'Bella!' An angry voice thinks. 'You can't get away that easily bitch!' I glace at the door, through the glass window of it, and see a man, beat-up looking and hateful-no, murderous! 'Where is that bitch?'

I check to make sure the teacher won't notice, then slip silently out of the classroom. Behind me, Jasper send questions to me, which I ignore. Writing the note to Bella had taken a lot from me, even though I hardly know her. But despite that, this man wanted to hurt her.

I follow him invisibly. As we near Bella and Alice's classroom, a brown-haired girl walks out, breaking into a run toward the bathroom. The guy-blonde and bloody-follows her. She doesn't notice and I stay back. I can't hear her thoughts, so I know it's Bella. I keep back. The guy goes into the girls bathroom after her-never a good sign. Bella is crying in the back stall-also not a good sign-but stops when she hears the sneakers on the tiles. Slowly, I back up, toward where Jasper and Emmett are, to get their help, listening to the girls bathroom all the way.

"Bella?" The guy says. Obviously, he was pretty confident in her brown waterfall.

Her breath hitches. "J-Justin?"

"Hey, girl." His voice sounds soft, almost a coon, I can hear venom leaking in his next words. "You think leaving the state is all you gotta do to get away?" I can imagine him shaking his head. "I wasn't done with you, bitch."

I'm at my class, and motion Japer out, then we go to Emmett, beckoning him as well. I fill them in, taking less then a second.

There's a silence. Justins feet try to move silently toward the back stall. Bella rises to her feet, not silently, but I know he can't hear it. As he gets there, Bella unlatches the door and pushes it out, quick as lightening. He belts a low shout at the impact, and Bella makes a run. But Justin is faster, grabbing her and pulling her off her feet and down the floor with a thump and a cry.

Jasper, Emmett and I run down the hall at human speed, entering the girls bathroom. Justin has Bella pinned down to the tiles, straddling her hips and possitioned for the 'kill'. Bella screams, and Justin laughs mercylessly. Tear run down Bella's face. He thrusts. I bound toward the bastard, grabbing him halfway, and pull him away. Emmett and I run at vampire speed into the empty mens locker room, covering his eyes and mouth.


Too close. Horror. No! Pain-wait...Where is it?

I'd braced for the pain of his hit. I feel that he's no longer on top of mer, and quickly fixing my jeans and black shirt.

Jasper stand over me, hand extended. I jerk away from it, fears the worse. When he doesn't move, I know he means me no harm, so I take his hand.


My father is a doctor. I'm a doctor. I know what to do with a victimized, broken woman-even a young woman like Bella. When she flinches from my hand, I don't move, not wanting to scare her. After a few seconds, she realizes that I only want to help, and she takes my hand. I help her up.

To my surprise, she doens't release it. Instead, she throws her arms around me in a tight, trembling embrace. I hesitate before slowly wrapping my arms around her back, making sure not to hold her too low, preparing for the worst, cautious. I press my lips to her skin, wanting to give her support, not have support. She doesn't let go for nearly a minute, head rested on my shoulder, probably the longest hug she's ever had, as well as the first one in a while. I feel her tears leak into my shirt. She's been holding them in for a very long time, I know. Eventually she stops trembling and her eyes run dry.

When she lets go, she wipes her eyes on her shirt, and tries to smile. Slowly, I raise a hand to touch her face, wiping away a stray tear. I shake my head.

"You don't need to smile right now, Bella," I tell her. She nods, and we walk out. As we walk down the hall, the bell rings, and we head back to our classes for our stuff.

In my next class, I see Bella beside the only open seat. I approach her, but dont sit. "You wanna leave?" I ask.

"I can't. I've never missed a day." She looks upset at this, and speaks again hurridly. "B-but I'm free for an hour after school!" She blushes a bit, and I see several people's eyes get wide at the sight.

I smile and nod. "Want to go to a park?"

"Anywhere but Linn Park." She nods.

"Lanay Park then?"

She nods, and I sit down.

The teacher comes in and turn on a class movie. The darkness of the classroom does something to Bella and I. I clench my fists.

Hesitantly, Bella shifts in her chair, angleing it closer to me, and leans her head on my shoulder, wrapping her arms around my arm. Gently, I shift more, and pull her close, so she's leaning on my chest. I wrap my arms around her. Slowly, she relaxes against me, and closes her eyes. I can tell from her breathing, and the dark circles around her eyes, that it is the most peaceful rest she'd had in a long time.