Ashley Tisdale as Sharpay Evans

Joe Jonas as Shane Grey

Miley Cyrus as Miley Stewart

Nick Jonas as Nate Grey

Kevin Jonas as Jason Grey

Demi Lovato as Mitchie Torres

BY THE WAY! This story is told by Sharpay's POV...Mostly her thoughts though. =)

I held my breath and turned the doorknob. It revealed a large room. Withsomeone in it?

Sharpay:: Excuse me. This is my room.

Shane:: Correction, my room.

Sharpay:: Who do you think you are?

Shane:: Shane Grey.

Sharpay:: Ohhh. You mean the stuck up, pretty boy singer of "Connect 3"?

Shane:: Oh I See… And you must be the blonde slut the school's been expecting right?

Sharpay::(gasps) Get out.

Shane:: Get out? This is my room.

Sharpay:: My room.

Shane:: My room.

Sharpay:: My room. See?(waves a little paper in front of his face)

Shane:: (takes it)(reads) We can't be...sharing a room can we?

Sharpay:: No. Never. Daddy promised me a room of my own!

Shane:: We're going down to the office.

Sharpay::(runs out)

Shane::(follows her)

Let me fill you in on what was happening. I was sent away, by my parents to some boarding school in Florida! Apparently I was too much of a scandal, and I was going out and getting drunk too much...Stuff like that. Complaint after complaint after COMPLAINT! God, do all adults complain about things?

Anyways, so I came here, and now this jerk is arguing that the room was his! The paper I received clearly said "Sharpay Evans"not "Shane Grey".

Shanpay::(walk up to the principal) What is this?(point to each other)

Principal:: What do you mean?

Sharpay:: Well I'm new here, and I got papers and stuff from the front desk. So I went into my room and found him!

Shane:: What happened to that," No girls rooming with guys," Or whatever you said.

Principal:: Well, we had no more rooms available. Everyone else's but yours, Mr. Grey, was full.

Shane:: Are you sure it wasn't another Mr. Grey? I mean there are two others--

Principal:: Your brothers share a room Shane.

Sharpay:: So you mean we actually are...sharing a room? Together?


Shane:: C'mon! Can't we just give her the janitor's closet--

Principal:: That is enough Mr. Grey. You two are sharing a room. That's final.

Sharpay::(looks at Shane) I hate you.(walks out)

Shane::(walks out angrily)

So basically, I was sharing a room, with Shane Grey. Me and sharing don't go well. It's kind of like if you put a jean jacket, with the same coloured jeans! It would never ever go together, no matter what else you wear. Just like Shane and myself. We never will work together, no matter what. He was self centered, a male slut, and the biggest scandal his family has ever seen and was totally inconsiderate and arrogant. Nothing like me.

I walked angrily up to my, or wait, me and Shane's dorm.

Shane:: I can't believe I have to share a room...with you.

Sharpay:: Like wise.

I looked at a clock on the wall. It read. 12:30. Now that I think of it, I haven't eaten much all day, except the cookie on the plane ride here. And now that I think of it, I was craving any type of food. I stopped and turned back to Shane.

Sharpay:: Uhm Shane?

He stopped walking and looked kind of puzzled.

Shane:: Yeah? What's up?

Sharpay:: Where is the food building?

Shane:: You actually think I'm going to help you?

Sharpay:: Wow. You're that obnoxious.

Shane:; What? You wouldn't do that if I asked you something?


Shane:: Exactly.

Sharpay::(sighs) Fine. I'll find it by myself.

Shane:: Good.(walks away)

Well that was rude of him, I thought. I tried to ignore the fact that I would probably do the exact same thing. But it was just my human nature. It's the way I have always been. If my brother Ryan was here, he would show me. But he wouldn't know where it would be either, in that case, he would probably find it for me anyways.

I sighed and looked around. I walked through the foyer of the building and pushed through the front door and looked around campus. There were lots of people walking around. Some seemed rushed and some were just walking chatting and laughing with friends. It was Friday night, so that must have meant that school was out for 2 days. I saw some giggling girls walking past me.

Sharpay:: Excuse me?

Tess::(turns around) Are you talking to me?

Sharpay:: Uhm, yeah. I am actually. I was wondering--

Girl:: First off. No one around here is stupid enough to talk to her. Go away.

Sharpay:: But--

Tess:: Whatever. Loser.(walks away)

Sharpay::(rolls her eyes)(sighs)

Selena:: Don't sweat it, she's like that to everybody.

Sharpay::(turns around) Oh Hello.

Selena:: Your probably new?(smiles) I'm Selena.

Sharpay:: Sharpay.

Selena:: That's original. So what were you going to ask her? You seem...confused.

Sharpay:: Ugh, I'm angry. I'm stuck with a bitch of a roommate.

Selena:: I thought every room was full in here?

Sharpay:: Every room except one. I'm sharing a room with Shane.

Selena:: Shane? Shane Grey? As in the Shane Grey? Of "Connect 3"?

Sharpay:: Yup. That sounds about right.

Selena:: Oh my God. Oh My God. You are sooooo lucky!

Sharpay:: Yeah, you'd think.(sighs) Can you tell me where the lunch building is?

Selena:: Oh, it's just down that path on your right.

Sharpay:: Thanks.(walks off to the lunch room)

Okay, so far, I'm hating this school even more then I thought was possible. I pushed through the crowds of people, and followed through up the path. I looked to my right and saw the building. I walked inside and saw a large cafeteria, no East High cafeteria but it was something. It was crowded with people and loud chattering bounced off the high ceiling. I looked around and stood inline for a plate of food. There was a long line of people in front of me, but the line was going fast. Soon I was at the front and handed a plate of...I don't even know what. For one of the best boarding schools in the country the food sucked. It looked like some potatoes and a sandwich...But I couldn't make any promises.

I looked around for a table to sit down at, but it was hard to see through the thick crowd. I managed to push through all of the arrogant people, who didn't listen when I said," Move," or even look at me for that matter. They were all too busy talking with whoever. I found an empty round table and sat down.

I poked at my food, seeing if it would move. I mean honestly, I thought it was It was disgusting!

Sharpay::(poking at her food) Ew, ew, ew, ew, e--

Miley::(sits down across from her) What's wrong?

Sharpay::(looks up) Carbs. And it looks like crap.

Miley::(laughs a little) You must be the new girl. Sharpay right?

Sharpay::(smiles) Yup.(looks down and continues poking at her food)

Miley::(smiles hopefully) I like your dress. It's pretty.

Sharpay:: Thanks. D&G Original. Made just for me.

Miley:: Uhm, cool.

Sharpay:: Well, nice meeting you...

Miley::(sighs) The name's Miley.

Sharpay:: Miley I--

Nate::(sits down) Hello Ms. Stewart...And, new girl?

Sharpay:: Sharpay Evans.

Nate:: Oh you're Shane's new roommate right?

Sharpay::(sighs) Sadly...

Nate:: You know you're not as Shane describes.

Sharpay::(emotionlessly) People lie.

Miley:: Especially Shane...

Sharpay:: Anyways...Since Shane is being so kind and nice, tell me something that annoys him.

Nate:: He hates when people go on about things.

Miley:: If you were to talk to a person near him and go on about...clothes or something he would go insane.

Sharpay::(smirks) Thanks, Miley and...Nate right?


Sharpay:: Okay.(stands up) Thanks for the talk guys. See ya around.

I turned by back and walked out of the cafeteria walking back to my dormitory. I had an idea to annoy him, and I was definitely going to use it. This was going to be Fun.

In Sharpay and Shane's room

Sharpay:: Okay, I got an idea.

Shane::(turns around from the TV) Like?

Sharpay:: Well, first off, which bed can I have?

Shane:: Which bed would you like?

Did he actually just ask me what bed I would like?

Sharpay::(sits on the larger bed) Obviously the biggest one.

Shane:: Oh yeah, you mean my bed where I've fucked many many girls...

Sharpay::(gets up quickly) Okay, ew. I'll have the small one then...

Shane:: That's better.(smirks)

Sharpay:: You annoy me.

Shane:: That's it.(takes a piece of chalk from a near-by table and draws a line around the area he wants) This is my side of the room. That is yours.

Sharpay:: Why do you get the bigger space?

Shane:: Because I was here first. Fair.

Sharpay:: Not fair. I was here after you, so you should welcome me by letting me have the bigger space.

Shane:: You welcome people when you want them to stay.

Sharpay:: (groans) How about this..(steps along the line so it fades) We...(takes in a breath and exhales) Share.

Shane:: (fake smiles) I can't wait.(drops his smile)

Sharpay:: Me too.(sighs and sits on her bed and flips open her phone)

I pretended to dial a number into my phone. And held it to my ear.

Sharpay:: Oh My GOSH!(tries to think of a name) Chelsea!! Long time no talk! How are you...Oh No WAY! She did what? They are soo not going out!....No way!...No way! I can not believe that! But did you see the dress she wore that day?! It was HIDEOUS! I mean like there were sparkles, and lines, and sequins and all this crap....I know! I loved my outfit. You know those jeans?...No not those ones. The ones I bought at the place next to the place we always go for coffee next to the place that's next to that place?….OH MY--

Shane::(flips the phone closed) Shut up.

Sharpay:: (gasps) I was having an important conversation!

Shane:: I'm sure you were.(imitates her) No way! No way! No WAY!!

Sharpay:: Did I bother you?(smirks then walks into the bathroom to look at herself)

Shane::(gets it) HEY! You did that on PURPOSE!

Sharpay:: Did I Shane?(smirks as she brushes her hair)

Shane::(sighs) Idiot...(about to leave the dorm)

Sharpay:: (pops her head out of the door)Where are you going?

Shane:: Away from you Ms. Know-it-all.

Sharpay::(sarcastic) I wonder where at 12 AM...Hmm...Where would Shane Grey go? Oh I get it! You're going to some club to be the man whore you are!

Shane:: I hate you!(opens the door and slams it behind him)

Sharpay:: I hate you too sweetie!(smirks) HALLELUJAH!

Shane:: (from outside) I HEARD THAT!


At A Club Where Jason,Nate and Shane all meet up

Shane::(on his 5th shot) Gimme another!

Female Bartender:: Are you sure? I mean you look kinda wiped out.

Shane:: J-J-Just gimme another!

Female Bartender::(smiles fakely) Sure sweetie.(hands him a shot) How's that?

Shane::(drinks it) Great t-t-thanks.(stumbles off to find Jason and Nate)

Nate:: Oh hey Shane.(looks at him)

Shane:: Who's there?(looks around aimlessly)

Nate:: Uhh Nate?

Shane:: Oh Nate buddy! How are you?(almost falls over)

Nate:: (catches him and stands him up again)You're drunk aren't you?

Shane:: Nah Nah Nah...(calls Sharpay)

Nate:: WHo are you calling?

Sharpay::(picks up) Hello?


Sharpay:: Shane? You're drunk aren't you?

Shane:: NO! I'M F-F-FINEE!!

Sharpay:: Yes you are. Can you put Nate on the phone?

Shane:: Who's that?

Sharpay:: Nate. You know, curly hair, brown eyes, probably wearing a plaid shirt--

Shane:: OH HIM!!(takes the phone and puts the phone to Nates ear) BUDDY Someone's on the phone for you!

Nate:: What the hell Shane?!(holds the phone) Hello?

Sharpay:: Oh hi Nate. It's just me.

Nate:: Oh hey Sharpay! What's wrong?

Sharpay:: Well, nothing really. Shane just called me up drunk...I knew he was. He's so easy to read.

Nate::(laughs) You've known him for so little time, and you know him already.

Sharpay:: Yup.(smiles)

Nate:: Oh My God.(looks to Shane) Shane's...being Shane. Gotta go.(hangs up)

A Week Later

It's been a week since I came here. And I had to say, it was pretty cool...Except one thing. I looked over to Shane who was sleeping in his bed. He had been out untill 3 am last night, and he was obviously tired. I was tempted to draw on his face, but then he would do the same to my beautiful face. The room's phone started ringing and I picked it up quickly.

Sharpay:: Hello?

Jessica:: Hey Sweetie. It's your mother. How are you doing over in Florida?

Sharpay:: Mom, you sent me here. I didn't want to go. How do you think it's going?

Jessica:: Sharpay...

Sharpay:: The worst part is I have to share a room with a guy.

Jessica:: That can't be all bad.

Sharpay:: He's not just any guy. He's Shane Grey mom.

With the sound of his name Shane woke up almost instantly. Ugh...He is so obnoxious.

Jessica:: Sharpay, your too much.

Shane:: Sharpay?

Sharpay::(to Shane) Hang on.(to her mom) Mom, I'm telling you--

Jessica:: Don't j--

Sharpay::....Judge a book by its cover. Yeah yeah I know.

Jessica:: Sharpay, that's enough.

Sharpay::(angry) Fine. Good bye.(hangs up)

Shane:: Who was that?

Sharpay:: My mother.

Shane:: What's wrong with that?

Sharpay:: She thinks "I'm, too much". That's why she sent me here.

Shane:: Funny, mine thinks the same. And that's why I'm here.

Sharpay:: Wow, something in common, that's a first.

Shane::(smiles) Yes it is.(lays back in his bed)

Sharpay:: You feel like crap don't you?

Shane:: Yup.

Sharpay:: Serves you right.(pauses) So how many girls?

Shane:: 2.

Sharpay:: God, you're sick.

Shane:: At least I'm not obsessed with some Troy guy.

Sharpay:: I am--Wait! How the hell do you know that?!
Shane:: Yearbook of your was left open at the table. All around some guy you put," I heart Troy!"

Sharpay::(blushes) Ooopss...

Uhm, yeah. Serious oops. Shane did not need to know that!

Shane:: I made you blush!

Oh fuck. I'm blushing.

Sharpay:: You did not.(blushes more) I'm just…hot.

Shane:: Sure.

Sharpay:: Fine. Be like that.(gets up and goes to the stereo)(turns the music up really really loud) HOW'S THAT MR. HANGOVER?!(sticks out her toungue)

Shane:: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(covers his ears)

(someone knocks at the door)

Sharpay::(answers it) Oh hey Jason. What's up?

Jason:: Nothing much...(notices the music) Should I even ask?

Sharpay:: Better not to ask.(smiles)(turns behind her and yells purposly) SHANNNEEE!!!!

Shane::(annoyed) What?!

Sharpay:: Jason's here!

Shane:: Ugh.(puts a pillow over his head)

Sharpay:: Your such an asshole! Get up!(tries to pull the pillow off his head)

Shane::(pulls it back) GO!

Sharpay:: NO! Get *pull* Up!

Shane::(pulls back harder)

Sharpay:: WOAH!(flies into Shane's bed)

Shane::(laughs a little smirking) Your in my bed.

Sharpay::(gets up quickly and gets out of the bed) EW! EW! EW! EW!

Jason::(just stands there entertained)

Shane::(starts laughing)

Sharpay:; You think that's funny?!

Shane::(laughing hard into his pillow) YES!

Sharpay:: Be like that then!(jumps on his back and pulls his hair)

Shane:: OW! OW! OW! OW! OW!

Sharpay:: Who's laughing now?!

Shane::(looks for Sharpay's hair then pulls it)

Sharpay:: OW! OW! OW! OW! OW!

Shane:: Me!

Miley::(runs in) Jason! I heard yelling and screaming and I--(looks at Shane and Sharpay pulling each other's hair)

Shane::(hits her in the face with the pillow) HA!

Sharpay::(pressure points him)

Shane:: Owwww....

Miley:: How long have they been at this?

Jason:: About a minute now.

Miley:: They really hate each other.

Shane::(pulls Sharpay's hair)

Sharpay::(lets go and screams) OW OW OW OW OW!!!!

Jason:: Yeah, at first I thought they were just gonna hate each other for a second…But I was wrong.

Shane::(pulls her ear) GO AWAY!

Sharpay:: NO!

Shane:: I HATE YOU!

Sharpay:: I HATE YOU TOO!(gets up) Oh hello Miley.

Miley:: Hey Sharpay.

Sharpay:: Sorry about that...What's up?

Miley:: Well I was going to ask if you all wanted to go to the mall, but since we're all here...

Shane:: I'M IN!(gets up)

Sharpay:: Whatever happened to you?

Shane:: I'm better now.(smirks)

Sharpay:: Oh you mean." there is girls where Miley and Sharpay shop so let's see if one will come home with me"!(frowns)

Shane:: Read my mind.(smirks)

Sharpay:: (glares) I'm sick of going to Miley's dorm ffor the night...(sighs)Whatever. I'm getting dressed.

Shane:: Me too.

Sharpay:: I'm getting the bathroom!(runs for it)

Shane:: Not so fast!(runs for it)

Nate:: (walks in, almost gets thrown over by Shane and Sharpay running) What the hell?

Miley:: Shane and Sharpay running for the bathroom.

Jason:: Will they ever stop?


We were at the mall now. The one in here in Florida wasn't nearly as nice as the ones in California, but they'd do. I was in a store full of designer clothes. I wasn't sure what it was called, all I know is that it had mixed designers put on racks in order from biggest size to smallest. I spotted a sparkly pink dress and picked it up. It was my size.

Sharpay:: Oooo! This is soo cute! I'm buying this.

Miley looked at me then the price tag then looked up again at me, her eyes wide.

Miley:: This one skimpy dress costs more than all my clothes put together. Only those three over there, buy that kinda stuff.

I looked out the store window only to see Shane, surrounded by a bunch of girls. Smiling, he looked at me then smirked. I made an annoyed face, blew a kiss and rolled my eyes at him.

Sharpay:: I only see Shane. And some stupid, stupid girls around him.

Miley:: Correction. Jason and Nate buy all the really high end expensive guitars, keyboards, piano, bass and whatever else they do. Shane...he buys all the crazy outrageous expensive clothes.

Sharpay::(picks up another dress) Because he's obnoxious.

Miley:: Sharpay, you buy all the crazy expensive outrageous clothes too.

Sharpay::(silent) Whatever Miley.

I did not have anything in common with that jerk. Nothing. Never, ever. I'm not a jerk, I'm not self centered, I'm just better then everyone else.

I caught Miley eyeing a shirt, a really nice blue one actually. I smiled.

Sharpay:: You like it?

Miley::(looks at Sharpay and smiles) Yeahh. I do.

Sharpay:: See?(thinks) hey, can I give you a makeover?

Miley:: I don't know...

Sharpay:: Pleaasseeee???

Miley:: Wow, you actually said "Please,"...Why not?(smiles)

Sharpay:: Yay!(smiles) Let's go.

I was so excited! I was giving my friend Miley a make-over! It was one of my favourite things to do, this was going to be fun. With that, I bolted to the 'small' rack and picked out loads and loads of glamorous clothes. I threw them back to her and she caught them. She started laughing at one point, at how many clothes I was pulling out. After I was done, we walked back into the changing room area. A saleswoman greeted us and lead us to a small room with a paneled door. Miley went into the room and threw the clothes on the floor.

Miley:: Sharpay are you sure this stuff is going to fit?

Sharpay:: It's going to look perfect.(smiles) After this, we'll get your hair coloured.

Miley:: Oh God. No blonde please?

Sharpay::(laughs) As tempting as it is...No. I'll just get you some highlights.

Miley:: No make-up?(smirks)

Sharpay:: You think I forgot?(smiles) Of course. I have more make-up then the store does themselves.

Miley:: That I can believe.(giggles)

I was just about to say something when I heard a familiar voice behind me.

Shane:: Hey girls.

Sharpay::(turns around annoyed) What are you doing here?

Shane:: Just wanted to come visit.(smirks)

Sharpay::(hits him in the arm hard) YOU PIG! GET OUT!

Shane:: No.(laughs)

Sharpay:: Leave.

Shane::(takes one of her bags that was sitting on the floor) Now do you want me to leave?

Sharpay::(gasps) Give it back. Don't make me jump on your back.

Shane:: Never.(about to run)

Sharpay:: That's it. I warned you.(jumps on his back) Give it!

Shane:: No!

Sharpay:: I'm going to pull your hair.

Shane:: I'm going to pull yours then.

Sharpay:: Fine!(pulls his hair)

Shane:: OW! OW! OW! OW!

Miley::(from inside the changing room) C'mon guys

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