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Ponyboy POV

How? How is it possible they know? I was careful enough...wasn't I? I was backing up towards the door. Repeating over and over again, "They can't know! It's not possible! There's no way!" I bumped into the door and turned to open it for the second time that night, when in the corner of my eye, I saw the blue, shaggy curtains fluttering in the breeze of the slightly agar window. My mistake, now clear as day, in front of me.

I didn't turn around when I asked, "How long was that window open."

Soda answered. "A while."

"So...you heard me. You know I'm gay. Are you gonna disown me now, huh? Am I still in the gang or do I have to find a new one?" My heart shattered when nobody answered. "Well, I guess I'll be on my way now." I opened the door, but a strong hand closed it roughly.

"Goddamn, Ponyboy, quit running from every damn problem you face! It doesn't help!" It was Johnny. "Stay here and face problems like the man you are! The gay man you are!" I stared at Johnny, like I did before, when we were outside. Indulged in admiration and submerged in the deep love I felt for him.

I sighed. "Fine, only for you Johnnycake." I caressed his cheek, and he flinched. Perfectly normal for Johnny. I turned to face the rest of the gang, and started my speech. "I'm gay, so what? I've been gay for a good part of my life, and you know what? I couldn't be happier. I love Johnny, not the other way around. As far as I know, Johnny isn't gay. So, if you're gonna hate anyone, it should be me, not him. If you're gonna disown anyone, it should be me, not him. If you're gonna kick anyone out, make it me, not him. If-" My voice cracked. "If you're gonna beat me up, do it quick, if it makes you feel any better that is. But just know this-I will NEVER change, because I like me, my friends like me, my parents like me. And if they were alive, I wouldn't care what any of you thought, cuz they love me no matter what, and that's all the love in the world I could need."

I looked at all of them and when no one moved, I smiled inwardly. "I'll be in my room." And I walked off, closing the door softly behind me.

Dally POV

The kid went on and on about some gay shit, literally. I was just about ready to beat the living tar out of the little fagot for touching Johnny, when he walked away. What the fuck? I thought, he's done already? Doesn't mean I shouldn't still warn the kid, after all Darry's pretty big and he'd have my head if I just beat his kid brother senseless for no reason. Actually, I think he'd have my head whether I had a reason or not, but it's better to play it safe.

When nobody was looking or really paying attention I made like I was going to the bathroom, but instead I veered right and walked into Pony and Soda's room. I really hadn't been back here, so it was like walking into a new country. Everything so new and foreign.

I saw Ponyboy in the corner huddled up and staring at a picture he held in his hands. I stomped on the floor to get his attention and he quickly turned in my direction. "Listen up, Kid, I'm only sayin' this once. You touch Johnny and I promise you'll never see daylight again. You seduce him, an' I promise you're third leg will be gone by the time you wake up." I got in his face for this one, "Turn Johnny gay. Heaven forbid, Johnny comes skipping here in a broad's dress, I'll do the worst thing you could ever imagine."

Ponyboy gulped. "L-like what? You already threatened to kill me."

I smiled evilly. "No, I won't kill you, I'll do worse. I'll hurt you everyday, more and more, and let you suffer. Suffer painfully, miserably. I'll make you wish that I had just killed you instead."

"If Johnny likes me, that's his business, not yours!" Ponyboy said firmly.

I've got to admit that I was more than a little shocked that he wasn't that afraid of me, but I still stood behind my mask of fearlessness. "Try me," I tested. I got up to leave and just before I closed the door I said, "And kid, know the difference between a threat and promise." I closed the door and leaned against it. Hearing the quiet chocked sobs, I smiled to myself. "Job well done."

Johnny POV

I think I was the only one who saw Dally go into Ponyboy's room a while ago. I guess you could say, I'm pretty much over this 'Ponyboy is Gay' thing, I mean, I was the first to know after all.

About 7 minutes later, Dally came out of the room and pressed his ear against the door. He smiled and said something to himself before joining the rest of the gang in the living room. I eyed him suspiciously when he wasn't looking. Something didn't seem right, and I don't think I liked the vibes I was getting from the atmosphere.

I got up and walked to Pony's room, opening the door gingerly. "Ponyboy?" I asked.

He sniffled and looked at me with red eyes. "Ponyboy, what happened?" I asked frantically, slinging an arm over his shoulders and pulling him in a comforting grip. He turned and bawled into my shoulder, wetting it for the 2nd time that night. When he finally calmed down, he answered me.

"Dally, he-he doesn't want you to change in anyway or he'll come after me." Pony said, his voice was dry and airy; you could tell he was crying just by his tone.

"What? What did he say?"

He shook his head. "Nothing."

"Ponyboy I can't help you if you don't let me. What did Dallas tell you?"

"He said that if I upset you, he'd kill me. If I try anything funny with you, he'd neuter me. And if...if I turned you gay, he'd make me suffer for the rest of my life. He meant it, too."

I was really disappointed with my hero. "Don't worry, Ponyboy, you ain't got nothing to worry about. Do you really think the gang would let anything bad happen to you?" He was quiet for a while, then he shook his head. "That's right. They won't. Especially those over-protective brothers of yours." He smiled at me and I returned it.

"Come on, Kid, I'm hungry. Wanna head over to the Dingo?" I asked.

"Sure do!" He answered.

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