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Harry Potter and the New Threat


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Meeting of Fate … With Fate

It was mid-late August. The summer of 2004 was nearly over, and less than a day had passed since Fate Averruncus had returned to the human world. His loyal subordinates and partners, as well as his fellow "Fate" incarnations were now scattered across the globe and he was all on his own. Normally, he always put on a calm, stoic exterior, and today was no different, but inside a burning rage was brewing. His mission to destroy the Magic World had failed. "I can't believe I was foiled yet again by the Springfield Clan," he said to himself as he wandered the streets of a freshly destroyed city, having killed everyone simply out of frustration. He was surrounded by ruins and rubble on all sides. They had not been wizards or mages at all; just innocent people, but he didn't care. He needed to vent his aggressions on someone; and to make matters even worse, he hadn't had a single cup of coffee all day, and he was used to always drinking seven cups a day. This really pissed him off. Normally, he would've been on his sixth or seventh cup by now.

Less than a week ago, Fate had been defeated by Negi Springfield, son of his 20+-year enemy, Nagi Springfield, the Thousand Master. He had succeeded in destroying all 11 gateports in the Magic World, an alternate plane of existence established on the planet Mars, secured the only remaining gateport that had a chance of working, kidnapped the Twilight Imperial Princess and had came so close to completing the "ritual to return the world to nothingness," but Negi had somehow found a way to rescue the captives, defeat Fate in battle and reverse all the progress he had worked so hard to achieve. He had been beaten soundly, and beneath his passive face, a deep hatred for the Springfield Clan had begun to burn. Intent on finding his missing partners, the boy turned away, preparing to take flight when he suddenly stopped, having sensed a strange aura nearby. "Who are you, and what business do you have with me?" he called, without turning. A huge pillar of black stone began to materialize beside him. If this was an enemy, he would not be caught off-guard.

"Your intuition is impressive, Fate Averruncus, or should I say, 'Tertium,'" came a voice with a light chuckle. "My name is Naraku, and I would like to propose a partnership between you and me. I assure you it will be mutually beneficial."

After a short pause, the young magi turned to see a silhouette resembling a white baboon with a blue face, no eyes and only the upper part of its jaw materializing before him. "What exactly do you have in mind, Naraku, and how do you know who I am?" he asked.

"In case you don't already know, young Negi Springfield has already used the very same 'old abandoned gate' to return to the normal world," Naraku calmly replied, much to the surprise of the stoic sorcerer, although none showed on his expressionless face.

"I didn't realize that you knew of that boy."

"Feh. I have eyes in places you can only imagine, my boy. It was worth no effort at all to send my saimyosho into this world and spy on you boys," was Naraku's answer.

"Saimyosho?" Fate said in a confused tone.

"Simply put: the insects of Hell. I can see whatever they see, so it is simple to learn all kinds of information." As Naraku spoke, a swarm of large wasp-like insects appeared around Naraku's body. "More to the point, I can help you find and destroy the son of the famous 'Thousand Master.' Coincidentally, I happen to know that Negi, as well as the man whose life I seek, will soon be sent to the prestigious magic school known as 'Hogwarts.'"

"I do not seek Negi Springfield's life. He and I simply keep ending up on the wrong sides. Besides, he is of no threat to me. After all, that juvenile Brit's power is incomplete," Fate responded through loosely gritted teeth, quickly becoming annoyed by what the strange being was saying. "Besides, he's the only one who can keep me entertained."

The boy was about to leave when Naraku appeared in front of him and whispered fiercely, "And yours ISN'T? What if I told you that if he and the Hogwarts witches and wizards were to band together, their power would far surpass your own? After all, there is no such thing as 'complete power.' One's power can never truly stop increasing. If you let things continue as they are, it will be a repeat performance of 20 years ago, when the Thousand Master had you right where he wanted you, or worse. Do you really want to end up like Primum and Secundum? Besides, I know you're lying about not seeking the young Prince's life. You've despised him ever since he and his group of teenage girls stopped you from carrying out your plans."

This proclamation brought a twinge of frustration to the young mage's face, but no matter how angry he was, his eyes remained untouched. "No one can match my power, no matter how strong they are," he returned the demon's proclamation in a passive voice, but with a very faint hint of restraint. "I am much stronger than my predecessors were. Even the Thousand Master couldn't destroy me 10 years ago, and he was invincible." And how does he know about my predecessors?

"Awfully confident aren't you? Well, what if I told that it is possible for you to increase your powers 100-fold? If you help me, I shall give you half of the sacred Shikon jewel shards that I possess. This jewel can boost one's natural powers exponentially when used properly. With your new powers, you really would be invincible," Naraku said in an ever-so-calm voice, holding out a nearly completed black jewel. "Let me cut to the chase, if Negi Springfield and Harry Potter, Hogwarts' greatest champion, were to join forces with the staff and students of Hogwarts, you just might meet your end. Therefore, I suggest that we team up to destroy all potential threats within the magic world before they become aware of our existence. You do wish to 'save the world,' don't you? Oh, and by the way, my sources tell me a certain High Daylight Walker will be present as well. Don't you want revenge for your humiliating defeat at her hands back in Kyoto? There is also said to be someone connected to your past at Hogwarts. Ring any bells? If you don't take me up on this, unlike 10 years ago, you will not survive this time."

He makes a valid point. I have heard of a Harry Potter, one who killed that foolish weakling, Voldemort six years ago. Being from Hogwarts, thought, he can't be very strong anyway, but if they team up ... I guess it couldn't hurt to take him up on his offer. My power has indeed grown exponentially since the battle in Kyoto, although I have my doubts as per his claims about taking my power to such new heights. Besides, Negi foiled my plans in the Magical World, and I owe him a great deal. I may have failed my first mission, but now I must succeed. And that "someone connected to my past" doesn't make me feel any better about my chances if I let things be as they are. "All right, then. I'll join you, Naraku, but I expect you to do your part here. Remember, you approached me, so that means you need me more than I need you," Fate decided after a long pause.

Naraku was about to speak up when a spear made of solid stone appeared right in front of his face, as though his barrier didn't even exist. "And never call me 'Tertium' again, or else I will kill you," Fate said with authority. "I prefer my other name, if you catch my drift."

Smart boy. "Agreed. Now, let us begin our search. We'll destroy every magic school we come across until we find Hogwarts, but who says it needs to stop there," Naraku decided with a hint of malice in his usual stoic voice, and they lifted off the ground, Fate using a levitation spell and Naraku reducing himself to a cloud of miasma, and set off in search of the nearest magic settlement.

Unbeknownst to Naraku, Fate grinned. Young Negi will soon fall to the Code of the Lifemaker. Then he looked at the menacing cloud of noxious gas following him. And you too, Naraku, if you cross me.

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