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Chapter Lighting

Naruto remember when he was sent to this strange world. At the age of 22, after a major fight with a person as strong as Madara, waking up in a strange place like this world. Naruto spent some time wondering around the world looking for a way to go home. But during his wondering he soon realized that going home was impossible. Even though this sadden him, he felt he could do some good in this new world. It wasn't in till some time later till he met Lighting and her group. When they met, the group clashed. Naruto beat all of them, but with Lightning she tried to do everything in her power to have him bow down to her feet. But Naruto wouldn't be doing that.

All beating the group down, Naruto felt bad, and decided to nurse them to heal the wounds that he put onto them. While they were being healed, Vanille seem to pop the question of him coming along their journey. While Naruto was about to say no, Lightning just had to open her mouth by saying he would only slow them down. This brought Naruto to change his mind and say yes to Vanille.

During the time he spent with them, he couldn't help but get closer to all of them. He found out some things about their past and their reasons to go on to this journey. After their journey, everything just seem to calm down. Every one was doing their own things, while Lightning and Naruto decided to travel around the world just for the sake of doing it. Of course during these times they would stop some low level threat. But just like anything, feelings were being panted up by both of them.

Naruto grew to admire Lightning as a strong person. She in many ways look like Sakure, but different in so many good ways. Lightning knew what she was doing, and how to do it. She didn't relay on others to do the work for her, she did it herself with some little help here and their. She also seem to carry a aura of cool and calm. While Sakura just seem to be nervous at every little thing she does.

One night at a local hotel, their panted up feelings for one other explored and they went on pure animal nature and had a crazy wild night. The next morning both of them acted as though nothing happen. Something they realized that they must do to keep going at every once in a while at one of their stops they would go back to having a fling just in the bed going at it with nothing holding them back. Just like tonight. Where Naruto was already going at it with Lightning.

* Lemon *

The blond-haired fighter kissed passionately along Lightning exposed legs, taking his sweet time getting to my aching, dripping entrance, leaving streaks of glistening saliva where his tongue dragged. Lightning moaned, her head rolling from side to side as she wished he would cut the foreplay, her body growing more desperate for his touch as he went. Naruto seemed to grow just as impatient just as Lightning did. By the time he reached the top of Lightning's thigh, he was tired of it all. All that work, and he wasn't even going to eat Lightning out.

He grabbed her leg and put it over his shoulder, moving with frantic impatience as he rammed his dick into Lightning unceremoniously, leaning forward, Lightning knee pressed against her shoulder as he wasted no time thrusting into her with the speed and force she'd come to expect from him. She wasn't surprised, though, and made no shocked sounds as his hot breath ran against Lightning face, his burning eyes meeting her's as her tongue ran along her lips alluringly.

It was pure, carnal bliss. Pretending it was anything less was a foolish idea. At least it got both of them worked up, leaving her extra wet as he ravished Lightning properly, her leg almost uncomfortably sandwiched between both of them as she felt the rapid changes between empty and full, sweat dripping from his forehead onto her face as her eyes slowly closed. Lightning hands slowly closed, her mouth rounding out, her head feeling so much lighter during the corse of their romp. Lightning could feel her body rocking in time with his thrusts, her-self into the sensation as his strong hands gripped her. What followed would change everything.

Everything sort of became a blur as he picked Lightning up, her leg released from its bone and flesh prison as she found her-self knelt in his lap, his face buried in her cleavage, his tongue licking the valley between her breasts as now it was her turn to move, her body guided by pure instinct to bounce on his cock. He had never gone at her breasts like that before, and it drove her mad, Lightning head dipped back as her mouth hung open, her body dancing on his dick.

His hands roamed her body, holding her tight, tighter probably than would have usually felt comfortable, but in the heat of the moment, it felt perfect, the rough kneading of her flesh, and the exquisite tonguing he gave her breasts.

It was too good to last, though. Again, he shifted position, this time asserting himself even further. He pulled out, turning her around and shoving Lighting hard onto her stomach as he lay on top of her, re-entering Lightning forcefully, his mouth meeting her neck as, for the first time that night, she let out a sound. It was rare by itself, sounds between them. This was purely to relieve pent-up sexual frustration, not for the purpose of a romantic night, and they tended to be fairly silent. Not that night, though, as she let out a feral moan, her hands clutching at the bed-sheets as he hammered Lighting from this new position. Her moan turned into a shout as he bit down on her neck, thrusting so hard that the bed began to sway with them, the headboard clanging violently against the wall in time with their movements.

His teeth continued to roughly treat Lightning, moving along her neck to her ear, pain coursing through her in a strangely erotic way, suffered worse during their travels, leaving what would usually be a mild annoyance as a surprising little treat. She responded by lashing out, her hand reaching to grab his back, sinking her nails into his side. Oh, that got him railed up. He pounded Lightning ever harder, shifting his weight to push her even harder against the bed. Lightning bit down on a pillow, stupidly trying to avoid making any more noise, least one of the workers come to make sure everything was alright. Of course, because surely the pounding of the bed frame against the wall wouldn't raise any flags.

Surprisingly, it didn't. Nobody came to check up on them through the night, and it would only get louder from there. Sort of remarkable.

No, enough of this. She caught him off-guard, rolling over so that she lay on top and lunged forward with him still buried to the hilt in her, riding him reverse-cowgirl style. Or she would have, had he remained on his back for more than a brief moment. He didn't stop thrusting, but with her going mad with lust, they soon fell into a rhythm, complementing each other's motions. He pulled himself up so that she sat in his lap again, this time facing the other side, this time his hands working her breasts as he now nibbled on her ear a little too hard, but again the pangs of pain were merely aphrodisiac by this point.

It became a battle for dominance, and he figured that after one forceful change of position, she wouldn't go for another. He was dead wrong. Good thing she was light and fast, because before he knew what was going on, she had dismounted him, stood up, and forced her dripping cunt right into his face. Lightning grabbed hold of his shaggy blond hair, leaving him with no choice but to oblige, but not on these terms. He grabbed her hips, picking her up and rushing her across the room, struggling to keep her from falling before dropping Lightning uncaringly on the table dresser, her bottom and back aching as they hit the tabletop and wall respectively, his hands throwing aside all the various items on it. A sudden, shooting pain burned through her spine, was met with the sound of glass shattering against the wall. She was going to make him pay for that.

Lighting pushed him into her crotch, pulling on his hair as his tongue savagely worked her with all frantic desire that made her wonder if her juices were like a drug for him. Lightning bucked against his face, her body aching so damn good from the impact, her legs quivering from his rabid tongue treatment. He steadied them by digging his fingers into her thigh, cranking up the gas as her body finally burned as a whole. He was finally eating her out, they just forgot all about slow intimacy in the heat of this moment.

Surprise time again for Naruto. She pushed her-self forward, coming off the bureau and driving him to his back, sending a similar pain through him as she straddled his head, roughly riding his tongue like she would his cock, all the while still holding onto his hair for leverage as she maintained control over the situation. Lightning reached back, grabbing his cock and wasting no time jerking him off, which at least seemed to make him resent her reversal of power a little less. His tongue worked without finesse or patience, just going mad in a way that showed he had little experience in that field. A shame too; she finally get to enjoy some cunnilingus, and he has to be lackluster with it.

Good thing he still resented things enough to hop back on top, though. Not putting up any resistance, she let him throw her off, sending her into the side of the bed as now pain throbbed through all of her body, serving only to further titillate her. He hooked his arm under her's, driving her back forcefully into the wall as he made his presence very known before her, again driving his cock into her. Lightning screamed now, a mix of pain and pleasure that made her senses seem sharper as he let out a similar one. Slowly his face drew closer to her's, their scowls toward each other growing in severity right until the final moment.

Then, they kissed.

It was an incredible kiss, because for once it belied a passion they'd never shared before. It wasn't a kiss born of blind, passion-induced reflex, but an actual, intimate kiss, and the closest they got to a normal lovemaking that night. No trickery or biting down on the other's tongue. Just honest, affectionate kissing. Looks like they went about it wrong with the whole slow, sentimental night idea all along. They got their increased intimacy, it would just lead to having quite a damages bill to pay at the end of it all.

Lightning clutched his back, her nails digging deep into his skin as he drove himself so much deeper into her, their kiss growing sloppier as they went on, the passion growing within them, swelling up, hitting critical mass. With each violent thrust Lighting hit the wall harder, the pain making the pleasure within them boil more intense, pressure building even further. It looked like it could be the end, that they would finally hit sweet release.

Of course not. He pulled out, spinning her around before penetrating her again in mid-fall as they crashed so hard into the bed that the frame gave away and snapped in half, but that didn't stop them. They were bloodied, bruised, beaten, and hornier than they thought possible. He grabbed her hair, repaying her in kind for before, as he fucked Lightning doggy style, pulling her closer as they went, making her scream yet again, this time in even more pain and even more pleasure. It was intense, more so than she ever thought sex could be, and this was far from her first liaison with Naruto. Lightning didn't want it to end, at least not with him in control. She drove her foot into his knee, forcing him to let go of her hair and pull out. She rolled onto her back, kicking him this time in the side, sending him crashing into the bedside table, the lamp atop it crashing and shattering.

He smiled at her actions but knew it was time to return that little attack she just did to him. Naruto got up and walked over to her, then grabbed her and placed her over his knees as a suitable punishment entered into his mind. One that was fitted for her breaking a item at this hotel they were staying at.

"W-What are you doing?!" Lightning asked, she soon found out when his hand went up from where her ass was at, Naruto smiled as she kept a slim patch of light blond hair over her pussy, and slapped her ass hard. She cried out in shock and pain as the sting of his blow was heard in the room.

"I think you deserve a little punishment for a few things," Naruto told her as he slapped her ass again. He heard her shout out again and he kept on spanking her. She had such a fine ass that he just had to do this. To his surprise he saw that her pussy was actually getting a little wetter from it. Apparently she was getting off on this. He kept it up until her ass was getting red and then flipped her onto her back onto the floor of the hotel room.

He crawled over on top of her as he placed a hand on her pussy rubbing making her moan. "Well looks like you enjoyed that."

"Bastard," She said to him. He didn't like that as he spread her legs and grin. She was about to comment on the that grin when Naruto shoved himself into her. She gasped as she hadn't been ready for that again.

"Hey there, calm down," she said as he started to fuck her.

"Then don't call me a bastard," Naruto grunted as he thrust into her body. Her pussy was amazing. Even though she was naturally like that for she only so far got sex from him. He was enjoying it at, and from the sounds she was making she was enjoying it. He was obviously a very nice size and he did seem to know a way around a woman's body. He moved his hips just the right way that it was exploring her insides. Then she gave a particular loud moan as he hit her g-spot, then he kept on hitting it.

" Holly fuck where did you learn that shit?" She yelled out as she thrust back at him.

"From our past times," Naruto told her, as he smiled and then kissed her neck. She moaned into his ear as she nibbled on his ear he sped up feeling the familiar feeling of getting closer and closer to his climax. In-till it finally came, both of them cumming at the same time. Her juices coating all his dick, and her pussy being filled with cum.

Naruto caught his breath as he laid against her bare back. They had just done it doggy-style and they were taking a small break. She was breathing hard like she had just run a mile. But he wasn't done yet, she still deserved a bit more punishment. He pulled out of her cunt, which was already leaking from her juices and the large amount he had to have put into her by now. Naruto already estimated that his ejaculation had increased in volume for some reason lately. Just another change he had been observing. He took her red ass and pulled her checks apart as he got ready for the next part.

Lightning was still a little dazed from her last orgasm, she had no idea that he could give her such a thrill, maybe their was something different about tonight. She let him do things to her she had never let any man do. She was usually the dominant one in bed, but she had totally been submissive to him, and only to him . She just couldn't understand it, she moaned when he pulled out hoping for a breather. Then she felt what he was doing, to her ass and she got scared.

"W-Wait you're not doing what I think you're doing are you!?" She yelled out.

"I think so." Naruto smirked.

Lightning started to move but he held her down, she was still weak from her orgasms and his super strength wasn't helping her out. "We've never done it there! Please don't do this, I'll suck your cock again, tit fuck, hell you can spank me again but I don't do anal!"

"You do now," Naruto grinned as he shoved it in slowly.

"AWWWWWW-GOD IT HURTS, STOP IT!" Lightning then screamed as he thrust it into her. It felt like her insides were being pushed into her throat. Naruto got about halfway in before stopping, he didn't want to hurt her permanently so he waited for her body to adjust. He felt her body shake and a small sob, he figured she was trying not to cry from the pain. He had given her pleasure but her punishment was still to come.

"I told you, that I would punish you for being a total tease to me. Just relax, trust me by the end you'll feel good and if you want I'll give you a few more orgasms after I break in your ass," Naruto said to her. "Now, I'm going to push it in more so don't tense up it will only hurt more." she had on hell of a tight ass, he could help himself he just felt the need to hammer into it. It was like his base instincts were taking over as he slammed himself all the way into her.

Lightning bit her lower lip trying to stop herself from screaming, she tried to struggle but the boy was too strong for her. She felt him pull out as she slammed back into her making her grunt out in pain again and again as he started to thrust repeatedly. She tried to move away but he grabbed her hips and forced her body to go with him. She then tried to swing a punch but he grabbed it and forced it behind her back as he basically started to rape her ass. She couldn't believe how much it hurt, she could only grunt in pain with each thrust into her as she went nearly limp in his hold.

Naruto couldn't believe how good this felt. He felt her ass grip him as tight as possible. It was still thrilling that he was breaking her ass in for the first time a woman. A small part of his mind knew that before the suit he would never do anything like this. It was just another small change that had slowly been adding to his personality. He took the one hand on her hip and grabbed her shoulder as he forced her back into him making her cry out in shock and pain. He picked up speed as he was nearing blowing his load into her.

Lightning felt him speed up and although it hurt more, she was thankful that it was finally going to be over with. He thrust faster and then with several deep thrusts he finally came, to her surprised she gasped at the sensation. If she could see her face it would be a mix of pain, confusion and pleasure. It didn't make sense, she was feeling nothing but pain so how, how did she just orgasm!? She panted as she felt the pain in her ass slowly going away, like it was just melting away from her body as a pleasurable sensation was slowly takings its place.

After that she didn't care anymore, she let him fuck her over and over again. Any way he wanted, any how he wanted. He gave her a small break as he went to the bathroom. After cleaning his cock after where it had been he came back to her. He got behind her as he pulled her ass up and buried himself against into her pussy, it was dripping wet from the mixture of their juices but she was still tight. He lost himself as he fucked her like that. At first she felt like she shouldn't let him, but soon the pleasure was rising up and she just couldn't resist. She lay there enjoying it as he fucked her senseless. When he blasted another stream of cum into her body she stiffened as her body responded to it. After that she needed a moment to collect her thoughts.

She was resting on her stomach as he rolled her over and watched her naked athletic body. The way her breasts were raising and falling with her breathing. It was an erotic sight that got him hard again. He gently sat on her chest as he used her breasts in a tit fuck.

Lightning smiled as without a word she grabbed her breasts and helped him, the soreness she was feeling was starting to finally leave Naruto's cum blasted onto her skin and face the warm feeling felt nice. Their she was without a word from him, sliding her some what small breast up and down onto his cock. But this didn't last long as she felt it wasn't right for a tit fuck. she pushed him onto his back and crawled slowly over him. In till she met the prize she was looking for. His cock was standing at attention, and she was eyeing it.

Lightning just grinned and then stuck out her tongue and licked the crown. She locked eyes with her friend and then lowered her mouth upon his long cock not leaving his gaze one seconds and when it hit the back of her throat she just suppressed her gag reflex and continued until she was touching his pubic hair with her nose. Then she lifted her head and still looked at him and then thrust her head down once again and suppressing her gag had a good rhythm in it as she deep throated him easily, which came as a surprise for both of them.

He felt great as her tongue touched his cock. He actually thought that this was some sort of dreams since it was in no way possible that this much enjoyment would come to him but now it was happening and it felt so good as her hot mouth descended down his long thick cock like it was nothing but some long stick of candy. She looked him in the eyes and he noticed the horniness in them. she really needed this and who was he to refuse if this felt so good;. He felt her throat opening and he felt the heat wrap further around his cock. He felt like he was going to burst but he had to tell himself, "Not yet. Why not surprise the woman a little bit?"

She rose once again and he felt the cool air on his slick cock and he felt her descend once again. He felt it building up within his balls and then wait until she was once again fully down to the base of his cock before he let out a strangled moan and he came within her mouth.

She was surprised that he had managed to last this long. Most people would of cum the first time they were deep throated, but Naruto seemed to be able to resist the temptation of coming after the first time she went down. The salty liquid surged from the stiff cock right into her throat and there it went down into her stomach. She raised her head intent on better being able to swallow it but it just kept on coming. She felt that she couldn't keep up with the amount that was coming out of Naruto's cock and was at a loss of what to do.

He felt the hot liquid zooming out of his cock and into her mouth. At first she seemed to be able to swallow it but he didn't pay it much attention. He noticed that she was struggling and he just gave her a quizzical look only to see her mouth opening and her head being slightly raised and saw a shot of cum hitting her lips as it still poured out from his cock in huge torrents. The next salvo hit her cheeks as some of the semen dripped form her mouth. She clearly was away with her mind as another shot landed in her blonde hair making it look like some shampoo had landed on it as the fluid looked almost exactly like shampoo to one who didn't know what they had been doing before.

She looked at it as it spit cum with at her face and just ignored it although she rather liked the hot liquid on her skin. Her mind was focused elsewhere. Why was she feeling so hot? Why did she feel this way after all those years of loneliness? Why did she want her hole to be filled once again by a hot and thick cock? She returned to her senses to see that Naruto's cock was still spitting out loads of cum and she fastened her mouth to it once again. She began to like the taste though it was a bit salty.

When the orgasm of the boy stopped she was relieved to be getting some time to rest up a little and maybe clean herself a little but was disappointed when he remained as hard as a rock.

She decided to do something a little bit different. She grabbed her breasts and wrapped them around Naruto's cock making sure that she had them wrapped around them. "It seems that I got to use this technique. It was rather tasty so I want me entire body covered with your juices." Naruto looked at her and just nodded his head.

She began moving those big tits of her up and down and massaged the flesh of Naruto's cock with the flesh of her breasts. They were somewhat wet due to some cum still remaining on her face that had dropped down on her breasts and was now acting as lubrication for the cock to slide smoothly through the breasts and stimulate it to its fullest extent.

The feeling was heavenly. Not only did the feeling of flesh wrapped around his cock make him feel like he was getting a special treatment reserved only for those very lucky but also he felt her breath tickle the head of his cock a little and it made him want to come again just to see her lick it off his cock. The sight of Lighting licking and sucking on his cock was erotic enough to make him want to see her do that again. The feeling of breasts around his cock was enough to make him look at her face and he saw that she was focusing on his cock.

He felt the liquid surge once through him again and he felt himself harden even harder then before and made a groan that sounded somewhere between lust and animal fury.

The white fluid shot out from the cock and coated Lightning's mouth which was opened slightly so she still got some in her mouth. The rest of the cum got on her face and hair. By now she was looking to be covered with white strands of cum and Naruto found that he hardened once again at the sight. She just grinned and wiped off some of the cum with one hand and then brought it to her mouth. Then she got up and then offered her pussy to Naruto. He just looked at it and said: "Want me to lick it?" She just shook her head and said; "It's time you put that in me again, Naruto…"

With that she pushed her slit against his cock which touched the outer lips and she let out a small gasp of lust. She drove herself down and impaled herself on that thick cock of Naruto's and he let out a small gasp of having such a hot cavity shoved on his cock in one movement until he felt the good sensations all over his cock. The heat was unbelievable and he felt the woman's folds constrict over his cock and stimulate him even more. She slid up and down while marveling that it still fit into her. It seemed to be too large to fit within her, even after all the times they have done it with each other, and still it fit good to both of them.

He felt the woman's legs being driven into his sides as she changed position slightly letting her body face him with her face close to his own and she said: "It feels so good Naruto. If you'll cum inside me then Ahhhhh.."

She had come during the time she was speaking and speaking of coming Naruto felt his own climax approaching steadily. All that was needed was a little push and he'd come straight into her wet and hot pussy.

He looked at the face of Lightning and then he moaned her name: "Lightning. I'm going to cum soon. Do you want it inside you or do you want me to pull out?" She just looked at him with her eyes and said: "I'd like it if you pulled out Naruto. It'd be hard to explain where I got pregnant." Naruto nodded and pulled out. He pulled out by pushing her off him and then he got up and positioned her in front of him. He grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed them to feel their fullness and then placed the tip of his cock against the anus once again. He pressed against it slightly and then pushed forwards a little bit making the woman gasp in slight pain once again. Her backside was still sore from early. He noticed that the tip wasn't in her ass yet and so he thrust deeper and Lighting let out a howl of pain as she felt it going into her arse and not stopping until it was in it fully.

It felt so tight around his cock that it was almost unbelievable. It made him feel lightly air headed and he sighed for a moment before he thrust in her ass one time and he heard her give a small yelp of pain. After that loud cry of pain she would move around a lot and just wasn't calm enough so he moved within her causing her a little bit of pain. He couldn't hold it in anymore and just burst loose in her ass.

Thick strands of cum spurted from his cock and into her ass and Lightning felt her ass getting foiled with the sticky stuff and knew that she'd need to go to the bathroom to get it all out sometime within the next few hours or the next day. Probably the next day if he did what she thought he would do.

He pulled out with his cock still oozing a little bit of cum. "Could you lick it clean for me Lightning?" she nodded and soon he was receiving another blow job like the one he had gotten before. It didn't take long for him to cum once again and she looked at him in gratitude before getting up and knocking him to the floor.

Yet again he hit the floor and yet again she climbed atop him, but this time it was for good. He grabbed her ass as she came down, sinking his nails into her soft, round cheeks as she smashed her head into his, crashing into another kiss. This was it, the point of no return. No more games, no more oneupmanship, no more attempts at seizing control from the other. Just pure, unadulterated ecstasy.

It didn't take long, considering how long they'd put it off to begin with. He fell still as he came inside me, shooting it all into her as her pussy clenched down on him, her body awash with bliss accented by the feeling of his seed inside me. They would usually slow down gradually, sometimes just keep going, but they were beaten and tired. They had bruises all over, every inch of flesh throbbing with pain, sweat making us glisten in the vague moonlight coming in from the window, utterly exhausted, their lips passively connected. It would be a while before they would even make it back to the broken bed to try and sleep.

Lightning saw the glint in his eye, telling her that she wasn't alone in feeling like something was different. It seemed that this was no longer an occasional tryst, a casual fuck whenever they crossed paths. The sex was incredible, but it opened up something more.

* Lemon end *

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