by: bel-chan

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~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~ The Past~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~

In a sunny area deep within the forest, two childlike figures could be seen within the rays of the sun which seeped through the forest trees. A small girl of the age of 5 with dark black hair and deep brown eyes handed the other child, age of 7 with long silvery hair which hung past his red firerat coat, a half of a jade dragon pendent which hung on a gold necklace. The other half and matching twin was hung around Kagome's neck, the girl. The boy, Inuyasha, accepted the gift and placed it around his neck. The jewel itself, was pure white jade crested as a gentle dragon in a gold plate. There was minor scratches around the edge where it had broken in two.

"Keep this with you always, and one day, we'll meet again," said Kagome

" I wish you didn't have to move away, Kagome-chan" sighed Inuyasha

"Me too, but papa doesn't like me being near this forest which has youkai all over it..."said a sad Kagome

" what are these for again?" asked a confused Inuyasha

"Well, I keep one half, and you keep the other half, and one day we'll find each other with these jewel pieces. It won't be hard either. Mama said this was a family treasure or something, and there was only one of it in the world." anwsered Kagome.

" Okay Kagome-chan. I have to go before otousan yells at me for being late for dinner." said Inuyasha

" Yeah, I have to go to... I'll miss you though. Promise me that you won't forget me," asked a depressed Kagome

" I promise. I'll never forget you." assured Inuyasha

With that said, the two children hugged each other and parted their seperate ways........


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