s e l f i s h ::

(my silent expression during my time of weakness.

probably written in jumbled free verse which makes no sense—

void of any sort of capitalisation and grammar, blahblahblah;

not in any right mood to care.

flame if you want, they'll be used to roast marshmallows on my living floor.)

by kimani.

tess tyler is selfish.

she just wishes she could do something for her.

not for the millions of screaming fans,

not for her waistline—or lack thereof,

not for her mother

and especially not for her career.

she's tired of that stupid diet of only vitamin water and supplements,

and tired of bending over that porcelain prison a million times—

just to fit into that one dress.

("baby, you still aren't thin enough."
"tess, do you really want to eat that?")

she's tired of changing her sound and her image to target groups of fans.

she's tired of being told to wear P I N K
when all she wants to wear is B L A C K
(and more B L A C K)

until it doesn't matter anymore.

they can dress her in what they want.

she's just a doll anyways.

she's tired of moulding, and shaping and bending herself
just because her mother's TJ TYLER.

("TJ! TJ! TJ!")

("do you hear that, tess? they love me.
maybe one day, i'll love you.";
it's not how she says it,
it's w h a t she says.)

she's tired of changing herself for S H A N E (G R E Y)::

("we're wearing green. shane's favourite colour is green.")
("shane likes girls who are down-to-earth. i'm down-to-earth.")

she wants a boy who likes her for H E R.
all glorious 101 pounds of her;
("oh, baby, you need to lose weight.")

she's tess tyler—
what's not to love?

she wants to do simple things,
like painting her nails black for once.

like not having to wear pastel pink lipstick
and starting to wear ruby red.

TESS TYLER wants to be

s | e | l | f | i | s | h

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Flame if you want; as noted above, I'll make s'mores.