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What Did You Say?: Cloak

In the shadow of solid brick walls and high barbed wire fences, two shadows emerged. They silently approached a door, protected by an electric lock.

"Read me, Snowman?" Tony's voice penetrates the quiet tension.

"Sit tight, Bandit," From the van, Gibbs spoke into Tony's earwig over the swift clacking type of McGee's keyboard.

"Okay, electronic pass code," McGee started as Ziva's hand poised over the keypad. " Seven, five, three, zero, nine." An uproarious laugh came from the Italian at Ziva's side, causing her to jump, smacking the offender.

"Quiet!" she hissed, satisfied with the yelp caused by the slap. "Do I need to remind you that we are trying to sneak in here? What is so funny anyway?!"

"Probie's little joke there." Tony said in the same whisper. "That can't be the code. What's the real pass code, McJokester."

McGee huffed. "Tony, I told you. Seven, five, three, zero, nine!"

"C'mon, McGiggle. You've got to be kidding me!" Tony said with a laughing tone. "I'm not believing this!"

Ziva glared at him, clearly perplexed. "Believing what, Tony?"

"I told you! The pass code is bogus." He paused, a pondering look on his face. "Are you sure you're looking at those pictures right, McGee?"

"Yeah, I'm looking right at it! What's wro- oh. Oh!" Now McGee was laughing too.

"What is so funny! I don't get it!" Ziva growled, confused by the giddy laughter that has seemed to consume the team. The mission's previous tension now rang with a strange joy that arose from five simple digits.

Tony chuckled. "Of course you wouldn't get it. It's a song! You know, eight, six, seven, five, three, oh, ni-ee-ii-ine!" After a poor display of mock singing, he collapsed into a another, albeit quieter, fit of giggles which grew as McGee echoed the line and joined in. Laughter overtook the earwigs until a solid thwack silenced the two agents with the exception of a slight whimper and low grumbling.

"DiNozzo! Punch in the damn phone number and get in there!"

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