Fragments of Time

By Bel-chan

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~*~*~*~ Memories That Start and End~*~**~*

Many disgruntled thoughts were plaguing Kagome as she hurriedly changed out of her dress, threw everything at a maid and jumped in the bath that her maid had prepared for her. 'Who was that man? He seems so...familiar. I feel as if I've known him..' Kagome bathed her hair in an orange smelling soap. ' He was very handsome, I daresay...' Kagome blushed at her own thought. ' I hope I should see him again...'

Kagome hurried the rest of her bath and grabbed the towel that her maid held for her. Wrapping it around herself, Kagome stepped out of her bath and on to a rug. Several maids with more towels hustled around Kagome, drying her off while others got her evening apparel ready. She was to wear a cherry blossom colored dress that was very loose. It was very modest and plain, with sleeves that hugged her arms up to the base of her neck. The gown flowed down to her ankles. There was a simple white bow at her back and the ribbon trailed down to the hem of the gown. Kagome's hair was done up in an elegant bun. Once the maids were done, they left her, all save one maid. She informed Kagome that Hojo would NOT be at tonight's dinner and Kagome rejoiced. Kagome walked much happier to dinner.

Kagome greeted her mother before sitting down at the table across from her. Many spoons, forks, and knives were laid out. Kagome almost wished she were back in Japan. In Japan there was only a pair of chopsticks and one soupspoon. But after her father had taken her and her mother and grandfather to London for business matters, she had to change her eating style. It was very hard for Kagome to adapt to eating and memorizing the big lines of silverware. Her mother had adapted very well. However, after they had moved, Kagome's mother became pregnant with a boy. Souta, the boy was called, died two weeks after birth because it wasn't strong enough to live. After that, Kagome's mother had a personality change. She was less warm to Kagome and sterner. Kagome had wished her father had never moved them to London. Kagome had friends in Japan. Once she moved she had to learn English and many new things. Her father was originally bilingual. He had taught Kagome how to speak and do many things. Kagome was very grateful.

Dinner was being cleared and Kagome decided to go out on an evening stroll around her family's garden before retiring. Excusing herself, she walked down the hall towards the back where the garden entrance was. She opened the door to smell many wonderful smells. Roses, Lillys, Chrysanthemums, and Cherry Blossoms greeted her. There was little pond usually reflected moonlight and created a luminous sight. But tonight was new moon. There was no light to reflect off the pond. The garden was almost in total darkness. Some rays from the sun painted the sky a wonderful purple color. Kagome sat down on a bench next to the pond and closed her eyes. She reveled in bliss.


Across town, Inuyasha was laying in a candlelit room at the temple next the Miroku. Miroku had put up a shield around their room and was praying silently to a golden statue of Buddha in front of him. Inuyasha scoffed quietly and watched the stars from a slight opening in the door. The stars glittered brightly on their own without being overshadowed by the moon that was usually there. Inuyasha scoffed at the stars. He was thinking intensely about his dream he had earlier that day. He wanted to remember his dream, but couldn't. Being frustrated, he turned over on his back and picked out from his shirt a long golden chain. The chain held a broken pendent. It glittered mercilessly from the star. It was a green dragon pendent.

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