Bella and Emmett read and review.

Oh and I made that Bella's name because I like it being different, everyone uses the same Isabella Marie Swan.

Bella Point of View

I was walking down the halls in school. I was pretty much used to the stares and whispers. My name is Isabella Madison Marie Swan. I was dating the head football player of Forks High School, Emmett Evan James McCarthy. And I was going to have his baby. We were high school seniors and had been together since the middle of eighth grade. We were both only children, my father raised me, as my mother died from a problem during birth with me. And he lived with his mother, who seemed to just lie in bed since her husband left her.

Our parents were upset, to say the least, about the pregnancy, but they knew that we loved each other. I wore Emmett's grandmother's wedding ring on my left ring finger. We got engaged a month before we got pregnant, but, of course, the jealous sluts Lauren and Jessica said he asked me to marry him because I was pregnant. But it would be another two months when I found out I was pregnant.

Emmett would go to school on his football scholarship, and I would stay home and work in a local restaurant after I got a babysitter for the babies.

My doctor was Carlisle Cullen; his kids came here, and I talked to them a lot. Alice had became something like a best friend to me, and her, Jasper, Rose, and Edward were the only ones I could really talk to at school, other than Emmett. Alice and Jasper were together; Rose and Edward were together. Everyone in school thought it was weird, but I didn't they weren't related. I could tell Jasper and Rose weren't "twins," but it was the story they told to fit in, they did look alittle bit a like. I told them I could tell the differences because I was good at picking things out about people. That's how I knew they were different, really different, but I hadn't figured out how much. But I loved them. I had my own room in their house. Emmett was close friends with Jasper and Edward too, so he was over there a lot too.

I was six months along and the Christmas break was coming up. When we returned from break, I would be seven months, and I was already huge. I am having triplets! I was having two very small girls because I was also having a large baby boy compared to the girls. The Cullen's were my second family, and Alice was going hog wild.

Emmett and I were so happy for the three babies but knew that we were going to have our hands very busy. We had chose to name the girls, Laylee Marie Casey McCarthy, and Lillian Louisa Renee McCarthy, after his mom Louisa, my mom Renee, and me, Marie. Our bouncing baby boy would be named Anthony Jason Ray McCarthy. Alice, the hyper pixie that she is had, bought us three silver baby spoons. Each one had one of the babies names engraved on it.

Mike was obsessed with me. I guess he thought that if I would have sex with Emmett that I would get on my back for him. So, everyday as I waddled to my classes at my slow pace, Mike flirted with me; it seemed endless until the Cullen's started walking me to my classes. Edward and Jasper picked me up and carried me to make sure I wasn't late for my classes.

Today, I would go to another check up with Carlisle, and then it was winter break. I sighed as I waddled down the halls alone. People were staring and whispering on this sunny day. I was alone today; Emmett was at an away game two hours away, so he wouldn't get back until seven at night. I was spending the night at Alice's. I got my checkups there and would just spend the night there. Maybe Emmett would go over there after his game.

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