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A Beautiful Accident

Part One

He stood in his office on the fifth floor, staring out the window. Four years it had been since he'd last seen her, two years since he'd held her in his arms. Sabaku no Gaara allowed himself a moment to rest his thoughts on a cherry blossomed beauty, then he forced himself to focus once again on his work. Sakura was gone, and it was only in quiet moments like this that he allowed her to invade his mind.

Six months they'd been together, but it seemed that he'd been the only one who'd thought that their relationship was worthwhile. He'd even told her he loved her, just before he went on a business trip. When he got back, her house was empty, and no one knew where she'd gone. Naturally he'd looked for her, but it was like she'd vanished off the face of the earth.

So he'd put all of his energies into forgetting her, and work had provided that outlet for him. Running the family business was distraction enough, and the complicated workings of Sabaku Incorporated, one of the country's finest exportation companies, was definitely the cure for what ailed him. Gaara was in charge simply because Temari had chosen to be a housewife and Kankurou was too irresponsible to even attempt running a multi-million dollar company.

Still, at least the last four years weren't a total waste. Gaara'd found other ways to deal with Sakura's rejection, and had found comfort in the arms of other women. Not so many that he would get labelled as a playboy or anything, that would be crass and beneath him. But it assuaged his feelings of loneliness that Haruno Sakura had once done for him, and that was all he needed.

His thoughts were interrupted by his secretary on the intercom, telling him that his sister was here. "Send her in," was his crisp command.

"Hello baby brother!" Temari greeted as she swept into the room. "I have some interesting news for you!"

The only news Gaara was interested in right now was whether or not the new proposal had gone through, and there was no way Temari would know about it (unless she'd been snooping again) so all he did was grunt out, "Hn."

"Shika and I have found something that you've been interested in for a long time," she said, planting herself on his chair and swivelling it around to face him. "This is something that you once had, but then you went and misplaced it. Well, we've found it. And quite by accident, too."

"Temari," Gaara spoke in a long-suffering voice. "Unless you've somehow managed to find Mother's charm that you lost, I'm really not that interested."

"First off," Temari said, standing up and moving over to him, "it was Kankurou's fault, not mine! Secondly, it's a person, not a thing."

Despite himself, his interest was piqued. "What do you mean, it's a person?" he demanded. The only person he'd misplaced was…

"It's Sakura," Temari told him, and Gaara's whole world began to spin.

Temari found her? But how? Where? When? These questions, and so many more were zooming through his mind as his sister handed him a slip of paper.

"That is her current address," she told him. "She's only been living there for about a month, but before you go chasing off after her to demand answers from her, there's something you should know…"

"Wheee!! Higher, mama! Higher!"

Sakura smiled as her three year old daughter, Aina, giggled happily on the swing. She was so beautiful, her little miracle, and she was glad that she'd fought so hard to have her. So many doctors had recommended that she terminate her pregnancy, given the risks to her own survival, but from the instant that she'd known about her, there was no way that she was ever going to let her go.

The reason that the doctors had pushed for an abortion was because Sakura had been in a horrific accident, and hadn't been able to walk unsupported for over three years. She had no idea what had happened, she'd lost the eight months before that because of amnesia. It had only been two months that she'd been out of her wheelchair, and she had a limp that she was probably never going to get rid of, but at least now she had her independence.

She was still going to be on strong pain medication for a long time, though, and her brother was still going to be nearby. Sakura had refused to stay in his house anymore, and while she could tell he was relieved to have his wife all to himself again, he'd put up quite a fight over it.

"But we can look after you here, Sakura-chan!" Naruto had argued. "How are you going to look after Aina all by yourself?"

"I'm not helpless, Naruto!" Sakura'd snapped. "I can walk now, and Aina is exited about this too! Besides, we won't be far, and you'll still be able to come over and check up on us!"

Her brother was sooo worried about her, but she knew that her and Aina would be fine. The house was lovely, and there weren't too many stairs. The money from the settlement from the accident would ensure that their lives would be comfortable, though not luxurious, and a hefty amount of it had already been set aside in a trust for Aina when she turned twenty-one.

The only question Sakura had about anything in her life was who her daughter's father was. She'd obviously met him some time during the eight months she'd forgotten, and she constantly worried that he was out there somewhere, possibly hating her for abandoning him. When she'd voiced this concern to her brother, Naruto had promised that he would try to find the guy, but since Sakura had no clue who he might be, they'd had absolutely zero success.

There was a small clue, though, and that was Aina herself. The only physical thing her daughter had inherited from her was her bone structure and her forehead. Her hair was a shade of crimson that could almost be called blood-red, and her eyes were a seemingly impossible jade. Then again, Sakura had no way of knowing what her blood relatives looked like, since both she and her brother were adopted, but still.

Sakura had been adopted as a baby, so she had no memory of any family but the ones who'd taken her in as their own. Naruto, on the other hand, had been six ears old when he was adopted, living in an orphanage until an emerald eyed, pink haired girl had befriended him and then begged her parents to take him home with them. So now here they were, one big happy family that wouldn't let you down, no matter what.

"Mummy!" Aina yelled, and Sakura realised that in her reverie, she'd stopped pushing the swing.

"Oh, sorry, darling," Sakura murmured.

"It's ok," Aina said gravely. "Are you tired now, Mummy? We can go inside if you want."

Sakura smiled sadly. Her little girl was more grown up than most three year olds, all because of what life had thrown at them both. The accident had affected both of their lives in different ways, and she knew that life was never going to be normal. A small twinge of pain shot along her spine and she had to hide her grimace.

"Ok, sweetheart," Sakura conceded. "Let's go inside now."

Aina took her mother's hand and the two of them made their way inside the house.

He was here. After having to reschedule all of his appointments and cancelling dinner dates and the like, Gaara had finally made it to the place that Temari said Sakura was living. With his daughter. The knowledge that Sakura had simply taken off with his child was gnawing at his insides, and he'd had to stop several times along the way to compose himself and get a hold of his anger. She'd kept his child from him! He would not easily forgive this!

He knew the child was his from the way Temari had described her. Three years old, crimson hair and jade eyes. It was a good thing that Sakura had never actually met Temari before, otherwise she probably would have taken off with his child again. Temari'd only known it was Sakura because she'd seen pictures of her before, and Gaara'd talked about her, what she was like.

But it seemed that all that time he'd been wrong about her, especially if she could do this to him! He grit his teeth in anger as he thought of the fact that he hadn't been there for his child. But all that would change, now. If necessary, he would use the lawyers at his disposal and take the child from her! If she ever wanted to see her again, then she would have to follow his rules, no matter what!

Getting out of his sports car, Gaara took a moment to collect himself. Leaning against the hood, he took in his surroundings, the smell of the sea air sharp but soothing. It really was a nice place, he had to admit, a perfect environment for a child to be brought up in. Taking in a deep breath, he pushed himself forward, headed straight for the house in front of him. He was almost there when something stopped him in his tracks.

Sakura had emerged from the house. Even from this distance, she still took his breath away. The white dress she was wearing was flapping in the breeze, her cherry locks as well. She looked out over the ocean almost contemplatively, and his heart caught in his throat. Still so beautiful, still so perfect. Wait… was she limping? Indeed she was, and he watched as she moved along the porch of the house, her movements elegant despite the obvious limp.

Then someone else came out of the house, and all of Gaara's instincts bristled. It was a man, and he moved instantly to Sakura's side and hugged her from behind. Rage filled him at the sight of this person touching what was his, but then that thought instantly sobered him up. His? After all this time, he apparently still considered Sakura to be his. Sakura turned in the man's arms and hugged him back, but then something even worse happened.

A little girl with hair like his came out, and immediately the blond man let go of Sakura to pick the girl up and swing her around before hugging her as well. His daughter, that had to be his daughter. Gaara was beyond enraged now. It was one thing that Sakura seemed to have replaced him in her bed, but with their daughter as well? That was it! Gaara moved forward, headed straight towards them and burning with the desire to destroy them both and take his child away from them forever.

Sakura watched her brother spin his niece around with a smile on her face. Naruto was so irrepressible, and she was glad that he was here right now. Last night had been really bad with all the pain she'd been in, and when Hinata had called and discovered this, she'd immediately sent her husband over to help his sister through the night. And of course, Aina was naturally glad to see him as well.

Suddenly a strange feeling overwhelmed her, and she looked out towards the main road to see a man coming their way. Normally the sight of a stranger coming towards her house would have set her immediately on the defensive, but at the sight of his crimson hair and, when he got closer, jade eyes, Sakura simply went into shock. He looked so much like Aina! Was this man her daughter's father? If so, he looked extremely mad!

Naruto noticed him as well, and he must have sensed the man's malevolence, because he quickly whispered to Aina, and the little girl nodded and went back in the house. When the man reached the steps of the house, all three of them were silent a moment before the red head spoke.

"Sakura," he said, his voice cold and ruthless.

"Do I know you?" she asked, and saw his eyes narrow dangerously.

"Don't play games with me," he said, his tone threatening.

If this really was Aina's father, Sakura wondered what she'd ever seen in this rude and cold man. "I'm not playing games!" she snapped. "Do I know you or not?!"

"You should probably answer my sister's question," Naruto advised. "She can get really mad when she's upset!"

Something flared in the red head's eyes. "Sister?" he asked, then scoffed, "You don't look even remotely alike!"

Naruto shrugged. "We were both adopted," he said, and Sakura didn't miss the way the guy's eyes narrowed.

"I'll ask you again," she said. "Do I know you?"

The guy closed his eyes and stook in a deep breath, and it seemed to her that he was forcing himself to relax. Then he opened his eyes and told her, "My name is Sabaku no Gaara, and yes, you know me. We were together for six months about four years ago, and I now have no doubt that I am also the father of your child."

"Daddy?" a small voice spoke up, and the three adults turned to see Aina standing there, staring at Gaara.

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