~Chapter 4: For now...~

After a quick re-adjustment in the clothes department, Jamie and Abigail both made their way onto the deck, hand in hand until they came into the light and Jamie allowed Abigail to drift off so as not to draw too much attention.

"Lads we have found land, I," Jack stood proudly, waving his hands about confidently, "Miss Swann, the commodore, Pintel and Ragetti will go ashore and I leave everything in the capable hands of Mr. Gibbs. Savvy? Yes." Jack didn't really care if there were any complaints, he merely turned around and walked his little walk down to wear he had taken off his jacket.

Abigail looked at Jamie and noticed how he signalled for her, a funny feeling stirring in her she didn't quite like about the whole situation.

Jamie pulled her to the side as everyone else wondered off, allowing the two a moment together.

"As soon as I am halfway to the island, grab a boat and get as far away as you can. I'm not coming back."

Abigail just scrunched her eyebrow in confusion and shock at his words.

"What? You're not coming back? You have to. Jamie-,"

"No," he quickly pulled her further away from prying ears, "I can't stay. Once I have the heart...I'll need it. Trust me. I'm not coming back."

"Then...then take me with you, I'll come with you." Abigail clutched at his upper arms and looked into his eyes desperately.

"No. I'm not allowing you to put yourself in danger. Please," he looked at her just as desperately, "I know you want to go and stay with me, but I need you to escape. I love you."

It had been the first time he'd said those words to her and before she had time to reply, he cupped her face gently in his hands and kissed her firmly on the lips, more love than their was the first time he'd done it.

He pulled back and looked at her very seriously.

"I believe that I will find you again and when I do," he smiled warmly at her, "we will be together. Don't you think?"

That smile that he saved specially for her was enough to put some fire into her heart.

"Our fates and destinies have always been joined and always together. I'll meet you again because I know I love you."

One last kiss, lasting only a few seconds but burning her lips with such love that she could hardly stand it. He pulled away and distanced himself, talking to her as he walked backwards.

"The boat. Remember, when I'm halfway there."

She nodded her head and watched him go, already grabbing his sword as he prepared himself to climb down with the others into the boat.

"Yes," she looked at him with a wide smile on her face, even though she still felt sad at parting, "I promise. Remember, our destinies."

He nodded in understanding and just as he stepped down the ladder towards the boot, he looked at her one last time.

They both mouthed the words, 'I love you' and caught each other' kisses that they sent.

She had waited as he instructed.

Making sure that no one would stop her, she took a great risk.

She had walked up to Mr. Gibbs and calmly explained that Miss Elizabeth had told her to take a boat out, encase anything should happen. At first, the old man was unsure and untrustworthy towards Abigail, but she stood her ground confidently and told him that it would be on his head if bad luck was to befall the ship if he didn't do what Miss Elizabeth wanted.

That got him.

She prepared a boot and rowed towards the island, diverting just to pass where the other boat was.

She hopped out close to the bank and pulled the boat the rest of the way, making sure to keep a good distance out of sight from not only the other boat, but far enough so she could still see the Pearl.

Just pulled the boat in a little bit along the sand and spent her time quickly gathering whatever food and water she could, filling her empty bottle up with fresh water and grabbing what she recognised to be edible fruit.

Coming out not far from the jungle, she'd ignored the shouts of battle, steering clear of them, knowing Jamie wouldn't want her to get involved (particularly since she'd left her sword in the boat).

Finally, her boat came back into view and she carefully placed what she could inside, looking up towards the Pearl and gasping in shock.

She saw it had sailed a little farther away, Davy Jones' 'Flying Dutchman' not far behind. What shocked her most, was the entire ship was currently being overtaken by the giant monster she'd heard about: the Kraken.

She turned away when it began to disappear, willing herself not to think of such things.

Finally, after what seemed a lifetime, she looked back to see no sign of the Pearl and the Dutchman itself had vanished.

She sighed and kept repeating her promise to Jamie.

Abigail made a vow that she'd find out what happened, knowing Elizabeth and everyone else survived somehow.

She knew Jamie had escaped and that hope made her get back in the boat and row as fast as she could towards where ever she knew she could be safe.

She made all this from her hope and the promise that her and Jamie kept.

What she didn't realise was, that when she was safe and planning on a reunification, Jamie was already delivering the item that he'd betrayed his friends (and her) for: Davy Jones' heart.