A dream

Snape watched as the Boy Who Lived walked towards him in deep thought. He stepped out of the shadows but the boy didn't notice him and walked straight past.

"Mr Potter, why aren't you in your bed where you're meant to be?" Snape demanded.

Harry's head snapped up, his face unusually closed off. "I'm sorry, sir. I'll go back to the dorms."

A long fingered hand reached out and stopped him. "Why is it that you wander the Halls so frequently, Mr Potter?"

Harry regarded him for a moment. "Normally I walk to forget after a nightmare or vision."

"Normally?" Severus questioned

"Yeah, it's hard to go back to sleep after a visitation to 'Tom my knickers are too tight Riddle's' mind"

Severus fought a smile. "I can see why that would be. I take it that your normal reason is not the cause of tonight's delinquency?" Severus motioned for them to start walking.

Harry walked alongside the Potions Master. "Tonight I needed to think."

"Do you perhaps need to visit the hospital wing after such an endeavour?" Severus asked with a straight face.

Harry turned to look at Severus before laughing softly. "Bloody hell you made a joke! Now I've seen everything."

"Come along Mr Potter answer the question." Snape snapped, uneasy with the familiarity.

"I'm just a bit confused right now, nothing to worry about. And Dumbledore doesn't need to know about it." Harry sighed, not wanting to talk about it but knowing he would have to anyway.

"What is confusing you? You were so lost in your thought you failed to see me standing right next to you. You may confide in me. Rest assured of my discretion; I will tell no one, and it often helps to talk."

"Well as I'm obviously still dreaming sure why not. I'll wake up in a few hours and all be back to normal," he shrugged. "I don't know what I'm doing anymore. I had a date last week with a Ravenclaw girl. It was horrible. She was... too soft. She kissed me and I know I'm meant to like it, but it was horrible. Then later that week when I was in Hogsmeade, I met up with some of the Weasley's Bill and Charlie. Charlie picked me up and hugged me. I felt more from that. More in just that simple hug, than the stupid kiss. I have no idea what this means." Harry said sounding lost and frustrated.

"Have you never considered that perhaps you prefer the company of males rather than that of females?" Snape asked pensively.

"Not until last week." Harry answered honestly.

"Perhaps you should ask one of the Mr Weasley's for a date then." Snape sneered his distaste obvious in his voice.

Harry snorted. "No offence to any of them but I see them as brothers and none of them really does it for me."

"Who exactly 'does it for you'?" Snape probed.

"I guess someone like you. That's probably why I'm dreaming about you. It's not like it's the first time."

"You've dreamt about me?" Snape asked surprised.

"Yes, a few times. I couldn't really tell it was you until recently when I started to think about the dreams properly, but I was definitely you. You pushing me against a wall and bending to kiss me... but I always wake up just before you do." Harry said looking up for the first time. They were almost at the Fat Lady's corridor. "Time for the dream to end I guess. You didn't even try to kiss me this time." Harry said sadly.

Severus stopped and pushed Harry gently against the wall. "Is that want you want Mr Potter? For me to kiss you? I must warn you I don't share."

"You wouldn't have to share, after all there's only one of you." Harry said with a small smile as the normally dour man bent his head his lips twisting into a small smile.

Their lips met in a gentle but passion-filled kiss. Harry attempted to deepen it but Severus pulled back.

"Sleep well, Harry." Severus's voice was ragged.

"I'm already asleep Sev. That is why you didn't take house points or give me detention... and you kissed me. Definitely a dream. A wonderful dream, but a dream none the less."

"Bed." Snape ordered his face split into a full smile now.

The next morning Harry woke up happier than he had felt in a long time. He headed down to the Great Hall with the rest of the Gryffindors. As he ate his breakfast. The owl post was delivered as normal, but Harry was surprised to see an owl landing in front of him. Taking the small scroll, he read the simple note

It was not a dream