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This was the first time I had been back in Forks for six years. Edward had come with me as far as Port Angeles, but stayed at the hotel. I had to do this myself.

I wasn't completely sure that this was going to be a good idea, but Alice reassured me again and again that it would be okay if I didn't stay too long.

I walked past a telephone pole and saw it.


Isabella Swan

5'4" 115 lbs Caucasian Brown hair and eyes

Last seen in Seattle WA in 2010

Would be 23 years old.

Please contact the Forks Police Station with any information you might have

It then had my last school picture at the bottom. That was the fifth flyer I had seen while in my hometown. Charlie hadn't stopped searching for me since I disappeared and I doubt he would ever give up hope. That was why I was here.

Jacob had told my father that I had went to Seattle with him because I had needed to get away from it all. He said that I didn't tell anyone where I was going because I was afraid that he wouldn't let me go. When we were walking down the streets of Seattle, Jacob got distracted and momentarily lost sight of me, but thought nothing of it. Then, when I didn't show up, he started looking for me.

When he finally had given up he came back to Forks to tell my Charlie what had happened. After a couple of days, he felt horrible and decided to go back and look for me. Seth came with to help him. They finally were called on their cell phones by Sam, who convinced them to come back home.

Ingenious cover story.

In reality, Sam had no knowledge of what was going on. Jacob and Seth were very good at controlling their thought when in wolf form that their pack had to wait until they got home to get the story.

Sam was….. well putting it nicely, not very happy with Jake and Seth.

Jacob didn't tell much of what happened between the two of them, but this is what I do know.

Jacob and Sam got into a huge argument regarding me, the Cullens, and Jake's current position as second in command. Sam said that Jacob wasn't fit to be second in command, let alone in the pack, but had to be because of his blood. He said Jacob was being irrational and careless to go off on a man hunt for a 'bloodsucker' just because he was on the 'rebound.'

That made Jake snap. Then he skipped over what happened next, but you can imagine I'm sure, and told me that he broke off from Sam and formed a pack himself (He was the rightful alpha) with Seth and Leah. His friends Quil and Embry went back and forth, but were mostly in Sam's pack, helping Jacob when he needed it.

I didn't understand the 'rebound' part, but Jacob refused to say anything about it. Then I remembered when we were talking in my bedroom and he had tried to comfort me.

"I know what you're going through. And I just wanna tell you that I'm here for you and I'll back you up against my brothers."

"Why?" I asked perplexed.

"I told you, I know what you are going through."

I let the subject drop.

Then, two years later, I got a call from him inviting me to his wedding and told me the story.

When he first made the change, he broke the rules and told his girlfriend Alicia about it. Because she wasn't his imprint, it was possible that he would leave her one day. She wasn't too happy with that and broke things off with him in case that ever would happen. Jacob was heartbroken.

A couple of months after our Italian adventure, she called him and asked if he would see her. Of course he didn't hesitate to say yes. She apologized for acting without thinking and admitted that she truly loved Jake and wanted to be with him no matter what. And, on the off chance that he did imprint in the future, said she would try to move on, but never stop loving him.

After, Seth called me and said he was worried about Jake's face freezing into a permanent smile. How dare the Jacob we know and love smile for the rest of his life!

They got married right after high school. Edward and I made a brief appearance, but couldn't stay long. Charlie was at the wedding as well.

Jacob and Alicia now had a beautiful baby girl and another on the way.

If I was being truthful to myself, I didn't want to face Charlie because I was afraid of what his reaction might be.

I walked up the step Charlie's house that would always feel like home to me. Non-existent tear threatened to fall. I had missed this place so much. I had missed my dad more. I knocked on the door with two quick raps and waited for him to answer the door.

"Yes," Charlie said finally answering the door.

My first thought of him was that he looked tired, wary. I instantly felt guilty.

"Charlie Swan?" I didn't want to right out say dad in case he didn't recognize me. I look quite a bit different from the picture on the missing flyers posted around town.

He looked into my eyes and I saw no amount of recognition in his expression.

I continued before he answered me, "Could I please speak with you for a moment? I won't take too long."

"Of course," He said gesturing for me to come inside.

"What's this about?" He asked after offering me a drink and having me sit on the couch, him on his chair.

"My name is Melissa Schneider. I'm head of one of the southern division of Seattle's police department. I have information regarding you missing daughter. Isabella, am I correct?"

His eyes lit up at the mention of my name. "What do you know?" He asked eagerly.

I couldn't do this. I know it was for the best, but really, what was the harm of him knowing?

No, of course there was harm. Look what happened to me, though I wouldn't have it any other way. Edward and I would have eventually had the conversation on the problem of his immortality and my…. Aging. I loved being with Edward.

I wish Charlie could know that I was safe. I wish he could stop blaming himself. I wanted him to know that I was happy, with Edward and the Cullens.

"Your daughter," I cleared my throat unnecessarily, "Your daughter was found about three miles outside of Seattle. Her body was mangled so much that we had to look into dental records to identify her. We didn't contact you sooner because we weren't quite sure it was her and wanted to be certain." His face showed a mix of shock, relief, and then sadness.

"We're very sorry, if you would like any more information you may call this number," I handed him a card with a number that would direct him to Esme. I knew I was the one that had to talk to Charlie, but I asked her to handle the rest. I turned away without looking at him again, fearing I would break down.

"Thank you," He choked out.

I knew I shouldn't have. I was so stupid and reckless for me to do. But I did anyway.

"Chief Swan," I whipped back around to face him. He had tears building up in his eyes and I couldn't take it anymore.

"Dad, please don't cry."

He looked up at me questioningly.

There was a knock at the door. I went to open it and saw Edward standing there, a small smile playing along his face.

"Alice had a vision," He explained as he stepped through the threshold and into my father's living room.

"Chief Swan," Edward said holding out his hand. Charlie took it in his and shook it lightly.

"Anthony Cullen? What are you doing here?" He asked bewildered.

"Sir, we have something to tell you," Edward began.


"Do you think that was a very good idea?" I asked Edward as we were speeding down the highway back to Port Angeles.

"The Volturi aren't going to mess with us. They're too afraid we are going to expose them for who they really are. He'll be fine. Aren't you glad there are no more secrets?"

Edward had told Charlie everything. From him getting into the car crash, to me running around the world trying to find him when he left, to Jacob being a hero and helping us escape Italy. He took it pretty well actually. Saying it didn't matter as long as I was safe and happy. It made me want to cry. We promised that we would visit soon and Charlie even gave me a good bye hug, despite knowing what I was.

"I am. I'm just worried about him I guess," I sighed.

"He is your father. Of course you are," He smiled at me.

I leaned against his shoulder and sighed in contentment. We sat in silence the rest of the way to the nicest hotel Port Angeles had to offer. Edward had insisted that we could find better but I didn't care. It was just a room and we weren't going to sleep anyway.

He led me into the room and softly pushed me down on the bed. His lips captured mine and he pulled me up into his lap as he kissed me. If I could freeze time, I would right now.

My father was safe and wouldn't be worrying about me anymore. I had a great family and loved the Cullens more than anything. Well, almost anything.


No matter what happened, we would be together, I was sure of that.

Pulling back to look into his shining golden eyes I could only form one thought.

If the world came falling down, it wouldn't matter.

As long as I had Edward.

~the end~