This story takes place after special 2, because that one was awesome :D


Alice was sure the blame was at Sharon. If it weren't for her, the guys would've never quoted those cheesy things. That stupid clown would've never made her feel this edgy. So instead of asking Sharon what the feeling was, she had jumped behind the table, glaring at him and telling him off.

First of all, it disturbed her that Gilbert was telling cheesy things to Oz. She knew about the whole master-complex the seaweed-head seemed to posses, but that scene was pretty silly, seeing Sharon clearly told them to direct it to Alice, and not Oz.

It made her think weirdly, because she has indeed, read a few of Sharon's novels. Sure, she had been disgusted with the one Sharon called yaoi, but the information came in handy. She'd need to confront Gilbert about it. No way he was touching her manservant! That weird preferance might pass over onto her, and she really, really, did not need to cling to Sharon.

Second of all, Oz had treated her like he treated all those stupid 'cute' girls out there. Wasn't she special or something?! He could've at least come up with a special speech.

And last but not least; the clown. At first, she couldn't get her eyes off Emily's hair, blowing in the wind that seemed to come out of nowhere, and wondered if she ended up in one of Sharon's novels; the scenery was idiotic.

But then that darn Clown turned to her and actually gave her a look that's supposed to let girls melt, and Alice wasn't any ordinary girl, so she still despises him and that freakish doll of him - but it did melt.

Now, a day later, Alice stared at her steak. She didn't even feel that hungry, and boringly poked her food around the plate.

"Miss Alice, please pass me that tray~" Break said, motioning to the tray on Alice's left. She snorted and looked away. "Get it yourself."

Seeing no other way to obtain the chocolaty pastry, Break leaned into Alice, his arm stuck out to grab the tray. Alice made a face just as he pulled back with the tray and plopped a pastry in his mouth.

The bad thing was; seaweed head saw it.

Alice raised one eyebrow, and Gilbert mimicked her, before a glint passed his eyes. He smiled deviously after a second or two, and she looked away quickly. Did he see? How could he have seen something that wasn't there?! Alice mentally scowled at her thoughts. The only thing Gilbert could possibly see was her dislike for Break… Oh well.

"Hey, Oz." Alice called out sternly and Oz turned his head. "What is it, Alice?" He responded with the sweet tune only he could muster. Alice smirked. "Can I fall in love?"

Gilbert and Reim (who just entered the room), widened their eyes, and Oz proceeded into choking in his tea, to which Gilbert frowned concerned, completely forgetting the earlier question.

Oz coughed before chuckling at the unexpected question of his dear friend. Sure, Alice knew he didn't mind answering her every question, she knew he found her lack of knowledge 'cute'.

"I suppose you can." Oz replied smartly, hiding as much as information when he saw Sharon's excited glint to yet again, teach the girl something again. "Why would you ask that?"

"I must say, I am most curious as well~" Break suggested and Alice plainly ignored him.

"Oh miss Alice, is there someone who has caught your eye?" Sharon bursted out after finishing her tea rather quickly. Alice scrunched her nose but refrained from responding harshly to the noble girl, but suddenly, a pink air surrounded them and she swore she saw sparkles. "Oh Alice, how wonderful!" Oh no, her girl-mode was swapped on.

"Eeh... I think the idea is rather ridiculous." Gilbert pointed out, before being hit repeatedly by Sharon, who had pulled out a cat-plushie. Oz smiled before turning to Alice, still with a questionable look in his eyes.

"No. Just asking." Alice pointed out clearly, accidentally looking at Break. He grinned knowingly - why knowingly? The guy didn't know anything! Argh! - and turned around to continue eating his pastries. "Seaweed head always rants on and on how I'm a Chain, so maybe I couldn't. Not that I would want too."

Oz faked a glare to Gilbert, who, in response, looked away annoyed. After a small second of silence, Oz began another subject and Alice stared at him and Gilbert absentmindedly, leaning down on the table with her elbows again.

"Break, give me that." Alice ordered and automatically Break shoved the tray with pastries to her. Pointlessly, she started to look at it, trying to decipher which might be the most tasty one, before noticing it had gone silent. "…What?" She snorted when she noticed they were looking at her too.

"Did you just call him Break?" Gilbert asked incredulously, staring and Alice tensed as Break smirked evilly, only for her to see. "No! I said creep!" Understanding it was a mistake on Alice's part, everyone went back to what they were doing, including Alice avoiding Break's gaze.

This was going to be a long day, Alice thought as she plopped a - rather disgusting one, if she might add! - pastry in her mouth.

My first attempt at a Pandora Hearts fic T.T Please tell me if you like it or not, and what can be better xD Also, BREAK-ALICE needs more love people! Come on~