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Casanova forever and Never

Chapter 1 Hot and sexy Convertible

It was a warm summer's day; the sun was out, the temperature wasn't too hot, my car was finally out of the goddamn shop, and I'm at the beach. I guess I should tell you about me right; well my name is Inuyasha. That's it. That's all you get. If you're so goddamn curious you can figure the rest out on your own.

"Inuyasha! You idiot!" My current girlfriend screamed at me from her place on the hood of my red convertible. It was shinning like it use to, the old red paint was now glistening blood red, and the former white leather seats were replaced with jet black ones.

"Inuyasha!" She shrieked at me again. I had to admit, she looked fucking hot sitting on top of the hood. Her short little black dress was a nice contrast to her creamy, pale skin. My eyes scanned down her legs to her shoes and a stupid grin snuck its way onto my face. She was wearing my favorite heels; the ones I bought her. They were strappy as hell and went all the way up to her calves.

Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my groin. "Inuyasha you fucking asshole! What the hell are you going to do about this?!" Tears sprung to my eyes as I gripped my dick and stared at the girl standing above my crumpled form. She was pointing to her perfectly sculpted abdomen, her face contorted in irritation.

So; I accidentally impregnated this girl I know. Okay, so she's my current girlfriend. She has one hell of a loud mouth that makes me want to shove my cock down her throat every time she talks. She also has this annoying habit of always telling me to 'sit' which of course; thanks to this old Oba-Chan forces me to actually sit. I'm using the word 'sit' in a relaxed term here. It's more like my face gets personally introduced to the ground every time she says it. Yeah anyways I impregnated her. Her names Kagome. Kagome Higurashi. She's pretty cute once you get over her loud mouth.

I take a deep breath and ignore the pain in my dick as I stand back up. I'm fucking lucky she didn't kick me as hard as she did last time. Last time I saw stars in my eyes. I fleet over her lithe frame again and lick my lips.

What can I say? I'm a horny guy.

She has this sexy little ass that just screams 'fuck me!' every time she walks and oh her breasts. Fuck me over. I never knew they were so soft and creamy before.

"Inuyasha stop staring and answer me already." She glared daggers at my face.

I heaved a heavy sigh and rolled my eyes at her cute little face. She's so short compared to me, even with heels, but defiantly cute. "Kagome relax okay. I'll pay for an abortion." I kiss her cheek and rest my hand on her hip. "So for now," My lips softly brush across her lips. "Let's go have some fun." I pull away to see her face flushed and her breathing slightly irregular. "My pool's waiting for your sexy body to grace it." I flash her a grin and nod to the passenger side of my car.

To my delight she got in without complaining and turned on the radio. That kind of annoyed me. I got in and revved the engine, earning glares from people walking by on their way to the water. She had turned on the radio softly, as in background music. Which meant she still wanted to talk. And I was right. A few minutes into the hour long drive she opens her plump pink lips and begins to speak.

"So…I'm pregnant." Her voice was soft and a bit edgy.

I glance over to her to see her staring out the window. I turn my attention back to the road and stop at a red light. "Yeah." I mutter, not at all interested in this particular topic.

"That's it? That's all you have to say?" Anger seeped into her voice. "I'm fucking pregnant and all you say is 'yeah'?!"

"I told you I'd pay for the abortion already." She could be so goddamn annoying.

"…What if…" She trailed off.

That's when I got a little worried. "What if what?" I begin slowly.

"What if…I don't want an abortion?"


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