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"Everyone welcome, Bella Swan!"

Bella walked out of the green room shyly, working her way through the backstage corridor to the main stage door which opened just as she reached it. The crowd was cheering loudly and as Bella stepped into view they got louder. There was a group of 4 men by a piano who were singing an extremely camp version of one of her songs but she smiled at their rendition. She turned to her left and saw the host of the show coming to meet her from the door.

"Lovely to see you," He said to her quietly. "You look great, come over and sit down."

Bella smiled and followed him over to the couch that was by his desk. She was in London promoting 'Interference' the movie that she had shot with Edward and Jasper just over a year ago and this was her appearance on 'Friday Night with Jonathon Ross'. Edward was currently on the other side of London doing a host of interviews for various television shows and so couldn't join her. As she sat down on the black leather couch she looked around and pulled the hem of her Roberto Cavalli dress down a little to make sure she didn't expose herself. She was wearing a forest green mini dress with a black mesh overlay. Angela and Rose who had both travelled with her to London had decided on Fendi shoes to go with the dress and then had deemed her hot enough to be seen in public.

"Welcome to the show, Bella. You look great, that's a great dress!"

Bella looked down at her dress before looking back up at him, "Thank you, I like it too!"

"How are you liking London so far? Have you got to see much of it?"

"It's annoying actually. Every time I come to London I'm literally here for a few days, stuck in a hotel. The only part of London I get to see is in the car on the way from the airport to the hotel."

"Well, that's very upsetting. Maybe I could... show you round?"

Bella laughed at Jonathon's face, she'd been warned that he would flirt outrageously with her but that he meant no harm because he was happily married with children.

"When do you go back to the States?"

"Monday morning, I think. I have a bit of press to do but I'm hoping I'll get a bit of time off to get out in London."

"Plenty of time for me to show you the best bits!"

"What are the best bits?" Bella smiled, playing along.

Jonathon simply raised his eyebrows in suggestion and Bella laughed. "I'll let you know when I'm free!"

"You're boyfriend wouldn't mind?"

"Nah," Bella shrugged. "He doesn't get jealous so we'll be fine."

"Just so people know who we're talking about, you're dating Edward Cullen, right?"

Bella heard a few murmurs from the audience and saw them look at the screen behind her. She turned on the sofa to look at the large screen and smiled at a picture of them both together from one of the many events they'd been to in the last year.

"Yep, that's him. I could do worse," Bella shrugged with a small laugh as she turned back to face Jonathon.

"Can I just say on behalf of all men, that we hate him?" Bella laughed again and turned her head to see the picture again. "Is he that beautiful in real life? I mean, even I can appreciate that he is a fine specimen of a man."

"He's definitely not disgusting looking," Bella said.

"And he's in this movie with you?"

"Yeah," Bella nodded her head.

"You met on the set?"

"No, we actually met a few months before this. We were best friends for a long time before we did this movie."

"Was it a bit weird shooting a movie with your boyfriend then or did you find it quite natural?"

"Um, we weren't actually dating while we shot this movie, it was just after, but the basis of our characters relationship was so similar to our own relationship when we were friends that we both felt really comfortable with the scenes so it was really fun."

Everyone involved had decided that the official story should be that they started dating just after filming so Edward and her had done very well at repeating this story to the overly interested press during the promotional tour.

"Is he in London with you then or has he left you to do the promotion on your own?"

"He's doing some interviews tonight somewhere in London. I don't know."

"Is it nice being able to promote the movie with him then or would you rather he wasn't there?"

"If he wasn't around then it might be easier to arrange a little date for us..." Bella laughed and shot him a seductive look.

"Oh, I don't need a date Bella. Just hop up on the desk," He patted the desk and raised his eyebrows at her. She laughed and started to stand before Jonathon laughed and she sat down again. "Don't do that because I really won't be able to control myself!"

The interview went on with a few more sexual innuendos and some more movie talk, Bella had a lot of fun which surprised her. She'd heard before she did the show that he was great and that lots of American actors all asked to be on his show if they were doing promotion in London and could finally understand why. She was just on her way out of the studio when she bumped into Jonathon in the corridor.

"Hey, Bella. Thank you so much for doing the show, come back again soon, yeah?"

Bella nodded and kissed him on the cheek.

"I had so much fun. Your show is great, I'll let you know when I'm back in London and we can do it again!"

"I hope you get to see some of London before you go home. Have a great time."

They said goodbye to each other and Bella, Angela and Rose left the studio and climbed into their waiting car.

"You looked like you really enjoyed that!" Angela said excitedly as the car sped off into the London night.

"I did, that was a really great interview. Is Edward finished yet, do you know?" She looked at Rosalie expectantly who rolled her eyes in response and pulled her phone out, she hit a few buttons before shaking her head and looking at Bella again.

"You text him. He's your boyfriend, not mine."

"Fine! Jesus, Rose, what's the matter with you?" Bella asked as Angela passed her phone to her.

I'm all done, on my way back. You finished? B x

"Nothing's wrong with me!" Rose hissed, "I'm just fed up of checking up on your boyfriend for you!"

"What? I've never asked you to check up on him! I just wasn't sure when he was due to finish, I didn't realise it would be such a problem."

"You never think anything will be a problem," Rose murmured just loud enough for Bella to hear.

"What the fuck is wrong with you? You've gone crazy!" Bella shouted and Rosalie just turned to glare out of the window.

The rest of the car journey was in complete silence, both Bella and Angela too afraid of Rosalie's reaction to anything they might say.

On my way back now, love. I'll see you at the hotel. ILY E x

Bella smiled at his continued use of ILY, he'd never stopped. Every single text he'd ever sent her was signed off with an ILY and she never grew tired of it.

Angela smiled at her softly in the glow of the screen of the phone and Bella smiled back before putting her phone back in her bag.

When they finally got back to the hotel they all climbed out of the car in silence, there were no photographers to block their way so they walked to the entrance in peace. Once they got inside, Rosalie strode to the elevator quickly and climbed in, hitting the button and letting the doors close before Bella and Angela could get there.

"Has something happened?" Bella asked Angela as they waited for the other escalator to get there.

"I don't know. She was on the phone to Emmett earlier and before that she seemed ok, so I don't know."

Bella frowned before they got into the elevator and each pressed their respective floors.

"Hold the door!" Bella heard a familiar voice shout. She held the door back and stuck her head out just to see Edward jogging up to the open door.

"Hello, you!" Edward said as he got in and kissed Bella chastely on the lips. "What a lovely coincidence!" He smiled at Angela and then frowned in confusion, looking back at Bella. "Where's Rose?"

"She stormed off, she's being a bitch." Bella shrugged, "What about Alice?"

"Jasper's taken her out for dinner. I think she's planning on getting him to set a date."

Bella laughed. Alice had been trying to tie down a date for their wedding for a year now.

Jasper had done as he'd planned, taken her to Tiffany's on the promise of a shopping spree and then watched as she fawned over the engagement rings. He'd let her try on a few of them, watching her get more and more excited about the thought of being proposed to before telling her to choose a necklace to get. He watched her face drop considerably but she chose a necklace and feigned happiness with the gift that wasn't an engagement ring.

That night, when Alice had gone to Edward and Bella complaining about Jasper making her try on engagement rings, Jasper had gone back and bought the ring that Alice had seemed the most excited about. It was a huge diamond on a platinum band that cost him a fortune but he didn't care.

Later on that evening when he and Alice were watching television, he noticed that Alice was distant and seemed slightly upset. He offered to get them takeout, and when Alice agreed reluctantly he told her to go and get his jacket and grab his wallet from the pocket. She padded over to his jacket and went through the pocket, pulling out a ring box.

"Jazz..." Alice looked up at Jasper with an excited gleam in her eye.

"Ally," He said as he got up and walked over to where she seemed to be frozen to the spot. "Open the box."

"If this is earrings then I'm going to kill you, I just want you to know that."

"It's not earrings, darlin'."

Alice opened the box and gasped when she saw the ring that she had fallen in love with earlier in the day. "Oh my God!"

"Will you marry me, Alice?"

Jasper was difficult to tie down though and so Alice was having difficulties getting a date sorted that could accommodate all of her friends busy schedules.

The escalator stopped at Angela's floor and she said goodnight before she walked off down the corridor towards her room.

"So," Edward said, turning to Bella. "Did you have a good evening?"

"I had a really good time, actually. Jonathon Ross is really funny."


"Yeah, I loved it. How about your night?" She watched as Edward's face dropped a little. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," He shook his head, "I'm just so tired. It was fine, nothing out of the ordinary."

"Maybe I could make it out of the ordinary?" Bella whispered suggestively as she moved towards Edward pushed him up against the wall of the elevator, pressing her whole body against his and feeling his arousal springing to life.

"I wouldn't argue," Edward said huskily.

The doors opened and Bella took Edward's hand, pulling him down the corridor towards their room.

Once inside, Edward grabbed Bella shoulders and turned her around and pushed her against the door.

"I hate talking about you but not having you anywhere near me," He whispered as his face came closer to hers and he captured her lips with his own. Bella groaned and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling herself up closer to him.

Just as Edward's hand was skimming the back of her thigh she heard her phone beep. After hearing Edward sigh in frustration, she pushed him away and grabbed her phone, opening the text.

I'm pregnant, B.

"Shit!" Bella smiled and looked up at Edward. "Rosalie's pregnant!"

After finishing the promotion in England, everyone flew back to L.A for the premiere which was crazy. Rose asked Edward and Bella to keep quiet about her pregnancy but Emmett seemed so excited and happy all the time that people were beginning to think there was something going on.

A few weeks after the premiere, Edward's parents insisted on them finally making their trip to the house where Edward grew up. They'd been to visit Bella's parents earlier in the year and it turned out well, Bella's parents loved Edward instantly and embarrassed her immensely.

"So are you going to give me a tour?" Bella said as Edward took her hand and pulled her up the steps to the front door of his huge house.

"We can start in my bedroom and end in my bedroom if you fancy? The rest of the house is meaningless!" Edward winked and knocked on the door.

"You're ridiculous, I'm here to see your parents..."

"So you are!" Carlisle said happily as he opened the door. "Nice to see you both. Come in."

As they walked through the door, Esme came into the hall and greeted them both with a kiss to the cheek. "You look lovely, Bella. Are you doing well?" She looked her up and down, with her focus on Bella's stomach.

"I'm doing fine thank you," Bella responded, slightly confused.

"She's not pregnant, Mom. Stop it." Edward rolled his eyes and pulled Bella to his side.

"Why not? You've had ages, are things not working down there, Edward?"

Edward's eyes widened with incredulity and he shook his head while Bella and Carlisle laughed softly.

"Fine working order, Esme..." Bella said through her giggles, "We're just not ready for that yet."

"Well I don't want to wait too much longer to become a grandmother so you'd better be ready soon," Esme said happily. Edward groaned and slid his hand down Bella's arm to grab her hand.

"I'm going to give Bella the tour. We'll back down when we're done."

He showed her the living room and the piano room, the dining room with the huge glass table and the games room before leading her up the stairs. He pointed to the different rooms, letting her know what was in each one before getting finally to his own bedroom door.

"And what on earth could this room be?" Bella laughed as Edward opened the door for her and let her walk in. She immediately burst out laughing and Edward darted inside to her side before letting out a huge groan.


There was no response from Esme but Bella heard a chuckle from downstairs. There was a huge poster of Bella on the wall, it was from years ago, she was wearing a tiny white bikini and was running her hands through her hair as she came out of the sea.

"I still have that bikini," Bella laughed, turning to look at Edward's mortified face. He took a step towards the wall and reached to pull the poster down but Bella grabbed his hand, pulling him back. "What are you doing?"

"Taking the poster down. It's so embarrassing! I told her to take it down before we came over..."

"Don't be embarrassed, it's cute... And quite funny!" She giggled and then pulled Edward back again as he lunged for the poster.

When they were all sat around the table eating, Esme looked up at Bella with a hint of mischievousness in her eye.

"So do we know when you'll be joining the family yet, Bella?"

"Joining the family?" Bella repeated in question.

"Yes, do you know when you'll be getting married?"

Bella choked on a mouthful of wine and felt Edward's hand rubbing her back soothingly.

"Mom!" Edward said, obviously frustrated. "What are you doing?"

"It's a perfectly reasonable question, Edward. You've been dating for over a year now."

"I think we should leave them to make that decision on their own, dear," Carlisle said before looking at Bella. "Take your time."

Bella nodded thoughtfully, looking at Edward who looked slightly scared but with a hopeful smile.

"No, Ange. I can't be bothered. I'm tired."

"Come on, Bella. Just a coffee?"

"Why do you want to come in so much? Why don't you go and see Ben?"

"Just let me in!" Angela said with a stern tone.

Bella frowned before opening the door and letting Angela in. When Bella stepped in she gasped and her eyes widened in shock as she saw Edward dressed in a tux by the stair case of their home that they'd bought together a few months previously.

"Edward... Wha... I don't g-"

"Bella, if you go to our room there's a dress there that I've been told you would love compared to a traditional one..."


"Let me finish..." He looked at her pointedly, waiting until she nodded before he continued. "I want you to put that dress on, and then come back down here and marry me."

Bella gasped.

"I know we haven't spoken about this, and you're free to say no. But I know you wouldn't want a big thing or any attention. Inside that room," His eyes darted to the large living room before coming back to her. "Are the few people that matter most to us, our parents, Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rose..." He looked up at Angela with a smile, "And now Angela... Will you marry me, Bella... Today?"

Angela walked off quietly into the living room to join everyone else and Bella couldn't take her eyes off Edward as he looked at her cautiously.

She walked towards him slowly and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling herself up to kiss him soundly. "You're perfect," She whispered against his mouth. "This is perfect."

"I love you."

"I love you, too. Now go and get dressed so I can marry you."

Bella laughed and wiped away the tears that had started to run down her cheeks.

The End.

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