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As darkness falls and rain falls hard like hail, Kanda stumbles upon a small house with a small garden. He is weak from hunger as he walked closer to the house he tripped and fell face down in a puddle. He faced darkness loaming over him as he heard someone above him, "Tim! Let's take him inside! He's injured!" Kanda can feel warmth as the person wrapped their arm around his waist and everything got black.

Warm. Kanda opened his eyes as he scans around his surroundings. Everything is white and there were old pictures on the walls and a Grandfather clock ticking and the sound of a dog barking. He sat up; he felt pain on his shoulder, he looked at it and it was washed clean and bandaged with a white cloth. The window was open and light came inside the house. He groaned as he covered his eyes and used his free hand to find the curtains to cover the windows. When the window was covered he opened his eyes and sat straight up on the sofa he was lying on. He can hear a boy talking and the door opening. Footsteps were coming towards him and he was face to face to a small boy, probably 15 years old. And he has silver white hair and a red scar over his left eye. Kanda glared at the boy and growled deeply. The boy just stared at him and smiled, "Hello! You are already up. How are you feeling?" The boy was wearing dirty overalls and he has a straw hat and garden gloves over his hands. The boy walked closer and pulled up a stool and sat on it was he was examining Kanda's shoulder.

"I found you last night and you were injured so I took you inside so that I can bandage it."

"…Che. You don't have to do that…"

"But I have to! I can't leave an injured person out in the rain!"

Kanda eyed at the boy and asked in a dry voice, "What's your name?"

"Oh! My name is Allen Walker! And you are?"


"Well, Kanda, I prepared some food in the kitchen. I'll go get it for you."

Allen stood up, "Wait, stop." Allen stopped and turned back to Kanda.

"What? Are you feeling a lot of pain?"

"Heh, no. I don't eat. So don't get it."

"Everyone has to eat! If you don't, you'll starve! Like last night! I think you passed out of starvation and lack of nutrition with that kind of injury."

"…I'm saying that I can't eat. I'm not like you."


"…Do you know the story of vampires?"

"Yeah. But that's a myth right?"

Kanda felt hurt but continued, "Well, they don't show themselves to others because they are always hunted. And they don't eat."

"Cause they only drink blood right?"


"Heh! Why are you telling me this?"

"You want to know why?" Kanda stood up and pulled Allen forward towards him and they both fell down on the sofa with Allen on top of Kanda's lap.

"W-what are you doing?" Allen was about to get up but Kanda wrapped his arms around Allen's waist with one arm and other hand to lift up Allen's chin up to expose more of his neck.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Kanda leaned down and licked the spot around Allen's neck and Allen shivered at the touch.

"Wha-what?" Kanda tipped back Allen's hat. He bared his fangs and pierced through the skin and Allen yelled out in pain. Kanda started sucking up the blood hungrily and Allen was too shocked to move. After Kanda was done he licked around his bite marks to clean away the spilt blood.

"You're so delicious." Kanda loves the taste and the smell of Allen's blood that he started sucking some other spot of Allen's neck and created a hickey. Allen moaned and was also too scared to move. After Kanda was done he pulled Allen's chin down and said, "Are you scared of vampires now?"

Allen's eyes were watery and Allen looked away but Kanda pulled his head back to face him.

"Would you like to be mine?" Allen stared at him wide-eyed and was about to say something but Kanda closed the gap between them and he kissed Allen on the lips. Allen's voice was muffled by Kanda's lips pressing into his own. Kanda's tongue entered Allen's mouth and tasted around Allen's tongue. Allen gave up as he used his own tongue to taste Kanda's mouth. They both gasped for air but they kissed again with rougher kisses and they were getting heated up. They let go for more air and Allen was blushing a cute tint of red on his cheeks. Kanda thought it was cute so he licked on Allen's cute face and Allen blushed even more.

"You are so adorable," Kanda gave Allen a short sweet kiss before he was already at the door, "Thanks for the meal, next time we meet, I expect you to eat healthy and get ready for a time of your life. Ja ne." And Kanda disappeared; leaving a half hardened and shocked Allen lying on the bed, still blushing from the kiss.

"He's so beautiful and hot…" Allen whispered to himself as he remembered the kiss and was a bit shaken by the sudden bite and the loss of his blood.

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