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Darkus and Haos Collide

The next morning, Naruto was at Ichiraku Ramen Bar, which was his favorite hangout, with Reaper, Dan, Drago, Ingram and Shun. They were eating in silence as the owner and his daughter were working on their ramen.

Reaper then asks "what is this 'ramen' exactly?"

"It's the best food on earth!" said Naruto, making Reaper fall back in a yelp.

"Don't yell!" said Reaper with a hint of annoyance in his voice. Naruto chuckled sheepishly as they got their ramen and he and the humans began to eat as the Bakugan watch.

Drago was looking at Reaper coldly as Ingram sighs, rolling his eyes a bit. The ninja bird-like Bakugan may not like Reaper much, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't get annoyed with Drago and the original Bakugan of the Brawlers were being paranoid about him.

Reaper sighs as he could swear something is about to happen at any moment.


Meanwhile, a couple miles from the Ramen stand, Hinata and Siege were walking down the streets, as Hinata was telling Siege about Naruto. 'I thought that love sick frog girl was like that, but my own partner? Heh, never judge a book by it's cover'

Hinata asks, "So, what exactly can you do?" Siege was surprised at the question, so he answered.

Siege was about to explain when he noticed the Ramen bar. He then noticed Hinata's eyes were on Naruto, which made her blush slightly. "Is the blond one the man who has captured your heart?"

Hinata nods as she says "He has his own partner as well, want to meet him?"

"I'd be honored." Said Siege as she walked in and Siege then saw Reaper and his eyes got cold. "Can we go somewhere where a disrespectful Darkus isn't?"

"Uh, Hinata? Who is that?" asked Naruto, confused at the Bakugan. "I'm Naruto by the way." Siege nods, as he glared at the Darkus.

"And the Darkus is here…why?" asked Siege, confused.

"Um…that happens to be Naruto-kun's partner, Siege. Naruto-kun, this is my partner." Said Hinata, introducing them to each other.

"I don't mind his partner, it's the Bakugan himself that I don't like." Admitted Siege, glaring at the Darkus as he glared back.

"Why?" asked Hinata wondering why did her partner not like her crush's partner before he even meets him?

"Because he sent so many of the Haos into the Doom Dimension, so I shall help give them revenge," growled Siege, glaring at Reaper.

"Lets see if you can do something about it," growled Reaper, glaring at him as the two were about to jump at each other, but both Naruto and Hinata grabbed them at once, their fingers accidentally touching. Hinata blushed as she withdrawn her hand.

"Sorry Naruto-kun, he isn't normally like that." Said Hinata sheepishly, fidgeting with her fingers nervously as Ingram chuckled a bit.

Marucho and the other Brawlers, along with Lucifer, saw what was going on. "What the?" said Leonidas, surprised.

"Alright, what the heck is going on?" asked Preyas, confused at the moment.

"Seems that someone doesn't really like Reaper." Said Wilda, seeing that Siege and Reaper were glaring at each other.

"If I was a bone-headed buffoon like this man here, I wouldn't blame him." Said Siege, making Reaper annoyed.

"Tough talk from a man who hides in a suit of armor!" Reaper taunted back, glaring at him.

"You want me to use my staff to smite you?" asked Siege, his body gaining a menacing yellow glow (A/N: remember how in some animes when someone gets angry, they glow? That's what's happening right now)

"You really want a piece of me, you medieval fool?!" yelled Reaper, glowing purple with rage.

"Should we stop them?" asked Preyas, knowing this'll get ugly.

"I say we do." Said Elfin, ready to jump in and stop this whole thing. Before the two could attack each other this time, Ingram got in front of Reaper while Percival got in front of Siege.

"Enough of this!" said Ingram, annoyed.

"There is plenty of time for a battle, but not know." Said Percival, trying to stop them from fighting. Baron then got an idea.

"I think the only way to solve this problem," said Baron, getting their attention. What did this kid have in mind?

"And that's…what?" asked Naruto as Baron got a smirk.

"Man, I hate it when he does that." groaned Runo, rubbing her temples as he looks at both Naruto and Hinata.

"How about a brawl? Naruto vs. Hinata, who will win in this fight." Hinata's eyes went wide with that as Naruto got that shocked look (his mouth wide open in a square shape and blank circles for eyes) as they looked at each other with shocked expressions.

"Okay, you must be nuts or something, Baron." Said Lucifer, surprised at his idea.

Nemus thought about it and says "It would work, I mean…they are now brawlers so they need to learn how to brawl." Ace nods as he gets out his backpack and gets out two strange looking gauntlets.

Both were long enough to fit their upper arms, with a strange shape. One was white with yellow designs on it while the other was black with similar designs, only purple instead of yellow. Ace then hands each one to them, the white one to Hinata and Naruto got the black one.

"Now first put these inside of the gauntlets and the brawl can begin." Said Ace, as he hands some strange looking circuit-covered square with a large circle in the middle of them as they put it in.

They glow as everything began to slow down until the Brawlers watched as they got close to the two ninja teens. "Gauntlet Power Strike!" said both Naruto and Hinata, after Ace told them how to turn them on.

Naruto then asks "So…what now?"

"Just throw down a Gate Card and throw Reaper and Siege on it." Said Dan as Naruto got a card with a black back to it and threw it down.

"Gate Card, set!" said Naruto, as the card glowed purple and made the ground glow brightly. "Ready Reaper?" asked Naruto as Reaper nods and closes up. "Bakugan Brawl!" said Naruto, getting the hang of it easily as Reaper changed to his full size.

Hinata looked nervous as she looked at the Darkus creature, looking down at her. "Don't fear, Madam Hinata. I shall smite him with ease." Said Siege with confidence, as Hinata nods and throws him out.

"Bakugan Brawl!" said Hinata, throwing the sphere onto the ground and the Knight-like Bakugan stood, ready for battle. They gave each other a glare, ready for some action

The Gs showed; Siege: 510 Gs. Reaper: 520 Gs. "Wow, that's some power." said Marucho, impressed.

"Indeed, now it is time to show him what a real warrior can do," said Siege, as Hinata got a card out and puts it in the gauntlet.

"Ability card activate! Piercing Heaven!" said Hinata, as a beam of light shoots from the sky and reflects off Siege's staff, hitting Reaper, but not beating him.

Reaper: 520 Gs - 200= 320 Gs

Siege: 510 + 200 = 710

"Ability card activate! Shadow Scar!" yelled Naruto as Reaper's eyes glowed, making a beam of shadows come out of them, hitting Siege.

Reaper: 320 Gs + 300= 620

Siege: 710 Gs – 300= 410

The beam made Siege goes down, as he got up, growling. "Lets beat them, now!"

Hinata nods as she put a card in. "Ability Card activate: Mirror Guard!" then suddenly 5 more Sieges come out of thin air, surrounding Reaper.

Siege: 410 Gs + 200= 610

Naruto noticed that and says "Gate Card open! Bone Yard!" suddenly the ground glows brightly, making a large graves come out, and also strange spirits surround them.

"What sorcery is this!" asked Siege, surprised at this.

"Bone yard is an ability card that works for any Darkus, but it isn't really friendly with Haos," said Preyas, surprised he got that card.

Reaper: 620 Gs+ 300= 920

Siege: 610 – 200= 410

Then Reaper hits Siege, making him go down and turn to his ball form.

Voice from Baku-pod: Hinata Power level down 20% (Showing that some of Hinata's point went down to an orange color).

Hinata sighs, thinking she failed Siege. "The battle isn't over yet." Siege reassured her, as she nods.

"Ready Naruto?" she asked, getting her own gate card out.

"You know it." Smirked Naruto, as he got Reaper ready to go.

"Gate card set!" yelled Hinata, throwing the card down and making a yellow glow come in. "Bakugan Brawl!" She said, throwing Siege down as Naruto threw down Reaper, and the two got ready to fight.

"Let us do this," growled Reaper, his scythe ready.

"With pleasure." said Siege as he and Reaper had a their weapons against each other, glaring at each other. Hinata and Naruto watched, wondering how this fight will go.

End of Chapter 5

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