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Chapter: Gwen

A young women with long black mixed with teal highlights hair, dark eyes, and a slim figure; was walking down the alter of her wedding. Her name was Gwen, and she was currently 24 years old. She was walking down the alter with no other then Chris McLean. Yes, Chris, the man that had torture her for three years was walking down with her at her own wedding. The reason behind that is, even though he was a bane to her eight years ago, slowly he started to feel like a father too her. Which was a strange feeling for the young women, but when any one spends time with another person for about three years, eventually they start to feel like family. That ever meant the rest of the cast apart of the Total Drama series she was with.

While she was walking down the alter, she couldn't help but let her mind wonder how her life has change in the past eight years. At the age of 16, she was dared by her brother to enter Total Drama Island; in which she did, but only to humor him. Some how they picked her to be one of the camper's of the series. She eventually won the contest, but decided to risk it for even more money, not her smartest ideas. She dated and broke up with Trent during that time. After Total Drama World Tour, she did dated Duncan for a while. But that eventually ended, since they both felt it was better off if they stayed friends. It felt like to hear that she was dating her a older brother with Duncan. Then at the age of 19, she entered College, a artist college by the way. She had decided to live in the dorms at this college. Believe it or not the people that run Total Drama was paying for her college. Their reasons were, for putting such a great show for them. Gwen was happy that they were paying for her college, and even more happy that her mother didn't have to work to the done to pay for her college. It was during the first week when she would meet her future husband Naruto Uzumaki.

At first she did not think much of him, since, their first meeting was just him telling her sorry for playing his music too loud. She didn't think it was loud at all but it seem like some one had thought it was loud, so he was forced to apoglized to every one on the floor. But that wasn't the last time they would meet. Also during the first week of school, she found out that he was in two of her classes. This surprise her, since, he didn't seem like the poety kind. They were partnered up on the first assigment, which sparked their friendship. During the first year of their friendship, she found out that he was going to this college to learn how to be a actor, something that she believe he was great at. It was only during the second year of their friendship did he ask her out. After much thought about it, she agree to go out with him.

While she was going out with him, she found out that he use to be a party boy. But at the age of 17 he quit his partying days, after being arrested for drinking under the age. He found out that his parents had died when he was three due to a drunk driver. After being told that, he quit drinking fearing that he might one day take some ones parents just like some one did to him. He was raised by his god-mother, as he said most of the family on his father side had a weird way of dying at a very young age. He also said, the family on his mother side also have a strange way to stay alive for a long time too.

Gwen let out a giggle, remembering when he had met her mother. It was one of those nights were Naruto couldn't help but be nervous and her mother didn't help him either. She ask him question after question, trying to find out what his goals were and what his plans were with her daughter. But by the ended of the night her mother had approve of him. Then their was his meeting with Duncan. They had gone out some were, glaring at each other, but by the time they got back they were luaghing so hard it left Gwen wondering what did those two do together.

And now a year after he pop the question to marry her, and her taking a few days to give him the answer; since she had doubts on the idea of marriage. Gwen's father had left her mother for another women, leaving her mother to raise two kids on her own. She didn't think that Naruto would ever do that, but... that still didn't mean that she could say yes right away. So now here she was getting married, waiting for him to walk down the alter. It didn't take him long to start walking down the alter. And on his side was Gwen's mother. He did tell her that he wanted to include her mother and her brother on this day. Now it was time for everything to be said.

* Time Skip to later that night lemon *

Gwen was nervous for many reasons. Tonight was going to be her first night as Gwen Uzumaki, and not only that tonight is the night that she is going to lose her virginity. She has never had sex in her entire life, which was her choice. She didn't care if people lught at her for not fucking some dude. She had her morals and loved them. So at this very moment, she had token off her wedding dress and was now down to her evening gown, something Naruto has never seen since LeShawna bought it for her as her weddding gift. And right now she was getting ready for Naruto to come out of the bath room.

"Okay you can do this, nothing to be nervous about," She told herself. Naruto made it into her room in his usual white t-shit and boxers.

He scratched his head as he went closer to the bed. "Are you as nervous as I am?"

" ... Yeah... can you blame me? " Gwen told him, as her voice was lace with a little bit of fear.

He smiled as he turned to face her, "Naw, that's normal for both of us... So what" There laid Gwen in the most sexy looking thing he had ever seen. It was all black silk and hugged her body nicely. He could see her shapely legs and her hair was fa;;ing on he rbody in a perfectly ncie way. She had a small blush on her face as she slowly crawled towards him. He felt himself heating up as she got in front of him. Naruto looked at her when it suddenly clicked, this was their honey moon, which meant a very special evening for them on their wedding night. He blushed as he was thinking on the implications. Although as a healthy young male he had to admit he didn't mind it, he wanted to see how she looked competly naked.

"You sure about this Gwen?" He asked.

She answered by kissing him, it was a long and loving kiss, Naruto closed his eyes. She leaned in close to his warmth and pulled him into a warm embrace. And with indescribable passion in her eyes, she finally let go of any remaining uncertainties. But no more words came out. Instead, their actions did the rest. While gazing deeply into each others' eyes, Gwen and Naruto came together in a deep kiss. It was a magical feeling. Time stood completely still for them. Nothing else mattered. It was just the two of them, sharing a moment.

Soon the kiss deepened. Their lips wrestled with burning desire and hands began to roam. Gwen roughly fondled his manly upper body while Naruto slipped his hands down to her hips. He gave her body a firm squeeze, evoking a soft purr. Pent up emotions mixed with burning passions and by the time they parted it was too much. Gwen and Naruto threw out all remaining uncertainties. And as long as they had this moment they were going to embrace it.

They came together in another round of passionate kissing. Gwen slipped her arms around the handsome man's neck and wrapped her legs around his torso, absorbing the intoxicating warmth of his body. Naruto let out a deep moan as he kissed down her neck, tasting her heavenly skin while feeling up her gracious curves. Emotions were running high. They craved intimacy and began stripping out of their clothes.

Her generous breasts were perfectly proportioned to her athletic body and he eagerly took them in his hands. Barbara let out a sharp gasp, feeling a wave of arousal surge through her body as Naruto tenderly squeezed her breasts and kissed down her cleavage. She wanted to feel his skin as well and went to remove his shirt as well. It took some effort on her part, but once it was off they threw their arms around each other and fell back onto the grass.

Naruto could feel her body pressed up against it and he just how thin the fabric was. He felt more nervous than ever before but he also wanted this. She took his hand as she gently push him down on to the bed. It didn't take long for Naruto to flip her over, and now he was hovering above her.

Gwen relaxed herself as she laid herself down on the bed as Naruto took a moment to look at her. To admire the most beautiful women he has ever seen in his life. He kissed her again like they had many times before. Both were pretty nervous after all this was their first night together as husband and wife. Eventually Naruto lightly touched her breasts through the thin material. He wasn't sure if he was doing this right, but then again she has yet to say no to his touch. He was gentle and noticed she was blushing.

"D-does that feel okay?" He asked nervously.

She nodded her head feeling hot and yet embarrassed, this was the first time she let any male touch her like this. It was exciting but also she wasn't sure what to do or expect. It did feel nice, which was a great thing for her.

"Just... rub them a little bit faster." She told him and he did a bit too much. " Slow down... just a bit..." she told him, and Naruto followed her wishes. "Yeah like that, that feels much better," Gwen sighed as she ran her hands over his body. Eventually she wanted more and took the hem of his shirt and started to pull it off. Naruto blushed as she always dreamed of seeing him shirtless. Gwen could not deny it, he really worked out, but not till the point that his body looks like all muscel and nothing else. His body look perfect for her, and Naruto had the same thoughts about her body.

He took the straps to her gown and slowly pulled them down, eventually he got her top to fall below her breasts. Naruto could only stare at the naked breasts before him they looked like two perfect well orbs. Her generous breasts were perfectly proportioned to her athletic body and he eagerly took them in his hands. Gwen let out a sharp gasp, feeling a wave of arousal surge through her body as Naruto tenderly squeezed her breasts and kissed down her cleavage. She wanted to feel his skin as well and went to remove his shirt as well. It took some effort on her part, but once it was off they threw their arms around each other and fell back onto the grass.

Gwen was started to breath harder now, who know that he could be so nice to her body. Her nipples have been more sensitive than ever before at this time. She moaned as her hand ran through his hair, it felt really good.

Naruto felt his trunks starting to constrict his penis and he guessed this was time to take them off. Gwen watched in fascination as he took them off. She saw the yellow hair around it and it was kind of strange to her, seeing it in person. Believe it or not she was shaved bold down there, as she never wanted the hair down there to go out of control. It looked soft and yet hard with veins on it.

"Can I...touch it?"

"Um...sure." He said going red. Her hand gently reached out and touched it, it was soft on the outside but it felt strangely hard under it. It was also warm and she could feel his pulse apparently, no one had mentioned this to her. She made a mental note that if she ever had gives birth to a daughter, to give her daughter 'the talk' she would have to tell her things she apparently hadn't been told. Naruto groaned as she gently ran her hand over it, he had never really pleasured himself before but her hands felt just so good. When she was done she lay on her back with her legs slightly spread as she waited for him. Naruto nodded as he moved into position and she helped to guide him into her.

Naruto felt her soft hand on his member as she guided it to her sex he felt the wet and hot folds as he entered a woman for the first time. It felt great, better than he ever thought. As he pushed himself deeper into her he felt some kind of resistance, he wasn't sure what it was until he remembered another thing he was told about women.

For a moment Naruto gazed into her beautiful eyes. Gwen smiled warmly and gently traced her fingers down his face. They were both in a daze of passion, flushed with emotions that had been held back for too long. Slowly, their faces came together and they renewed their kissing.

Gwen could feel where he had stopped and saw him looking at her, she nodded her head and with his hands still firmly on her hips, Naruto delivered a strong thrust and entered her breaking her maiden hood. It stung a bit, from a few things she heard she expect it to hurt like hell. Although it wasn't comfortable she was hoping that it would get better. Naruto slowly started to move in and out testing this new sensation out. He kept on thrusting into her, feeling her bare skin against his as he kissed her neck.

"Mmm…" moaned Gwen as their lips and tongues danced, "Oh god!"

"Oh Gwen!" grunted Naruto, savoring the hot feeling of her inner domain.

They were slow, but thorough. Naruto let out deep grunts as he rhythmically thrust his dick into Gwen's tight folds. She was so hot and tight. It was raw ecstasy. Their bodies fit together so perfectly. Passions came gushing out as they frantically kissed and touched each others' warm flesh. It added an extra level of closeness to this intimate act. And as they embraced the moment, the feelings intensified.

The pace of their lovemaking soon quickened. Naruto stepped up the pace of his thrusting, slamming his pelvis against hers as his hard cock plunged into her tight pussy. Gwen worked her body with his, lifting her hips and rocking hard to the rhythm. They moved together with fluidity and grace, filling their bodies with hot sensations of bliss. They exchanged passionate kisses while their hands roamed freely. Naruto slid his hands along her thighs and up to her breasts while she rubbed his manly chest and gripped his powerful biceps. Each touch came with a sense of care and tenderness. Moans of ecstasy echoed through the night as every feeling was savored.

They maintained a vigorous pace. Their bodies danced together in a passionate frenzy of passion and emotion. They worked it hard until they felt their orgasms drawing near. Gwen sensed they were both close.

"Uh-uh-I'm cumming soon, Gwen! I'm cumming!" moaned Naruto as he stepped up the pace.

"Uh-uh-wait!" she gasped, "I'm-uh-I'm cumming too!" Gwen grasped his shoulders and held on tightly for the final push. Naruto shifted positions slightly, slipping his hands down to her thighs and spreading Gwen's legs wider so he could penetrate deep. Their moans intensified as their bodies moved in a swift, passionate rhythm. They could feel the sensations coming strong through their minds. And with a few thorough motions, they were sent over the edge.

"OH MY GOD! GWEN!" cried Naruto, tensing his back as he thrust into her deep.

"NAARRUTO!" moaned Gwen, closing her eyes and arching her body as the hot feeling consumed her.

Gwen's pussy throbbed around Naruto's ridged member, sending waves of pleasure up through her body. His dick rubbed right against her cervix as he shot his load inside her. It was a powerful release that was made all the more profound through sharing the sensations between their minds. Their faces contorted to the ecstasy as they soaked in the experience.

The two lovers came together in another deep kiss. Naruto rolled off her, his arms still wrapped around her. They kissed again with renewed were still getting used to it, but as the kiss intensified it roused their passions once more. Gwen then hitched a leg around his waist and pulled him into another close embrace. They spent the entire night making love.

* Lemon end*

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