As Sunao gripped my hand tightly we set off to confront Aizawa. Sunao told me where he was. "Come on Sunao we can do this together." "Kuu-chan I'm scared." "I know you're scared but I will be here with you so don't worry okay?" We went to where Aizawa was waiting. "Well, well, well if it isn't Sunao-kun. Oh and who do we have here?" "He's my boyfriend and we are going to make sure you never bother me again. "Heh heh heh. You think you can stop me? Well you're wrong. Poor Satoko is currently locked up in the room behind me. Don't you want to save your mother?" "That's a lie my mother's at home! You can't have taken her. She's being protected!" "Sunao help me!" A voice screamed. "Mother!" "Satoko-san!"

"Face it Fujimori there is nothing you can do. You are worthless, you should die." "No! I won't listen to you! I won't be trapped into your words!" "You do know you can end it by jumping out of the window." "Stop it! I won't listen!" "You should listen to me. You should know who to obey. If not I can get your friend to do it for you." "Leave Sora alone." "Sora I command you to push Sunao out of the window." "No Sora! Don't listen to him! Don't fall into the trap!" "I command you to push Sunao!" "Sora!!!" I could feel something taking over my body. My hands reached out and the next thing I knew Sunao was falling screaming. "SUNAO!!!!" I screamed. "YOU BASTARD HOW COULD YOU TELL ME TO DO THAT!!!" I looked out of the window Sunao was lying down on his back but he didn't look hurt. Aizawa grabbed me. "No let me go!!! Let me save him!!!!" I pushed him away and I bolted for the door trying to get to Sunao in time.

"Sunao! Sunao." I ran and dropped to my knees in front of him. I checked his breathing. I gave a sigh of relief when I discovered he was still breathing. "Sunao? Sunao? Can you hear me? Wake up baby please. I don't want it to end like this." Sunao's eyes opened a little. "Kuu-chan I'm sorry- I dragged you into this." "Shh don't talk you're gonaa be fine y'hear me?" "Hai I won't end it- like this- I have to much to live for." "Are you hurt anywhere?" "I-think-I'm alright-I think-Ran managed to make sure that I wasn't hurt." "Thank god." I muttered lifting him carefully into my arms. I took a look at our surroundings. We were in a rose garden. As I turned to walk away I saw Aizawa with a lighter. "You thought I would let you go that easily?" "Aizawa stop! Wasn't mind controlling Sora to push me out of the window enough to try and kill me? I think you should know by now that I won't die that easily."

"That's right if we are together then we are stronger." "Oh really lets test that shall we?" He flickered the lighter and he chucked it into the roses. They caught alight. I was frozen. "Kuu-chan? Oh no don't tell me you're scared of fire?" I couldn't move. "Kuu-chan! Kuu-chan damn it!!!!" Sunao pounded his fists against my chest to try and snap me out of it. "Kuu-chan please I'm not leaving without you. Kuu-chan..." He pressed his lips against mine. At that I came to. "Sunao?" "Hai I'm here Sora we have to get out of here!" I started running Sunao in my arms towards an exit but Aizawa blocked it off. "Ahhh DAMN IT!!!" I screamed. I ran towards another exit and then I tripped and Sunao flew out of my arms. "Kuu-chan!!!" I squatted beside him. "Are you alright?" I asked him. "Hai please help me up?" I grabbed his hands to pull him up and I found Aizawa standing behind Sunao. "Run away Hashiba. Leave him here." I looked down at Sunao. He looked at me scared I just tightened my hand on his.

"I will not listen to you. Let us go. It's over." I knew Sunao was getting weak from the fumes. "Hang in there." I told him gently. "Listen please just leave us alone. This mind controlling thing will never work. I love Sunao too much to leave him." "K-Kuu-chan." All of a sudden Nii-chan, Nanami-chan and Satoko-san appeared behind Aizawa along with the police and an the paramedics. As the police took Aizawa away Sunao and I were taken to hospital. Luckily the only injuries Sunao substained from the fall was a broken leg and a head wound. I wasn't hurt I had just inhaled a lot of smoke as had Sunao. I was glad he was safe and sound. I cuddled him gently in my arms. "Nobody is going to hurt you again ever. I'm sorry I pushed you." "It wasn't your fault at all Kuu-chan Aizawa controlled you so I don't blame you for it. I'm just glad you're safe." Tears streamed down his face.

"I was so scared when you froze up when Aizawa set the place alight I thought you wouldn't snap out of it." "It's cause you were there. It's cause you woke me up and I'm grateful you saved my life Sunao. Did you thank Ran for saving you?" "Hai right after it happened actually." He said smiling at me. "I love you." I mumbled pressing my lips against his in a long passionate kiss. "I love you too Kuu-chan." Looking into each others eyes we both spoke at the same time. "I'll love you forever."

It's been two years since it all happened. Sunao and I are now sharing a flat together and I'm planning to propose to him. Aizawa got 20 years in prison for attempted murder and for physical and mental torture. Nagase and Subaru apologized to us for their fathers actions we gradually forgave them and Subaru is now working as a policeman while Nagase is a science teacher. Nagase ended up marrying his lab assistant Gaku Ichikawa who is a good friend of mine. Subaru ended up with Hiromu Sakura who is a male model he says Hiromu changed his perceptive of life. Nii-chan and Nanami-chan are still happily together and we are all like family. Satoko met and married Ayano Nii-chan so Kano is now Sunao's step brother. Matsuri ended up in a relationship with Soushi Onii-chan and they do make a good couple. And Sunao and I have taken in a young child who looks exactly the same as me named Sei. And he has two young friends Fuuta and Shiina. Sei was shy at first but now he is acting exactly like me. But all I can say is I'm glad that everything worked out and Sunao and I have promised to always love each other. I'm glad I met him.

There was nothing interesting in my life. But then I met Sunao Fujimori the one I would do anything for, the one that means everything to me and the one I am going to spend the rest of my life with...


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