This is a clip from the episode Deception obviously. I have been wanting to a short story for it for a while so here it is! I know it doesn't match the scene from the episode very well, but I just wanted to convey my thoughts and have a little fun!

Disclaimer: I don't own NCIS

Tony always loved the chance to learn more about his co-workers' personal lives so the chance to come in on the weekend was the perfect opportunity. Wearing a broad grin, hen greeted Ziva as she came into the office.

In his normal talkative manner, Tony began explaining part of the football game he had been playing in. Unwrapping her hands, Ziva listened good naturedly commenting when needed.

Standing next to her desk, he noticed Ziva's bloody foot wraps and questioned her, "I thought you said you were doing Pilates?"

Wrinkling her nose, Ziva answered with a question, "What are Pilates?"

"It's like expensive stretching." Tony answered informatively.

"Oh, then I was not doing Pilates," she giggled at the difference in this Pilates and the actual activity she had been participating in. Teasing her partner, Ziva added, "You want to help me take these off?"

Even while making a disgusted face, Tony gingerly began helping her unwrapping her small feet, "I take it that its not your blood."

Surprised that he had actually started helping her, she ignored his comment and stared at him. Tony froze too, "Am I doing it wrong?"

Shaking her head Ziva answered, "No, I am just shocked you are helping me."

Scrunching up his nose, Tony resumed the task at hand, "You asked me too."

"I just realized that you are a good friend, Tony," she smiled and started on the opposite foot.

Grinning smugly, Tony responded, "Well yeah, you're my partner and you just figured out that we're friends, I'm hurt."

Hitting his shoulder playfully, Ziva said, "No partner of mine has been so nice and wanted to have a friendship in addition to our partnership."

"None have been so charming either right?" at her responding laughter, Tony paused before continuing, "I'm glad we could break that record. I like being your friend so your other partners didn't know what they were missing."

Again Ziva smiled, "Thanks Tony. I like being your friend too. And none have partner have been so annoying either."

Tony acted hurt, but grinned at the teasing. That was their relationship: a teasing, playful, but close friendship that they both cherished.

I have some ideas for a few other scenes from the episode. If anyone would like me to continue please let me know other wise I am calling this a very short oneshot that is complete!