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Arc 1: A New World Prologue

In a world beyond the reaches from the modern world was a land that nurtured in trees and life and prospered through hard work and determination. This land was known as Alagasean: The Kingdom of the Moon. For centuries, the tradition of passing down the crown was to there next kin. This land was peaceful and the rulers were kind-hearted men and women who respected their people and servants.

Due to past wars and problems, the leaders of the past came to a decision to organize a group of the strongest men and women to protect there king and the innocent. They were to be called the Royal Knights of Alagasean. During the meeting between the council and the leader at the time, they decided to have six knights; four men, two women.

They held a tournament for both women and men. The tournament determined which men and women would have the honor to shine as the first of the 6 Royal knights. The women's tournament when on for days and days until the final two women were standing. Those two women became the first women of the royal 6.

The men's tournament went longer due to the fact that more men joined in. People from all over the land came to witness history in the making. At last, on the seventh day, it came down to the final ten. They ravaged on and fought until the last four were standing. Those four were awarded with the glory of being part of the royal 6. Those four men were the first of men of the royal 6.

The ceremony began the night after the tournament had ended. Millions of people were there from far and wide to witness the first crowning of the royal 6. Each warrior was given a trait they went by and an animal that represented them. The king decided to have a leader amongst the 6 and picked the man who had showed leadership skills, kindness, wisdom and determination during the tournament.

The traits were the following with the animals representing it: The Wolf of Wisdom, The Lion of Courage, The Eagle of Friendship, The Gorilla of Strength, The Crane of Love, and The Polar bear of Faith. Each warrior was suited with one of these and was honored as the first of 6 Royal Knights of Alagasean. They were given the job as the protectors of peace, the innocent, of the king. The warriors went by there code of honor and protected what was theirs. As the years went by, new knights were born and did the same as there ancestors. For years to come, the land was in peace.

But there peace was disrupted when an army of soldiers bearing a cross with a slash across it tattoo on there armor invaded the land. In front of the army, stood three men and two women with the same shaped tattoo on their armor. But they were different from the soldiers. They had a different symbol bearing on the armors. They were the 5 Evil Knights of Alagasean.

Not many knew outside form the council, the knights, and the king that they were bitterness amongst who would be the next to serve as the royal 6. As the arguing and fighting amongst themselves continued, the current leader of the royal 6, Hayama Fuuyuki suggested that the tradition should be passed down to their next of kin. Many council members were interested in that idea except one; Oshido Matsumo. Matsumo hated Hayama with a passion since their teenage years and it angered him that Hayama became a royal knight and the leader of the group.

He revolted against it and said that they should be chosen by whom the strongest is and have a battle to the death. The winner becomes the next knight. The council went against his idea and went by Hayama's. Matsumo was in rage. He left and went down to the prison hold. In the prison hold was the four greatest threats awaiting there death sentence. He offered them freedom and revenge against the royal 6 if they joined him. They gladly accepted his offer and became known as the 5 Evil Knights of Alagasean.

The army of men came and attacked the kingdom. They killed anyone who came in their way and headed for the castle. The royal 6 came and fought against the evil 5. But the leader, Hayama, stayed behind to protect the king. The current king, Gojo Takeshi, had a child this day and somehow or another, the evil 5 found out and came to kill it. The king was taking no chances and gave Hayama a new mission.

"Hayama. I have a new mission for you and you must complete this one even if it takes your life because you are the only one I trust enough to do this." Said the king as he grabbed his child from his crying wife.

Hayama's eyes widened as the king had given him his child.

"Take my child. Take my child away from this place. Take my child to the human world."

Both the queen and Hayama gasped as the king had spoken those words.

"But sire, no one has been able to get to the human world since the Great War many years ago. No one even knows if there is a way anymore to get there. And I'm not even sure if I can do it."

The King's lip curved into a smile. "Fuuyuki my old friend, you are the only one I trust enough to do this. You have been chosen as the leader for a reason. As for the passage there, well I do have secrets of my own my friend."

Hayama cocked his eyebrow not sure what he meant. An explosion was heard outside the corridor and men's screams were heard. He gripped his sword buckled onto the side of his hip and frowned.

"Fine ill do it but you have to get out of here first. Take the underground tunnel and go to the secret room and stay there until I or one of the royal 6 comes to get you and your wife got it?"

The king laughed and nodded. "You always were all about duty Hayama" "Now to get to the human world, you must go to my room and behind my dresser there is an old door. The key to the door is in my drawer where I keep my clothes. Once you get the key, unlock the door and go through the hallway. You will reach a door. It will be locked so use the same key to unlock it. I'm not sure what will happen once you reach beyond that point because I personally haven't been that far so be careful and leave my child in good hands Shinichi."

Hayama nodded and looked down at the child. He smiled and remembered his last encounter with his family.

*Start of Flashback*

Hayama was running through the village killing every man that was his enemy. He arrived at his home to see a hole in the wall. His heart started to race and he kicked the door down to enter his home.

"Hello!" "Is anyone here!" Hayama screamed frantically over and over until he heard a small voice.

"Daddy!" "Daddy is that you!" Hayama knew that voice. It was his daughter, Natsumi.

"Natsumi! Where are you?"

"Over here daddy!" Hayama ran into what use to be his room and found his daughter hovering over his wife that was cradling there baby son.

"Natsumi!" He ran over and hugged his daughter. "What happened?"

"It was those scary guys daddy!" "They made the wall crash down and mommy got hit in the head!"

"What about Akito?"

"He was quiet like the whole time all this happened. He's a weird baby daddy. I thought he was hurt but he isn't."

Fuuyuki was confused. 'That's odd'. His thoughts were broken when a huge explosion was heard outside. 'Shit'

"Natsumi. I need you to be a big girl and take care of mommy and you little brother. I'm going to go and take care of these bad guys so they won't hurt you okay?"

"Daddy don't go!" Natsumi screamed as she hugged his waist. He hugged his daughter and smiled. "Ill be back I promise. Until then take care of your brother and mommy."

She sniffed and nodded her head. Then as he stood up and started to walk away, he heard his wife's voice.

"Fuuyuki… Is that you?" He ran back to her and kneeled by her side.

"Shh Koharu, don't waste your strength."

"Are you going out there?" she said weakly.

"I must. It is my duty and you know that." he saw the pain written on her face. He just wasn't sure if the pain was from getting hit on the head or from him.

"I'll be back." She nodded and smiled. He leaned down and pecked her on the lips then went over to his son and gave him a kiss on the forehead. He got up and ran out of the house.

*End of Flashback*

He had tears in his eyes and he raced down the hall into the king's room. He wanted nothing more then to be with his family right now but he knew he couldn't be with them because of his duty. He opened the door and ran to his drawer. He got the key and went to the dresser. He kicked the object out of the way. He opened the door and walked into the hallway. He walked in slowly and went down the hallway. When he reached the end, he saw a door. He gulped and looked at the bundle in his arms. The child was sleeping soundly. He looked up and put the key in the locked and turned it. A click noise was heard and he turned the knob carefully.

When he opened the door, a bright light shone over him and he squeezed his eyes shut. He held onto the child tightly. He walked into the light not knowing where he would end up.

When he opened his eyes, he noticed that he was in a small room that was really dusty and looked very old. As he started to walk around, he found a door and opened it. When he opened the door, he found himself in another room. Hayama was confused and frowned. 'I don't have time to be looking around! I have to get back!'

He looked down at the child and saw that she had a smudge of dirt in her face. He chuckled and looked back up. He went over to the other door and opened it to find himself being surrounded by tall buildings and few people walking down the road. He had never seen a place like this. The smell was defiantly something different too. He looked to his right and saw what seemed to be a grassy area and a strange obstacle with children playing in it.

"That's odd." He shook his head and ran to that area. He saw a small bench and knew what he had to do. He placed the child down and tucked the blankets around her.

"One day, you will be found and taken back to our land, to rule over your land. But for now you must stay away because you will be killed little one. I pray for the past leaders to watch over you." And with that he went back to the old house and back to where he came from.

That night, many lives were lost, blood was shed and tears were heard. The king and queen had survived but with the lost of a dear friend. The royal 6 were done to 5 as their leader was killed. He had slain the evil Matsumo but the cost was great as he sacrificed his life to kill him.

That day, two children cried; one in the land of Alagasean, and the other in the land of the humans.

Thus, this is where are story begins…

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