Babies for Graduation.

Chapter 10.


Everything had gone as planned after the shooting. Charlie's job was taken care of easily, as Mike has shot himself in the head after he fired at Bella, and killed himself.

Lauren was in the hospital, her wounds were bad but not fatal. The bullet had went through her kidney and out her back, so she had to get one kidney removed and was out on a machine to clean her blood. She would heal and move to Seattle where she finds her future husband, who was her past baby daddy, and ultimatly lived happily ever after.

Bella had to have an emergeny C-section. One of the two bullets that had went through her went in her stomach and killed the little girl quickly. The little boy lived for three short days and was cremated.

After Bella and Emmett awoke Bella refused to talk to any of them, and ran to Canada. Emmett talked sense into her adn was able to get her to return home. Her first words were to Alice and were, "You lieing, bitch! It's all your fault my babies are dead!" Then she turned on Carlisle and said, "You're a lazy pig! You could have easily endoused me and they would be alive!"

Alice proceed to tell Emmett and Bella that no matter how she interveined Bella and Emmet died and so did the three children. Bella was depressed and took it out on the forest and learned everyone's story. Esme, Rose, and Bella all connected and Bella, with their help, started to feel better.

Bella's father and Emmett's mother were broken hearted and started to mend together. Emmett's mother moved into Charlie's house and they rested the three urns on the fireplace, the baby in the middle of his parents.

Forks was broken for awhile after that, the Newton's moved to California. Emmett was placed in the high school's hall of fame and would always be remembered.

The day the shooting happened, the skies opened up and cried.

The End.