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Allen glared as Kanda yanked the apron off and aimed for his nipples. Allen yelped as his apron fell and being molested by the way older male.

"I want you…"


Allen flailed his arms around until he got hold of a handle and swung it back and it hit Kanda with a large clanging sound. Kanda lost his grip and hissed in pain as his hand went up to his head and it came out red. He growled at Allen as the farmer held the still scorching pan in his hands like it was a sword.

"Eat me now and you will get more than a free meal."

Kanda grabbed a dish rag and wiped his blood until it fully healed. He tossed the rag into the sink and surprised Allen by grabbing the hot pan with his bare hands. Kanda pulled the pan along with Allen. Kanda grabbed hold of the smaller male's waist in a death grip and placed the pan back on the stove. He wrapped his free arm around Allen's head and tilted him to the side.

Kanda breathed in deeply and moaned, "You promised…"

Allen realized his hands were not tied down and so he reached at Kanda's hand around his head but stilled. The hand felt rough and warm. Not something a vampire would have. He felt more of the hand and remembered Kanda's hand on the hot pan. He was about to mention it but squeaked in surprised as Kanda nuzzled and licked up and down Allen's neck. He whimpered as he stilled for this moment.

Kanda bit onto the neck and sucked long and slow. Allen finally got hold of Kanda's burnt hand and watched in amazement as he glanced up at the hand he was holding and it started to heal. Truly a sign of a vampire sucking his blood without stopping! He peered at his own hand and saw his veins turning purple and his skin turning paler than it usually is.

He used one of his hands and reached weakly at Kanda's head and grabbed a bunch of his hair. Kanda woke up from his blood craze and sees Allen bony and frail.


Kanda retracted his head back and Allen past out. Kanda grabbed his head and groaned, "I have to stop doing that!"

Next day.

Allen woke up in his bedroom and the light outside is gone. He shivered at the feeling of his life being wretched away from him and was tired of becoming a meal that risks his life.

He hears a knock and he jumped. Kanda's muffled voice came through the door and asked if he can come in. Allen shook his head in fright and pulled his blanket over his head as if it can protect him from the beast.

Kanda opened the door with his mind and carried a tray full of burnt toast, runny eggs, and a tall glass of water with an umbrella on top.

Kanda placed the tray on the night stand and shook Allen. Allen tensed up at the feeling and held onto the blanket tighter. Kanda's so-called heart tugged at the sight.

"Allen… I didn't mean to drink all of your blood. But I'm sorry. For intruding and taking advantage of you."

Of course you should, you bastard…

"So I decided to make a deal with you."

Allen frowned and slowly took off the blanket so that only the top of his head and eyes are showing.

"What deal?" he asked suspiciously.

"I know I've been coming to your house twice and nearly killing you. But it is for my own survival."

"But aren't you old enough that you can control your hunger?" Allen asked angrily.

"I am, but because there are scarce numbers of prey out in forests and nearly all the towns wherever I go are full of hunters out to get me and my kind, there is no safe place for me to feed."

"What kind of deal are you asking of me?"

"…If I can stay at your place-"


"-IF I can stay at your place…" Kanda's eye brow twitched, "I promise not to feed on you so in return that I have some place to stay out of danger. Like a safe haven for me and maybe for my kind."

"THERE'S MORE OF YOU?!" Allen's eyes widened with fright.

"There might be. But for now, there is only me here that I know of and anywhere 100 miles radius from here is vampire-free."

"So I get to be meal-free, if I let you stay here?"


"But there must be something else you are not telling me…"

"If there is a time when there is no food out there and I am trapped… often times I will try to drink from you in little slurps-"

"That sounds nasty…"

"-but only a little so that you can use your left over energy to bring you back to life and manage to eat and regain your strength."

"But what if you stay here longer than necessary and you are drinking me dry?"

"…That is a possibility, but I would let you know that I will allow you to kill me if I drink too much of your blood."

"…Kill you?"

Kanda chuckled sadly. "You don't want to try stopping a hungry, raging vampire now would you?"


"While I'm here, I can help around the place. So that you can get going as a regular farmer harvesting nasty human food from the nasty soil where god-forbid has some dung and nasties in there…"

Allen sat up slowly and softly chuckled but choked on his spit. He thumped his chest with his fist as Kanda quickly handed him a glass of water. Allen drank his fill and handed Kanda the glass. He peered at his night stand and saw the food. Kanda looked where Allen was looking at and chuckled.

"Since I hate human food, I don't particularly make human food myself or for a meal, like yourself."

Allen glared and opened his mouth but Kanda interrupted, "But at least I tried and I don't see you as a meal, Allen."

Allen blushed but still felt insulted for being called a meal. He lay down as Kanda excused himself.

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