A/N: Thank-you, USA Network, for showing basically all of season six in one day! While watching Knockout, I saw something….odd. The oddness of this….tidbit made me immediately get to typing. So….

Chapter 2: Knockout

"Not gonna work."

"It'll work."

"Definitely not gonna work."

"Gibbs, trust me. It will work."

"Care to bet on that, Le-on."

"In fact, I do. Name your price."

"I win, coffee for the week."

"The whole week?"

"The whole week. For me and my team."

"That's….steep. And if I win?"

"What d'you want?"


"Well, Director?"

"I want to see you show a little humility, Gibbs."

"Want to see me bow or something?"

"I think kissing my ring in front of your team will suffice."

"No way, Vance."

"Afraid you'll lose, Special Agent Gibbs?"

"You are on."

Hand were shaken and two men parted ways.

Vance stood on the balcony of the motel room, his silhouette shadowed as to conceal his identity. He heard stiletto heels clicking as Tara entered the room. The sound of a zipper being undone followed by the soft thud of the bathroom door acted as his cue. Vance slipped quietly across the room, rolling the smooth shape of a syringe in his palm as he grabbed a notepad and pen off of the small table beside the motel's couch. With a grin, he scribbled down a few words and slid the note under the door.

From the door's peephole, he saw the guard look to his feet, bending forward to read the note:

Bend down and read this note.

The guard hadn't the time to register the words in surprise as Vance pounced, plunging the syringe into the man's leg, and the man into unconsciousness. Vance grinned at his victory, with a small whisper:

"Pucker up, Gibbs. You're kissing my ring."

A/N: Yeah, the note that's slid under the door at the beginning of Knockout says "Bend down and read this note". I know the ring kissing thing is weird, but it's a sign of respect and humility. Plus, how embarrassing would it be to kiss someone's ring, much less Gibbs kissing Vance's ring in front of the team. Yep. So, I still need ideas and until later, ta-dah!