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This Chapter: Bella Swan lives in a small one-bedroom apartment near Forks, Washington. Because of some childhood horrors with her father, Bella is alone and anti-social. She is only fifteen, and is atempting to make a living and get a somewhat decent education. When the new guy at Forks High School, Edward Cullen, decideds to help her, Bella is pulled into a swirl of emotions--fear, love, hatred, anger, confusion, and sorrow--events, and choices. Including something that could change her forever--the chance to live happily forever with the only thing she's ever been sure about.

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"Ms. Swan?" Mr. Newton asked. I looked up from my book at him. "Your shift is over. Mike is waiting for you in his car."

I stared at my boss for one uncomprehending second before I understood. "Oh! Right! Sorry sir. I'll see you tomorrow."

I removed my 'Newtons Sporting Goods' employee vest, folded it and put it into my cubby hole. Then, I reached under the counter, where I was manned at the register, and pulled out my backpack. I ran through the cold rain until I got to Mikes Hummer.

"Morning Bella," He smiled. "How was yesterday?"

"Terrible," I said, glaring out the window. "I had to work late last night because Alex I'm-So-Hot-And-Perfect Garcia had family issues. I had to cover his shift, as well as mine, then I woke up around 4am and couldn't fall back asleep."

We were both silent while he drove through the rain to Forks High School.

Last night, I'd had a bad dream, and I knew he knew it. Whenever I woke up in the middle of the night, it was because of the dream. It was always the same, and always just as frightening as the last time, which was always just as frightening as the first. Always. Basically, I was laying in a bed that was too big for me, which meant I was a child. The ceiling of my room was pink with purple butterflies that made me smile. It was dark, but I hadn't slept. I had just crawled into bed. In another room, I could hear shouting, and it scared me. Then, I heard a scream, and my door swung open. A man burst in and grabbed me by my nightgown. I couldn't see his face clearly, but I could see anger and hatred in his eyes that looked so much like my own. He beat me and a woman I recognized as my mother. He did so with a never fading look of hatred and mercylesness, as though the screams of his own daughter and wife were nothing but the sound of a smooth car motor.

That was the dream that woke me many nights.

When we arrived at school, I thanked Mike for driving me, as I always did, and went off to Spanish class. It was the best morning class ever because the teacher has us watch videos then has us do a basic worksheet--with basic spanish questions on it. I always used this class to sleep--not that anyone really cared--and if they did, they just kept shut about it, knowing that I needed it. They all knew how my schedual worked.

I wake up at 6am, shower and get ready for my day, making sure my uniforms are in my backpack with my school stuff. I work at Newtons from 6:30am to 8:30am, school from 9am to 3pm. I then work at the local grocery from 3:30pm to 9pm. I do my homework until 10pm, then I go to bed. On weekends, I work double. 6:30am to 4pm at Newtons, then from 5:30pm to 10pm at the grocery. Newtons pays my double if I stick around and extra hour on weekends, knowing that I need it.

For a few months now, I've lived in a small apartment in Forks, Washington. I've worked hard to keep up on rent, bills, and school. So far, I've done a good job. At first, it was hard. Harder than everyone though. I would be crying by lunch at school about how hard it was. Not that anyone had seen. I'd never let anyone see how week I am. I'd never hear the end of it. None of them would truly understand. They'd all think I was being a baby about it, and acting like the child they all thought I'd been only two year before. I'm only 15, but I haven't been a child since I was 9. Not that anyone in this town knew that. Or ever would. I would never let them know, and if they did, I'd leave, and continue what was left of my life and education somewhere else. Probably Oregon, since there was no sales tax. My life here was pretty good. It was as normal as I could hope for. everyone respected me because I was tough and smart. The adults thought I was a runaway, but the cheif of police had cleared that all up with one entry of the Social Security number. He had the deepest respect for me. He had offered to take me in when I had first arrived, but I had declined, saying I wasn't a charity case. I had never, and will never, regret that desision. Being on my own had made me strong, and smart. It had gotten me where I was today. Sure, life would be easier if I lived with Chief Mitch--I'd have someone there to make me feel better after waking up from one of those dreams--well, if I still had them. I've found that when I live with someone I dont have nightmares because I know I'm safe.

I dont feel safe in my apartment. I feel alone, but like there is someone in my house. Thats one reason why I'm out all day, because I dont like being in my small apartment. If someone were there, I wouldn't know it, and nobody could help me. My apartmnet isn't bad or anything--one bedroom, one bathroom, livingroom and kitchen--or even in a bad area. I just don't like being alone in it. Problem is, I can't really bring myself to say I want to be around anyone either. I am where I am--living, loved, and respected--because I've been alone. I can't stay with people because then I will become weak, and I can't handle being weak. Not after what my father did to my mother and me.

When I got to lunch--my favorite time of the day--I immidiatly sat in the back of the cafeteria alone with a bottle of lemonade, as I did everyday. I saw Mike in the front with his friend Eric and their girlfriends Jessica--Mikes--and Kate--Erics. I watched them alot without interest. None of them new I egsisted besides Mike, but only because he drove me to school from work every morning. Jessica tried to be my friend, but realized that I was antisocial and didn't have many social skills. Which was just as well. I dont need friends.

I opened my lemonade as an excuse to look down when Mike looked my way, probably with that admiring gaze he often had when he saw me, because, somehow, he had developed a little crush on 'emo' Bella Swan. I considered him my best friend, and he knew that--it was only because, when I came to work crying or something, he helped me. He was the only one in Forks who knew about my dream. When I knew Mike had looked away, I looked back up to return to my people watching.

That was when I saw them.

This wasn't like a surprise that they were there. In the cafeteria, I mean. There were five of them, and they were the most beautiful people I'd ever seen. Two girls, three guys. One girl was blonde and wearing jeans and a halter with a light sweater, while the other had a black pixie cut and was wearing a denim miniskirt and a brown 'HERSHEYS' t-shirt. One of the guys was extremely muscular with short dark curly hair, had an arm around the blonde girl, and was wearing jeans and a grey hoodie. Another guy had honey blonde hair, was hoving near the pixie girl, and had on jeans and a t-shirt that said 'Don't Look!' The third and final guy was leaner than the other two men, had bronze colored hair, and was wearing dark wash jeans and a plain white t-shirt that hugged his chest in a way all shirts should on good looking men, in my opinion. I noticed that they all had the same pale skin and perfect features. I couldn't see their eyes from the distance.

All five were looking off in differant directions for a table with enough room to fit them all. The lean guy looked in my direction and caught my eye. He gave me a questioning look, clearly asking if they could join me. I blushed and nodded slightly. He looked to the others, and pointed toward me. They were all smiling dazling smiles when they reached me.

"Can we sit here?" The blonde guy asked. His voice sounded as much like honey as his hair looked. It was kinda breath taking. All I could do was nod in responce.

When they sat, I took a second to look the over. I had to admit, they didn't look like relatives. They all looked completely differant--with the exeption of their perfection and pale, angular features. And their eyes--which I saw were all the same shade of gold--although I saw a darker shade in the blonde guys eyes.

"So what's your name?" The pixie asked. Her voice was a high suprano that sounded like music.

"I'm Bella." I smiled. "Bella Swan."

"I'm Alice." Fitting. Dainty name for a dainty girl.

"I'm Rosalie." The blonde girls voice was perfect, and suited her appearence and apearal. Her voice wasn't as high as Alice's but it was just as smoothe and musical.

The bigest of the guys was Emmett, and his voice was low, yet somehow perfect--it apeared that all their voices were perfect and smoothe. The blonde guy was Jasper, and the bronze haired guy was Edward. Once I'd learned all their names, I found it only slightly odd that they were all kinda old fasioned--not that I was one to talk, since my full name is Isebella.

"So your new." I said after the introductions. They all nodded. "Where you from?"

"Alaska," Edward said.

"Portland," Rosalie said, refering to herself and Jasper, who I knew were siblings.

"Montana," Emmett grinned.

"New York," Alice shrugged.

"Wide range." I paused. "Are you all related?"

"Through our current parents," Jasper said. "Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his wife Esme. Rose and I are her sisters kids. Our mother died, so Esme took us in a few years ago."

"Carlisle is my father. He met Esme in New York a year ago, and we moved here. She said she'd always wanted to live in a small town, so we did. Carlisle was fine with it." Alice shrugged and smiled. She clearly liked Esme, and wasn't too thrilled about small town from the big city, but wanted her father to be happy.

"Carlisle is a close friend of the family, and the only person my father would ever leave me with when he died." Emmett grinned. "I'd only seen Carlisle a few times, but I knew why dad liked him so much. Great man."

"My mother and father died of cancer a few months ago, and I ended up in a hospital from weird symptoms of depression. That was where Carlisle found me." Edward look sad, probably because of the mention of his parents. I knew the feeling, but for other reasons.

"My mother was murdered by my father one night when I was nine, and I was nearly killed as well. I lived in Arizona before here, North Dakota before that. I grew up mostly in South Dakota, though."

"Who are your adoptive or foster parents?" Alice asked. "Maybe our parents could get together. It would be fun."

I smiled sadly at her. "Well, actually, Alice, when my mother was murdered, I went into foster care, then my father was killed in a drive by accident. Then, I moved in with my god mother. When she died of old age, I left and went to Arizona. I've lived on my own since I was ten."

"I'm so sorry!" Alice said.

"It's fine. Not like anyone around here can do anything about it." I shrugged, attempting to be nonchalant.

"Why don't you live with anyone?" Rosalie asked.

"Because the last time I lived with someone, I felt weak. When my father killed my mom I felt weak. I dont want everyone thinking I'm weak because I can't hold my own life together. I've held my life together on my own, and it's made me strong. Living alone has made me strong. And people respect me, more than anyother 15-year-old in this town."

"You're only 15?" Emmett asked. His face was a mask of surprise, and, by looking at everyone else, I saw that it was uncharactoristic. "You're really young to be living on your own!"

"I'm sure I am Emmett. But I think that I can be let off the hook for being young with everything I've seen and been through." As my angers made themselves present, my voice rose and the cafeteria became silent. "Ask any adult in this town and they will tell you that I've diserved to live on my own." I stood up realizing and uncaring that I was shaking with anger. "I've holding up two jobs and school with straight A's for nearly two years here. And a year with one job and nearly all A's the years before I came here. I've earned being alone. And you know what? The respect and the pride I've earned by doing what I had to do is something that I will never EVER let go of! I will be alone for as long as I need to be and as long as I can. Because it's people like YOU!" Everyone jumped and I jabbed my finger at the big man. "It's people like you who will always want to keep people like me in tight little houses with shrinks once a week so that we learn that people aren't all bad. Well, I have news for you! People ARE all bad! And they will never change."

For a moment, it was completely silent besides the sound of my heavy breathing. All the other kids in the cafeteria were staring at me, having never heard me speak so much, or so loudly. They looked as if they expected my to hit someone--like Emmett. They were right, only not Emmett. I looked at all the perfect new kids, who had shocked expressions on their faces because of my outburt and acusations of their brother. With the exeption of one. Edward was just looking at me sadly, but also knowingly--as though he knew this would happen just in the few minutes he'd known me. When our eyes met, I realized I was crying. There were huge, tears streaming down my face--tears of anger, fear, frustration, and pain.

"Bella," Alice said quietly, breaking the silence of the room. She reached up toward me, probably to put a hand on my arm, and my reflecs took over.

My father had been abusive before he'd killed my mother and attempted to kill me. He had hit me, causing me to flinch. That was why I did what I did. My body and past mind thought she was going to hit me--not that it would be completely injust, as I'd just accused her brother of being cruel. So, I backhanded her across the face--which probably hurt me more than it did her, since I heard a crack and felt an impact in some of my hand that had nothing to do with the slap--and she fell backward, off her seat to the floor.

"Bella!" Jaspers voice came from directly behind me. His tone was warning yet kinda, like he wanted to help me. I probably would have let him too, since his voice was so sexily persuasive.

If he hadnt put his hand on my shoulder. My reflexes kicked in again, causing my to spin around and punch him in the face with the same hand I'd slapped Alice with. I heard another crack from my hand--this time my knuckls--and Jasper was on the ground.

I knew that he was fine, probably just a little shocked, but no serious damage, since I probably hit him in the cheek. I almost ran from the huge room, covering my mouth in attempt to keep my sobs quiet. I wasn't fast enough. Edward had run around the cafeteria, and came out the back door that led to the parking lot, just as I was approaching it. I was running by then, and slammed into him. I took one look at his face through my tears, and, not caring that I had just slapped his 'sister' and punched his 'brother' in the face, I burried my face in his chest and sobbed. He wrapped his arms around me, pulled me against the wall, then to the ground, and held me until my eyes ran dry. He strocked my hair, and comforted me while I cried, and I inwardly smiled, because I just felt so safe in his arms.

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