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Chapter 11

As soon as Sharon came into the room Alice jumped from her chair, flew behind Oz and hissed at her like a cat. Sharon smiled dangerously and Oz shuddered, hoping he wouldn't be caught in the middle of some cat-fight. He didn't even know what was going on! Normally Alice put up with the sisterly behaviour of the manor's Lady, but this was getting out of hand! She didn't even treat Gilbert this way! He felt Alice release him from a death grip slowly.

Oz gently muttered some excuse and sat down on the couch, far, far away from the tensed electric line between Sharon and Alice, and awkwardly tried conversation with Gilbert. From the corner of his eye he saw Alice silently stepping backwards to the door and smiled lightly when he noticed how much she changed over the months. Too bad it wasn't because of himself though. But he wouldn't dare interfering with them. He knew the impact of Alice's fist if he did. And not on his face, no. Oz's face scrunched at the memory and he crossed his legs protectively.

Sharon nonchalantly sat down on a chair and looked at Alice, ready for conversation. Alice tried to waver away from the girl.

"Hey, seaweed head! I want meat."

Gilbert looked slightly miffed and snorted. "Get it then."

"Fine. I'll go and steal it."

"Nope, not falling for it."


"Stupid rabbit."

"Why you-!"

The moment she succesfully succeeded in making Sharon look at Gilbert, she made beeline for the secondary door behind her, leaving the room and Sharon with a pout.

What happened you ask? Let me explain a little.

No servant really dared to come in Sharon's room and change her sheets, refresh her pyjama or serve some tea. No. No servant dared.

"I don't want this!" Alice yelped, trying to get away. Sharon held her in a death grip though, smiling devilishly, looking at a chair and some ropes close to it. Alice got the point and stopped struggling, looking like an animal caught in a trap. Oh boy, if only Oz was here to enjoy the show.

"I've noticed some changes between you and Break, sweet Alice!" Sharon began sweetly, pushing Alice down on the chair and looking down on her. Alice gulped.

"Oh? I didn't notice. You must be mistaken!"

"I'm sure I'm not~ Now, care to explain me? Break himself has been hiding from me today, and it's awfully rude." So that's why she hasn't seen him yet! "And I thought my sweet little sister Alice could do the talking then."

"Ahahaha I don't see what I should explain!"

"Oh surely your behaviour would explain enough!" Sharon touched her fan. Alice shuddered and tried another method.

"Big sister Sharon, I'm hungry…"

"Not working! Has he done anything bad to you? Oh Alice, you must tell me if he ruined your pure little innocent existence!"


"Oh, I have told you about sexual intercourse, haven't I…?"

Alice hugged herself and made a face, trying to think of happier things, such as Gilbert on a stick circling above a fire. It wasn't working much though, so off she went to… ahum, other thoughts.

She opened the door to Break's office with a loud 'bam' (she already knew he was in there, she could practically smell the trail of lollipops) and pointed her finger at him in accusation.

"Have you any idea what that woman did to me?!" She screeched and Break bit his lip to keep in a chuckle, releasing Emily from god know what he was doing with her and putting her on the desk. He cocked his head at Alice and gave her a confused (faked!) look.

She ranted on for half an hour before stopping, noting he was looking at her strangely, and pouting, telling him to do something about it.

Break grinned. "It'll pass, you know that Milady has her moments."

"Hell with those moments. If they happen more often I'm gonna leave this place." While she said it, he stood up and had put an extra coat, holding out his arm for her as well. She stared at it expressionless.

"Most people would take this gesture and encircle the arm with her own."

"I know that!" Alice shot back angrily, staring up at him. "But I can walk myself perfectly."

"It's only a friendly gesture, Alice." Break said, smiling before putting his arm down again. Alice sighed; she had to take the gesture because she wanted it, obviously. Instead, he bowed down to her level a little. "I was wondering if you would like to come to the library with me?"

"The library? Why? It's one floor up. I don't see why I need to-"

"I mean a library outside town. It has certain books I require that I cannot find here."

"Is that your idea of a date? A library? Pfft." Alice crossed her arms and tried to hide a mildly disappointed look while he chuckled and ruffled her hair.

"You don't have to accompany me, if you don't want to." With that he passed her and opened the door, leaving the room, with Alice in tow.

"It's not like I don't want to!" Alice quickly said, trying to find some lame excuse. "It was just a stupid question. I mean, of course I would want to." She finished with a huff, following him towards the carriage. Break held open the door for her and offered her his hand to help her in, which, of course, she didn't accept. He sighed and stepped in himself, sitting down across from her.

"Then why make such a ruckus? It's only one or two hours." He smiled politely and Alice scrunched her nose, leaning back lightly and staring outside. A library. She has never really been to any library. Only the one in Sharon's mansion and the one in that blonde twit's school.

Break shook his head when he grinned and looked outside as well. "The reason we're going to a library might proof useful for you."

"Why's that?" Alice asked, slightly confused.

"I think I've figured out how to at least slow down the process of Oz's moving seal."

It didn't progress into Alice's mind before it was five seconds later. She stopped with a screech and stared at him wide eyed.

"Without me getting killed, I hope?"

"Without you dying."

They arrived a small quarter and a outburst of joy from Alice's part later, and entered the public library.

"How do you do it?"

"If we just make the same requirements we have when we make a legal contract, it might slow it down. This will give me even more time to research!"

"That seemed obvious."

Break looked at her sideways, walking up a stair slowly. "When it succeeds, Master Oz is probably going to return to the Vesalius stare for good." He murmured loud enough for Alice to hear. Alice shrugged.

"It's his home. But at least we could finally take on that gloomy guy without any restraints!" She already got excited from the idea. Oh, how she wanted to fight the guy who made her friend's life miserable.

"Would you go and live with him, then?"

"Well, that's obvious… isn't… Wait. What's the meaning behind that?"

Break grinned. "You're a clever girl, Alice."

"Oz'd murder you."

"But I think Raven would be happy to spend some time with Oz. And it doesn't have to be forever."

Alice pouted in disagreement. She didn't want Raven to be satisfied. But hey, he wouldn't kill her if she accepted Break's offer. He wouldn't be able to.

She ignored his waiting stare and mentally weighed her hands. The problems (a girl with large dresses popped up first thing) would be there as well. Oz would probably throw a fit she actually went through with this.

"Say," Alice mused, jumping the steps between them down until she was on eyelevel. "You're not using that 'good news' in order to persuase me, are you?"

"I might have done that."

"Idiotic clown."

"So what do you say?"

"Only if you'll protect me from that purple mass."

Break smiled. "No bad words about Milady." Alice snorted and raised her chin a little higher.

"I love you, Alice." Break whispered when he leaned in, and Alice accepted his kiss. She didn't say it back though. She never did; she felt like she didn't understand the feeling of love yet. But maybe she'd learn that.

As Alice sniffed the sweet scent coming from his coat she decided she'd at least be able to play along with this freakshow until she'd learn.

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