A Note from the Author.


Yes, I am back! Hopefully I'll be on full force with updating in the next couple days.

Merry (belated) Christmas to everyone! Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. This would have been posted on Christmas Day but something happened…and I thought I lost all of my work. Fortunately I figured a way to get it back. So all is good now (: Special thanks to TJSparkles for reading about a quarter of my work before I actually complete the whole thing lol. I appreciate you checking it for me. Love ya, sis!

This is a special (very, very long) oneshot dedicated to seven special people that I am lucky to have as friends. (:

This is for MissMikkiMouse, rory21, Relly-Cody-forever, Westfan, -Crazy-RKO-Fan-, ThatGirl54 and xbeautifulnightmare. I consider you as my closest friends. Each of you are simply awesome! I hope that we will stay friends for a very very long time. Love ya girls. (:

Okay so here's my general idea. Each of these girls will portray by her favorite diva. So let's have a list of the cast first xD


The Cast

Mikki is Mickie James.

Haley is Eve Torres.

Kasey is Candice Michelle.

Kylie is Kelly Kelly.

Rory is Ashley Massaro.

Katie is Trish Stratus.

And…Lauren is Lilian Garcia.


And there are 7 questions that you will need to solve in this story. (no cheating! Lol.) All are related to each diva's situation…

One diva makes a heartfelt confession….to who?

One diva makes a revelation…that she's pregnant. But who is the father?

One diva reunites with her ex boyfriend.

One diva gets asked out on a date.

One diva gets a very pleasant surprise. What is it?

One superstar admits to a diva that he likes her. Who is the diva and will she return his feelings?

And finally….one diva gets engaged. Who is the lucky girl and who pops the question?


And that's it! Please proceed on to read possibly the longest one shot I have ever written. Hopefully all of my hard work has paid off (:

Enjoy and happy reading!

--Christal aka. Christal-R.