Hey it's RSGM here! Sorry I haven't uploaded ever I have been really busy and school isn't helping. It's short but I hope its enough to suit everybody who had to wait, I'm sorry! Enjoy!

I fell to the ground, Ollie tried to help me up but all I could do was stare at my house in flames. Thoughts ran through my mind; my house, my baby, Ollie, Jack, Jesse, just everything. The tears just spilled over and I couldn't help it, I just couldn't help it after everything that had happened in a short time. From the first moment I had met Jack to finding my poor house on fire everything flashed before my eyes.

"Schuyler, come on honey, get up," Ollie cooed in my ear to get me up. My knees shook as I stood, but my eyes never left the flames. Not after Ollie put me in the passengers seat. Not after Ollie had finished calling for the fire department and we were leaving. It was like the flames were trying to say something to me, as crazy as it was. What didn't go through my mind at that moment was who set it on fire. There were so many people who hated me: Jesse and Jack for starters. My hand went to my stomach. This alien in me scared me more than the fire. Nothing scared me more than children.

Arriving at Ollie's apartment, I felt numb all over. My mind was still on over-drive and Ollie could tell.

"Schuyler are you sure you're all right? Do you want to sleep? Call someone?" his hand was planted firmly on my shoulder as reassurance he wasn't going anywhere. I shook my head and couldn't help but look away in shame. Oliver had been such a good friend to me and what have I done for him? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. He turned on the TV and I fell asleep to the news.


The next morning I didn't feel any better. Ollie was still asleep and the TV was still on. Reports of a mysterious fire was on the news and the TV was soon showing my house burn down to flames. The story was that a secret person reported the fire of the house. No one was inside when the fire occurred but the property had burned down completely. Firefighters examined the scene to see what had caused the horrific fire.

"In other news a local man named Henderson Kent has gone missing. Henderson has been missing about 3 days now and police have no leads on where the where-abouts about the 19 year old, but if you have any information on his where-abouts please contact police immediately." the lovely Asian reporter finished and I couldn't take anymore. I turned off the TV and woke Ollie up.

"Hey, hey Oliver, hey!" I threw a pillow at him

"A-wha? What?" he stumbled trying to sit up, yet failing. I laughed, and regaining my control I continued.

"Get up."


"I don't feel so well. Make me food?" his frown indicated he really didn't want to, but we both knew my cooking skills were awful, so we would rather take a chance on Ollie's cooking rather than mine. "Please?" I begged a little. His frown increased and I knew I had won. Sitting back down on the couch I debated turning the TV back on. Deciding against it I slowly got up to help Ollie cook.

"Hand me the flour." he asked. I handed him the flour, trying to make sure I didn't get any on my fingers.

"What does cooking have to be so nasty? And so much work!" Ollie laughed and threw a little flour at my face. In complete shock I stood there looking like Casper the friendly ghost before realizing what had happened and picked up an egg. "Oh, it's on!" Ollie laughed again as I threw the egg and missed him.

"You have the aim of a rock." he joked.

"You have to personality of a rock!" I snapped back. He laughed again, turned around and continued cooking as if nothing had happened. I glared at the back of his head and wondered if it would burn a hole through him. Grabbing a hand full of flour I creped up behind him. I smacked him across the back of his head the flour left a huge hand mark and I couldn't help but crack up at how stupid he looked.

"You-you look so-so stupid!"I laughed inbetween and Ollie smashed an egg in my face. "you seem to always want to aim for my face," I pointed out wiping raw egg from my face. I could see him trying to hide the smile on his face. We broke out in fits laughter at how stupid we looked.

"I missed this." I said, and we just smiled at each other and continued making breakfast.


A few weeks later my baby bump ever so slowly grew and Ollie was getting nervous around me. He seemed more distant as it grew and finally I had enough.

"Ollie what's wrong?" I asked as I found him sitting on the couch. "Is there something I've done?" he smiled and turned around to look at me.

"Of course not Sky, it's not you its, its everything really." I waited for him to continue. "Just a few years ago I was madly in love with you and here you are, pregnant and here I am, falling out of love." I couldn't help but smile. I was glad that Ollie had gotten over his crush, but something deep down in me didn't want him to stop loving me. A horrible, selfish part of me wanted him to stay by my side and love me unconditionally no matter what.

"That's awesome Ollie. I'm glad." he smiled and turned back to his show and deep down, something seemed to break within me.

3 months after the fire I was still staying at Ollie's and I knew I was going to have to leave sometime. I knew Ollie was over me because I would sometimes see him bringing home random girls home, and sometimes even hear, but Ollie never discussed living arrangements with me and I knew I was going to have to leave sometime. The only problem was when and more importantly where?

One night I was researching different apartments while Ollie was out somewhere when a knock came at the door. Expecting it was Ollie and he had forgotten his key I opened the door without looking and came face to face with Jack.

"We need to talk."