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Chapter 21- The Legend

Jake's POV

"You took away my imprint now face me like a man," I growled.

"A little pushy, now aren't we?" Aaron replied, shifting to a human. I grabbed the front of his shirt, pulling him close.

"If anything happens to my Bella, you will pay for it. I'm not going to put up with any of your crap so you better tell me right now why I'm here."

"You're here because you wanted to know why we are here." He responded with a sly smile. I pushed him to the ground in frustration.

"Jake, ałilà-cha'?" Quil asked in Quileute so the foxes couldn't understand, surprising me because I didn't know he had phased.

"Jared, watch him." I said before walking away with Quil. "What do you mean?"

"You need to calm down. You aren't going to get anywhere if you continue acting this way." We were whispering, and I hoped we were quiet enough so the foxes couldn't hear us.

"And how do you expect me to do that?"

"Just try to be reasonable."

"He stole my imprint and you want me to be reasonable?"

"Fine. Continue this way and get nowhere." I didn't want to see that he had a point, but I had to admit he did.

"Fine, but only because I'll get back to Bella sooner." As we walked back to Aaron I tried to calm down. "Okay, Aaron, first things first, why do you hate me?" What? That's not what I meant to say. I wanted to ask why he wanted me here.

"Before I answer that, let me introduce myself." Oh, God, we were going to have to listen to this guy's entire history. "My name is Aaron Michael Black."

"Wait. What? Black as in…" I couldn't get myself to finish the sentence.

"Yes, as in related to you Jacob Ephraim Black."

"H-How is this possible?"

"I'm your cousin, not direct of course, but some distant cousin nonetheless. Apparently some of the stories weren't passed down. Kind of like the one that says that you aren't a werewolf." I looked at Quil and he shrugged. "I see that I actually know more than you." Someone guffawed behind us, "Lucas, do you have something to say?" Aaron questioned.

"Nope" he said, clearly holding back laughter.

"Let me rephrase that, Lucas. What do you find so funny?"

"Oh, nothing."

"Lucas," Aaron growled.

"My, God, can we just continue? You two can continue with this ridiculousness later." I said, exasperated. "What are the stories that my tribe has left out?"

"Well, I came over here to let you know that some of us are going for a run." Lucas said before walking away. I wasn't sure if he was telling me or Aaron, but I was guessing it was to make Aaron look more like a leader after what just happened between the two.

"Embry, go with them." Leah whined impatiently as Embry left, following Lucas. "Leah and Seth, set up a perimeter I want to know if anyone comes." Leah let out a happy yip, and they ran off. With me I still had Jared, in wolf form, and Quil, in human form.

"You aren't a werewolf, Jacob Black, though they do exist, they actually follow the werewolf rules. They only change on full moons and the whole silver bullet crap. But you are a shape shifter. Our ancestors could have picked any animal, but yours picked a wolf."

"I'm guessing yours picked a fox."

"Yes, Taha Aki picked a wolf, but his brother, Tokala, picked a fox. Taha Aki and Tokala never got along very well since their father chose Taha Aki instead of Tokala to be the new Chief. So Tokala picked a fox to disrespect his brother. Taha Aki had put up with him enough times and didn't want to deal with this, too, so he exiled him from the tribe. Tokala left, hoping to make his own pack. His plan was to come back to Taha Aki's tribe and defeat him. He created his own pack and after years of training they returned to Taha Aki. They thought this was going to be an easy win since Taha Aki wasn't expecting anything. What they didn't expect was the wolf's natural instincts and its size. Tokala was just a regular fox size, but the wolves had grown over the years. Tokala knew that anyone who tried to fight Taha Aki's tribe would die so he sent in his pack, but he fled.

"He didn't know that one of his pack mates, Wanikiya, had also seen that it was a suicide mission and had also escaped. He hid in the woods nearby, in case there were any fox survivors in the end. He saw Tokala leaving the scene and followed him, quickly realizing that he was going back to their village. Wanikiya knew he couldn't let Tokala back into the village because he would just create another pack, but this time he would make it bigger."

"Wait, what do you mean, create?"

"Unlike you, who just has a pack, we must turn people by attacks. It must be in the fox form but it can be as simple as a scratch."

"But it has to be deep enough and there are ways to stop it." Some girl interrupted.

"Thank you, Carmen," Aaron responded sarcastically. "Where's Cameron? You two are never apart."

"Places" she responded vaguely.

"Right" he said raising an eyebrow. "Anyway, back to the legend, Tokala took his time getting back to the village; he would sleep at night while Wanikiya would continue running, trying to beat Tokala back to the village. Once Wanikiya made it back to the village he went straight to the Chief to tell him about what he had witnessed Tokala doing.

"It was decided that once Tokala returned, he would be killed to prevent the curse from spreading. Tokala's wife approached Wanikiya the night before Tokala was expected to return. She told him that she suspected that he was also a fox, but she needed his help. She was pregnant and wanted to know what the fate of her baby would now be. Would the baby grow up to be like its father or would it be a typical person? Would the Chief make her kill the baby? Wanikiya told her that she needed to get out. She needed to leave the village and forget about everything that happened. She needed to raise this baby as if it were a completely normal baby. She wanted him to come with her, but he refused saying they would suspect him if he just disappeared. He also had to stay with the tribe to protect them in case Tokala tried to attack.

She left that night and Tokala arrived the next morning. The tribe was ready for him and killed him as soon as he got back. Wanikiya left years later because the tribe started to notice that he wasn't aging and they were asking questions that he couldn't answer without also getting killed."

"Okay," I said slowly. "So, why am I here with my pack?"

"We want to join your pack."

"What? Why?" I asked him before turning to Jared, "I want everyone back here."

"Your pack is accepted by the people, somehow people find out about us when we are in their town or village and see us as a curse that must be killed off. We are constantly on the run, but if we join you then we can finally settle." He said as all the wolves and foxes came back into the clearing.

"Why would I let you join us if you always seem to let the people in on who you are? Most of my tribe doesn't know about us and if you turn other by attacks why would I risk the well-being of all my people?"

"We promise no attacks and we don't ever let people know who we are. We think that Wanikiya is still alive and trying to protect everyone we encounter."

"So what makes you think he won't tell my tribe?"

"We hope that he will see that you are accepted and won't bother us anymore."

"So you want me to risk the lives of my tribe and my pack's secret because of something you hope?"

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