in happiness, and Kanade leaned down to kiss her sister deeply. Yukino responded in kind, kissing her younger twin lovingly, enjoying the faint taste of her own nectar on Kanade's lips.

"When did you become so bold, Kana-chan?" Yukino drawled in her sister's ear after they had both laid down on the pillow to sleep. Kanade smiled and stared into her twin's beautiful eyes. In her opinion, Yukino had never been more beautiful; the older twin laid naked on the bed before her, strands of her sand-coloured hair sticking to her forehead, held in place by a thin layer of sweat, a warm glow of arousal and happiness colouring her cheeks. Kanade placed a light kiss on her sister's lips and smiled, as she closed her eyes, the fatigue from a long and eventful day finally overtaking her.

"Because, Yuki-chan," she whispered, as she pulled her older twin close to her body. Yukino smiled, complying without resistance, and within a moment their bodies were nestled close together under the blanket, arms wrapped tightly around each other. Yukino too felt tiredness slip over her, and as she fell asleep, she heard her sister's whispered words, she couldn't help but smile a warm smile of affection for her beloved twin. "It would be totally not fair if I had all the fun, Yuki-chan."

The End

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