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L was impatient. Of course, impatience was a common trait for five-year-old boys, but not L. It was a few days after Christmas, and L had something he wanted to speak to Watari about.

It was about a year ago that Wammy had noticed L particularly, and L enjoyed his company. Whammy was so much different than the other adults at the orphanage. It almost seemed like he was the only human he had anything in common with.

Because L had noticed that Whammy was a bit of an outsider, like himself. Though, the adults were more polite with the man than the children were with L.

At this moment, Whammy quietly knocked, and then walked in. L jumped up from his bed, "Mr. Whammy! I'm glad you're back!"

The man smiled, "Because you want some more sweets?" he gently shok the paper bag in his hand.

L shook his head urgently, "No, because I want to talk to you about something.." but little L's eyes widened at the sight of the bag. He shyly walked over and grabbed it. "... but sweets are nice, too…" he muttered.

He then went back to his bed and started munching on the candy. "Mr. Whammy, it's about Christmas. Or, more specifically, Santa Claus." Whammy nodded at him to continue.

"You see, last year something occured to me. I was only… say, 4% sure. But this year, I looked more into it, and now it's more like 70%..." L paused.

"Yes? Do tell me." L looked up, and his eyes were almost sad.

"Mr. Whammy; I believe you are Santa Claus." the little boy looked said man in the eye, silently daring him to deny it.

But Whammy just smiled once again. "You are correct, L, though I would appriciate if you kept this between us."

At that, L almost snorted. 'Obviously; who would I tell...' But L didn't like to think of his social status, or lack thereof, so he focused on the fact that he was right.

"There is no Santa, is there?" Whammy shok his head, but L was just staring down at his precious sweets. "Not really."

The elder man put his hands on the boy's shoulders and L's head shot up at the sudden contact. He gave him a questioning look.

"L, I am surprised you figured this out though, since I'm asuming none of the older children told you." L smiled slightly. "Another time, if I were you, I'd definately trust your '4%' right away".

The boy's smile grew, "Thank you Mr. Whammy, I will remember that another time."

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