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This is my first mildly decent Percy Jackson fanfic. I first wrote it on an extremely humid idyllic summer day....enjoy!

Winter Solstice, A.D. 2000

Above the Empire State building, in a great hall atop a huge mountain, there was a beautiful woman kneeling before a large, solid platinum throne.

The hall was so huge, it would make Grand Central Station look like a broom closet. There were 12 thrones like the first one arranged in an inverted U around a central hearth. A small girl, about 8 or 9 years old, was tending to the fire burning there.

"So you disobeyed my commands," said a booming voice from the throne.

The woman said, "Lord Zeus, I-" but was interrupted:

"I told you to stop meddling in the affairs of mortals, Aphrodite. You have failed to do so. Your punishment-"

At that moment, the rest of the gods entered for the Council at Winter Solstice. They all took seats in their individual thrones.

"Ooh, Little Miss Perfect is in trouble!" said Artemis gleefully, for she was the goddess of eternal maidenhood, whereas Aphrodite was the goddess of love.

Artemis, who was in the form of a 12-year-old girl, smiled at the grown woman, and Aphrodite snarled back.

Zeus cleared his throat. "As I was saying, your punishment will be 1000 years at the Demigod School, teaching Health and Beauty."

Aphrodite wailed; she hated all children, unless they were beautiful, in love, or her own.

But Zeus wasn't finished. "And, for the next 5000 years, you will be in the service of your dear friend Artemis and her lieutenant, Zoƫ Nightshade. And-"

"Brother, I think that's enough," said Zeus's brother, Poseidon. "She'll learn her lesson."

Zeus rolled her eyes but acquiesced. He clapped his hands twice, and a strong wind began to blow. A bright white light shone, and Aphrodite was blown backwards out of the hall.

"Right. Any other business?"


Nearly 6 years had passed since Aphrodite had been banished to the Demigod School, but she was still completely miserable.

The way she saw it, if Mr. D., the principal- another banished god-thought her work wasn't satisfactory, then she might be allowed to go back to Olympus. Of course, Zeus had known she would think that, and had ordered to completely ignore it, but Aphrodite didn't know that. So, in this way she became the worst Health & Beauty teacher the Demigod School had ever seen.

Every day she would walk into the classroom looking terrible. Her hair would be flying in all directions, and she would be dressed in rags. Then Aphrodite would let all the students do whatever they pleased without ever teaching them a single thing.

Then one thing changed that. It was the arrival of her most beautiful demigod daughter yet.

"Eww, Amelia, fix your hair!"

Amelia laughed at her friend's comment. "Isn't it beautiful?"

Amelia's friend, Izabel, started chasing Amelia around their dorm room, Someone knocked, and, breathless, Izabel opened the door.

Elizabeth Carrow walked into the room, uninvited, leaving a girl of about 13 standing shyly in the doorway.

Elizabeth was a daughter of Athena, and she thought she was better than everyone else because of it.

"So, Amelia, Izabel, you're in charge of her."

Elizabeth stormed out of the room.

"I have a name, you know," called the girl.

"What is it?" Amelia asked.

"None of your business."

She tried to walk back out of the room, but Izabel grabbed her wrist.

"What is your name?"

"Emma Sofia Litshire, ma'am."

Izabel blinked, then fell back on her bed, laughing.

Amelia, however, didn't find making fun of new students funny at all.