I own nothing but my imagination. Twilight and all things related belong to the fabulous Stephenie Meyer

This is slight AU and a little OC, but not much. Bella moves to Forks for the same reasons with the same personality, but it's in August right before her 18th b-day. There are absolutely no Cullens in this. Sorry guys, but I am a Edward/Bella girl. I love J/B pairings, but only without E in the picture. So that's what I did, I eliminated him. Also Charlie knows about the wolves.

I was folding towels and looking out of the window at the beautiful sun. This is the first time I had seen it since I moved to Forks to live with my dad. Well since it isn't raining I suppose I could go for a walk. Maybe I'll bring a book just in case I find a nice place to bask in the sun. Grabbing my favorite book and a blanket from the hall closet I thought about my current situation. I chose this, this is what is best no need to get all bitter. At least once school starts I will meet some people and get out of the house. I better leave a note for Charlie. I grabbed a pen and a piece of paper from the drawer in the very yellow kitchen and wrote a note to Charlie telling him that I was going for a walk and would be back by dinner. I already started to make dinner about an hour ago. I had the steaks marinating in the fridge, goodness knows how my father fed himself all those years without me. I put on my light weight coat - in Phoenix this would be my winter coat - and headed outside. Not sure where to go from there, I noticed a little trail going off into the forest. Deciding that would be a safe way to explore my new surroundings, I went that way.

Who would think the last week of August could be this dreary? I bet in Phoenix it is 100 degrees and beautiful. Ok Bella, enough! Focus on where you are walking, who knows what you could trip over in these woods. Of course as soon I thought about where I was walking I tripped over a tree stump. "gah!" Checking myself over for injuries I decided I need to pack a first aide kit for the next excursion I take. Luckily I didn't need one this time, but who knows what could happen the next time I meet up with an unfriendly stump.

I hope I find a clearing soon, I am starting to think I have been transported back in time to before civilization with all of this greenery. I wonder if I can find my way back, Charlie always says to let the sun guide you. Too bad all I can see looking up is a dense canopy of dampness.

"Ooooh a clearing!" Shocking myself with my own voice I let out a little laugh and looked around.

Now where to put my blanket.... that spot looks nice with all of those wild flowers. At least now I can bask in the sun and pretend I am someplace warmer. I put down the blue blanket and got comfortable lying on my stomach with my head resting on my arms and got to work doing one of my favorite things, reading the amazing Jane.

Wow my neck is sore, how long have I been sitting here? Looking up I can see that the sun has moved quite a bit. I better get started on finding my way back to Charlie's house. I grabbed my blanket and tucked it under my arm with my tattered book and headed across the clearing to where I think I came from. That's when I noticed it, something moved very quickly, almost too fast for me to notice. It was to my right, the direction I just came from - I turned to see what it was and nothing was there. I know I saw something move, maybe it was a bird or maybe I am imagining things. It was also then that I realized I hadn't heard a single bird the whole time I had been reading. I know I heard them before and I remember seeing the most beautiful Blue Jay shortly after I tripped. Something is not right, I need to hurry, I have to get home, now.

"Oh hey, I've never seen you here before."

Say what? I turned around so fast I think it took my eyes a full three seconds to catch up. There stood a terrifyingly beautiful man with dark hair, deep eyes and full lips - not that I noticed - russet skin, abs of steel and cut off shorts. "uh what? I mean no. I mean who are you?" I stammered as I felt the familiar blush creep up on me.

The stranger laughed at me and then asked me who I was! Feeling slightly freaked out I answered in the safest way I knew. "I am Bella Swan, you know the police Chief's daughter." Who is this guy? So cute, those lips, those lips on mine. Oh my gosh what am I thinking? I have never thought things like that about someone I just met.

"No shit? I know Charlie and I believe I know you too" he took several confident steps toward me and gazed at me in what could only be described as awe. "I'm Jacob Black, Billy's son from the reservation." He seemed to be having a hard time getting the words out almost like he was out of breath, but he still held a voice of certainty "We used to play when we were little. Remember? I have older twin sisters Rachel and Rebecca." He finished with the sexiest smirk I have ever seen.

Shaking my head I realized I remembered him. I'm sure he was around my age, yet he doesn't look it now. He has certainly grown-up. I need to find a way out of this conversation before I do something rash, like pounce on Jacob. I don't know what has gotten over me. As normal as possible considering my lust induced state I answered him. "Of course I remember you! Wow you look totally different; I wouldn't have recognized you even if we were at your house." Once again I started to blush.

He chuckled then replied "Yeah well it has been what three years. You're almost eighteen now right? I think the last time I saw you, you were a very annoyed fourteen year old. I kept bugging you to go swimming and you didn't want anything to do with me." A shy smile crossed his face and the memories came flooding back.

"uh yeah, the water was freezing and you couldn't understand that seventy degrees was way too cold for swimming. Speaking of freezing, where are your clothes?"

"What? I have clothes on. Well an article of clothing counts as clothes. Don't give me that look. You are only cold because you are used to dessert heat. Seriously a coat? Totally not necessary Bells."

"hmph, its what in the sixties, that is way too cold for cut offs." I glared at him, how dare he make fun of my coat. "Besides I was just leaving when you came and scared the crap out of me. What are you doing out here anyway?"

Now he really seemed to be at a loss for words. I don't think he was expecting me to defend my coat and ask him why he was here. In all fairness he gained his composure quickly and answered in a husky voice. "I always come here; this is my special place. I like to sort of be free when I get to this meadow. It always makes me happy."

He stepped closer to me, I could smell him now. Oh sweet Jesus he smelled amazing. It looked like he was smelling me too, how odd. Before I realized what I was doing I was leaning into him and closing my eyes taking in his scent. He smelled like man, woods, sex and musk, with a hint of sweetness. Breathing deep I stood on my tiptoes to get a better angle. The next thing I knew I was kissing him. It was like every nerve ending in my body was on fire. My heart was beating out of my chest and all I could think about was how I wanted Jacob, now.

"Bella," Jacob breathed into my neck. That one word did things to me that I never knew existed.

"mmm" was all I could manage.

"I think I should walk you home now. I wouldn't want Charlie getting worried. Of course if you want to keep this up we can do that too."

Oh shit! What am I doing!? I frantically pulled away blushing scarlet and apologizing profusely. "J- J- Jacob I uh, so sorry. I don't know what came over me. I have NEVER done that before, I swear." I looked at him pleading.

"Calm down Bells, its ok. I know you haven't done that before. Come on lets start heading back to Charlie's house." Jacob took my blanket from me and grabbed my hand to lead me back onto the path to my house.

I almost jumped the poor guy again just from him holding my hand. I need to get a hold of myself. I didn't dare speak the entire walk back. It took about 20 minutes and I could tell he kept looking at me. I refused to look at him. I just couldn't, he must think I'm all sorts of crazy. Flinging myself at a guy I just met in the woods. Well I didn't just meet him per say, but still.

When we got to the door Jacob hugged me and told me he would be back at eight and to make sure I was ready. Ready? Ready for what?! Then he disappeared into the woods again. I know the reservation is at least 20 miles or so from here. How did he plan on getting back? I wonder if parked his car off of the road by the meadow.