" What's going on here?"

Helen Magnus surveyed the scene before her. Sugar, lemons, cookie dough and sprinkles crowded almost every available surface. Five-year-old Ashley stood holding what looked like a bunch of lemons. Ten-year-old Henry had cookie dough in his hands and flour in his hair. What a mess.

" I found a bunch of lemons, so me and Henry are gonna open up a lemonade stand, and he's making cookies to sell too!" Ashley exclaimed, showing the yellow fruit to her mother. Her excitement was infectious and her poor grammar bothersome.

But Helen was reduced to shaking her head in wonder and defeat. Childlike innocence and hope radiated off the undertaking. It made her smile. She would surely be one of the stand's first costumers.

" Have fun and remeber to clean when you're done."

Ashley and Henry nodded in agreement and thanks. As she walked out of the room, she could see them resume their projects with seriousness. When they were older the projects would be deadlier, and of greater significance then quarters made off half-burnt cookies. Let them have their fun now.

And of course, when life gives you lemons, why not make lemonade?

A/N I was making lemonade when the idea came. I couldn't not write the fluff! If you review I'll send you some of their cookies! (holds up plate of burnt- crisp- things)