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Chapter Three

Later that evening while Severus was busy marking papers, an owl flew through the window that had been installed for that purpose. It was the same owl that had delivered the note that morning Severus realised.

"Do you have something for me?" He asked shooing the avian away from the abysmal essay he was trying to marking, and not set on fire.

The owl stood still and held out its leg for Severus to remove the parchment secured there.

When it was removed the little owl flew up and landed on Severus' shoulder.

"You're a nosy little thing aren't you? Very well, I shall read you the letter. You had better stay anyway in case I shall want to reply.

Dear Severus.

"Cheeky brat, I never gave him permission to use my given name."

Before you get uppity about me using your first name,

"Not a word, or squawk bird," Severus threatened.

I thought after the last two nights... Confessions however unwittingly made.

"When did Harry Potter become so eloquent?" Severus mused to himself.

I'm sure you have questions, I know I do.

Severus snorted and shook his head. "I take it back, he's still a dunderhead," Severus sniggered at the owl's indignant hoot.

I'll answer the questions I think you have first shall I? Ok here goes. Firstly, was anything I said in the corridors true? Let's get the big one out of the way. Yes I did I meant every word. Yes I have dreamt about you with increasing frequency and intensity for over a year now.

"Holy shit!" Severus was speechless, he dropped the letter and gracefully crossed the room to pour himself a glass of Firewhiskey.

"How can he like me in that way? It cannot be true. But I wasn't lying that night," Severus sat back down owl still in toe. "By god, it is true," Severus picked up the letter again.

I had every intention of pestering you every day after graduation to get you to agree to be at least my friend and work on the rest from then. But then the hallway happened.

"At least he didn't use inverted comers or call it something equally dramatic like 'the hallway incident'."

And you kissed me, and told me you didn't share.

"Too bloody right I don't," Severus sneered at the offending page.

I was convinced it was a dream, until I got your note. I was totally shocked.

"That was the plan idiot boy," Severus said without its usual malice.

I am not an idiot.

"Lucky guess," Severus insisted.

Then I had to know if you meant it

"Of course you did. 'Leave well alone,' never was your motto was it." Severus muttered.

That's why I came to your rooms last night. I wanted the opportunity to ask you questions when you were in the same state I was.

"Very Slytherin of you, quite an attractive quality I must admit," Severus said with a small but genuine smile.

I quite like the idea's you came up with, I had the under the desk one too, and kissing you in the Great Hall.

"Sweet Merlin, he would too."

Did you ever have the one where you made me come with a toy while I was in class? Or how about the one where we spent 24 hours in bed, just exploring?

"No, but now I do!" Severus said as he was assaulted images.

Now the only question is: do you really want me? I want you Severus, all that you are, all that you have been and all that will be thrown at us in the times to come.

"Bloody soppy Gryffindor," Severus said affectionately.

So I need you to tell me, do you want me, plain old Harry Potter, not the boy who lived or any other gobshite they come up with?

"Do I want him? He's a damn sexy younger man who is loyal to a fault, intelligent when he puts his mind to it. Brave and sneaky, apparently we have similar fantasies. Of course I want him. But he should be with some young girl, or boy for that matter. I can't have him." Severus said sadly.

Just say that you want me.


"I want you, Harry," Severus whispered.

The owl jumped down and landed on Severus' knee, where it began to change. Severus soon found himself with a lap full of Harry Potter.

"I told you I didn't walk in," Harry said cheekily.

"We shouldn't do this, the wizarding world would turn on us," Severus pointed out.

Harry snorted. "Not like it's the first time that's happened is it? For either of us. We could leave the country or find somewhere secluded. Just the two of us," Harry rattled of some suggestions.

Severus looked up into Harry's hopeful eyes and found himself unable, and unwilling to refuse him. "Alright, I'll make you an offer. We can commence a relationship..." Severus placed a finger on Harry's lips to stop him from interrupting, "However, not until after graduation. I will not compromise my integrity."

Harry nodded eagerly. He could understand that, and respect it.

"Go on then Brat, go to bed," Severus said pushing him off his lap gently.

Harry transformed back into his owl form and flew back to his dorm's, all the while planning kissing Severus on graduation day. Perhaps one of their fantasies could come true. They had all the time in the world to work on the rest.

All the time in the world to work on turning their dreams into their reality.